You have helped 20 townspeople.

    Every once in a while you will see a message pop up, similar to the high demand pop-up that something has been stolen/gone missing and you are given the option to help. You need to do this 21 times for this trophy.

    You will have plenty of opportunities to get this when going for the plat. They are helpful at the beginning (but you should not stop sowing for them as it makes harvesting difficult), as they reward good money. However, after you finished 21 I recommend accepting them and only doing them if they are not out of your way. Once you accept you will have a limited (but plenty even with a small tractor) amount of time to get to a location which is shown on the mini map and which direction by a blue arrow. Always use a tractor and drop any equipment as it's faster that way, except possibly a trailer with crops in if you are certain you can make the location and have a high demand in a nearby drop-off.

    Please note that if you are running low on fuel (or have nearly a empty seeder/waterer attached) a blue arrow will indicate the fill station for that as well. If in doubt pull up the map and look for the ! icon. It is also recommended to fill up whilst doing a mission nearby as that way you can save a dedicated trip for fuel.

    Learn the roads and fences. It will help greatly as you can end up having to go a fair way to get round stuff if you don't know the layout. You will get the hang of it quickly though.

    I you don't get this before Harvest King or Pot of Gold, buy some large tractors as they are faster and just wait for messages and go do them. Maybe even leave tractors spaced around so you can get to the goal extra quick. It is highly recommend to get this out the way as soon as possible though, as there will be a considerable gap between of them being offered. It could take about 6 hours to grind separately.

    Please note: you need 21 missions completed not 20.

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