Planted Seed Trophy in Fault: Milestone One

  • Planted Seed


    Read all text in the game.

    How to unlock Planted Seed

    Unlike some VNs, Fault: Milestone One doesn't have dialogue choices and elaborate lists of possible endings. In fact, there is only one choice you can make in the whole game. This trophy is for experiencing every line of dialogue in the game, thus locking it behind that decision.

    To get this trophy in the shortest time possible, you'll need to make a separate save file once Chapter 3 begins and you meet Rudo.

    After you've finished Chapter 2: Rude Awakening and when Chapter 3 begins, you wait for Rune to appear with a gift, but she does not show. Instead, a man named Rudo appears. You'll have a brief dialogue, during which you learn a bit more about Rune and her current predicament and fate.

    When he leaves, Ritona and Selphine discuss what to do. Selphine mentions her father and asks what he would do about this, whether:

    - OPTION 1: He would intervene
    - OPTION 2: He would dismiss

    Make a save prior to making this decision. (If you forgot to, it's okay. You can rewind time by holding to a few frames before and make the save then). Press to open the menu, then make a separate save in any slot you want.

    After you've saved the game, you can then choose Option 1: He would intervene and continue on with the story.

    Once you've finished the game, load the save you made and make the opposite decision: "He would dismiss". At this point, there will be just a few lines of new dialogue that you have to read, though you can easily skip it in seconds by holding down . After just a half-dozen lines or so, the trophy will pop.

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