Your wealth has exceeded 10 million.

    This involves getting your bank account to 10million and does not include any money spent. This will likely be the last trophy you get unless you are using the step-by-step guide by Rhasget (see Roadmap). General tips: Use large the waterer no matter your setup. It increases yield by 50% and can be pulled by a small tractor. I do not recommend using the Bailer as it's very labor intensive because it can not be auto driven. Sell when demand is high and do not continually sell one type of crop or crops to one sale point, rotate and be patient or you will bomb the prices, and it'll take much longer.

    Please note your goal is 10 million minus the sell value for all your equipment. Once the trophy has popped reload your save and if you are missing any trophies reload your save and continue working towards them.

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