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  • Estimated difficulty: 1/10 (Personal Estimate) (Platinum Difficulty Rating Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 20 (1, 9, 5, 5)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to : 37+hrs using guide or 50-60 hours otherwise (Estimated Time Platinum Poll)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: None (but see note about numbers)
  • Does difficulty affect any trophies: no
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies: N/A

This is the easiest game I have plated but it is a major grind. It could take you 50-60 hours without the following guide (this seems to be the average). However, with the guide provided by Rhasget you should be able to do it in just under 40 hours. I actually liked this game, it was calming and a distraction but it will definitely not be everyone's cup of tea, as it will get very repetitive.

Please note all Get/Drive X trophies will only pop after you have got 1 more than the specified amount. For example Trucker will only pop once you've reached 11km driven instead of the specified 10. They are not glitched, the descriptions are just off.

The following is a step by step guide by Rhasget on how to obtain the Platinum in 37hours, played on Easy difficulty. Harder difficulties will increase the time required. Please note high demand prices are random so your time may vary slightly. For this guide you should always use auto-drive for seeding and watering, and only manually drive ploughing/harvesting if there is nothing else you can do. Most the time you want to use auto-drive those too though, as you need to move equipment around and sell crops. Please refer to the provided map for field locations.

  1. Sell all the grain in your silos, at the shop(s) with the best price(s). Sell all the equipment, plougher and seeder and buy the bigger versions, also buy a large waterer.
  2. Harvest, plough, sow and water the fields you own. Alternating between wheat and canola. Whilst also doing missions when they appear. Don’t wait for high demand, instead sell when waiting for crops to grow. Continue till you have 50K.
  3. Buy field 10 and now plant 2 fields of wheat and canola each cycle. Continue till you have 280k.
  4. Buy the big tractor. Now use the big tractor for ploughing and sowing and the small tractor for watering and trailer. Continue till you have 90K.
  5. Buy field 4 and alternate this one with wheat and canola. Now start waiting for high demand over 30k to sell. Please note Inn and Mill prices drop fast especially with large trailers. Always check prices and time left before you set off. Continue till you have 400K
  6. Buy field 5. Plant crops evenly (field 5 count as 2 fields). Continue till you have 370K.
  7. Buy a corn harvester. Plant corn in Field 5 only, and wheat & canola evenly across other fields. Continue till you have 280K.
  8. Buy a big tractor. Continue till you have 150K.
  9. Buy field 6, 8 and 9 for 50000 each and plant corn on them. Stop planting corn on field 5 and alternate with wheat and canola. Start a planting cycle where you drive all your tractors (except trailer) from field to field as they are harvested. I used this pattern 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10 You can drive through the forest between 9 and 10 to get there faster. Continue till you have 200K.
  10. Trade in your combine harvester (165K back) for the bigger one (365k). (Faster and holds more so less tending) You can also attach the trailer to the bigger harvester for moving between fields (this blocks auto-driving when harvesting so not recommended when you want to use auto-drive, obviously). Continue till you have 32k.
  11. Buy the big (red) trailers for 32k and place them near field 6. Continue till you have 32k.
  12. Buy more big (red) trailers for 32k and place near fields 2,3,4 for when don’t have time to get tractor and trailer there. Continue till you have 280k
  13. Buy another big tractor. Now you have 4 tractors. Use 1 for each piece of equipment, plough, sower, waterer (small tractor) and trailer. Continue till you have 320k.
  14. Buy field 7 and plant it with corn. Incorporate it in your cycle. Once you get a flow to your cycle you will almost never have to wait to cultivate a field. Now only sell crops when the price is over 4000 at the Inn or the mill and over 3000 at the Plant or the Station. Continue till you have 8,570,500.
  15. Save the game. Now stop all equipment from working and sell everything. This should put you over 10 million. If you don’t have miles driven yet re-buy the big tractor and drive around until the trophy pops.

Equipment Listed resell value: 1,429,500

Key hints

  • Stop doing every help mission after the trophy pops and concentrate on the crops instead. This speeds up harvesting.
  • Learn the fastest route from your silos to all four selling points. I found out I had driven a longer route to the plant and mill for almost half the game and shaved 30 seconds of each run after that.
  • Time your tractors when to start cultivating, seed and water after harvesting. If you start too soon after another vehicle they will run into each other and stop completely. Also once they finish move them away from the field as they will prevent the one behind from finishing.
  • Getting the platinum in 37 hours higly depends on getting good prices when selling. Sometimes it's worth not selling anything for a few hours and wait for good prices, be patient or use the save and reload trick.
  • Sell your equipment at the end.
  • Use big trailer to drop off crops (will save journeys)
  • DON'T push equipment into huts or right angle corners so that the connection point to the tractor is not accessible. It will prevent you from using it and force you to buy a new one. It's a waste of money and if you have 2 or more of that type there is no guarantee that it will be the 1st one to be sold.
  • Save regularly. Sometimes the game crashes when using auto-drive and the only way to keep it from crashing at the same point over and over is by stopping auto-drive, moving the vehicles around a little manually and then resume auto-drive.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Rhasget for this Roadmap]

Farming Simulator Trophy Guide

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20 trophies ( 4  )

  • You unlocked all the trophies.

    As with all Plat trophies this will unlock after getting all the other trophies (most likely Pots of Gold will be your last one unless you are using the guide then it may be Very Frequent Driver instead).

  • Your account has reached more than 1 million.

    See Pots of Gold

  • There is more than 5 million in your account.

    See Pots of Gold

  • Your wealth has exceeded 10 million.

    This involves getting your bank account to 10million and does not include any money spent. This will likely be the last trophy you get unless you are using the step-by-step guide by Rhasget (see Roadmap). General tips: Use large the waterer no matter your setup. It increases yield by 50% and can be pulled by a small tractor. I do not recommend using the Bailer as it's very labor intensive because it can not be auto driven. Sell when demand is high and do not continually sell one type of crop or crops to one sale point, rotate and be patient or you will bomb the prices, and it'll take much longer.

    Please note your goal is 10 million minus the sell value for all your equipment. Once the trophy has popped reload your save and if you are missing any trophies reload your save and continue working towards them.

  • You have covered more than 10 km with vehicles.

    See Very Frequent Driver

  • You have covered more than 100 km with vehicles.

    See Very Frequent Driver

  • You have covered more than 1000 km with vehicles.

    This will most likely come naturally (unless following the guide) whilst going for Harvest King and Pots of Gold, just by harvesting, ploughing and moving crops to silos and for sale, as well as doing missions. If you can sell up and get pots of gold before you have this trophy do so (and either reload or don't), then buy a large tractor (faster) and drive around until the trophy pops.
    Please note that you you need 1001 and not 1000

  • You have harvested more than 1 hectare.

    See Harvest King

  • You have harvested more than 10 hectares.

    See Harvest King

  • You have harvested more than 100 hectares.

    This should come naturally before either 10 million/1000 km, however if it does not continue sowing and harvesting crops till it does. I recommend wheat as it's fastest growing crop. If you already achieved 10 million and are still using small equipment it is recommend to buy the big versions of everything to speed this up. You can also buy more fields to speed up the process.

    Please note: you need 101, not 100.

  • You have sown more than 1 hectare.

    See Mass Production

  • You have sown more than 10 hectares.

    See Mass Production

  • You have sown more than 100 hectares.

    This is tied to Harvest King as crops have to be sowed before they can be harvested. I however got this well before Harvest King because I forgot that I had sown fields several time and ploughed them, so make sure you remember what is planted and what need ploughing as it's a big waste of money and time otherwise. See Harvest King for boosting tips.

    Please note: you need 101, not 100.

  • You have recovered goods for 5 townspeople.

    See Selfless Savior

  • You have helped 10 townspeople.

    See Selfless Savior

  • You have helped 20 townspeople.

    Every once in a while you will see a message pop up, similar to the high demand pop-up that something has been stolen/gone missing and you are given the option to help. You need to do this 21 times for this trophy.

    You will have plenty of opportunities to get this when going for the plat. They are helpful at the beginning (but you should not stop sowing for them as it makes harvesting difficult), as they reward good money. However, after you finished 21 I recommend accepting them and only doing them if they are not out of your way. Once you accept you will have a limited (but plenty even with a small tractor) amount of time to get to a location which is shown on the mini map and which direction by a blue arrow. Always use a tractor and drop any equipment as it's faster that way, except possibly a trailer with crops in if you are certain you can make the location and have a high demand in a nearby drop-off.

    Please note that if you are running low on fuel (or have nearly a empty seeder/waterer attached) a blue arrow will indicate the fill station for that as well. If in doubt pull up the map and look for the ! icon. It is also recommended to fill up whilst doing a mission nearby as that way you can save a dedicated trip for fuel.

    Learn the roads and fences. It will help greatly as you can end up having to go a fair way to get round stuff if you don't know the layout. You will get the hang of it quickly though.

    I you don't get this before Harvest King or Pot of Gold, buy some large tractors as they are faster and just wait for messages and go do them. Maybe even leave tractors spaced around so you can get to the goal extra quick. It is highly recommend to get this out the way as soon as possible though, as there will be a considerable gap between of them being offered. It could take about 6 hours to grind separately.

    Please note: you need 21 missions completed not 20.


Secret trophies

  • The slurry tank has been filled to the brim.

    When you drop crops off to the Plant, the Slurry silo will fill slowly. This trophy will pop at 75,001L (credit Rhasget & SilentBun for the figure). The silo will can actually hold up to 100.000l but the trophy will pop before that.

    This should come naturally when going for the platinum, as you will drop off crops regularly to the Plant (when prices are good). DON’T use the slurry (filling slurry spreader), instead use the waterer to increase yield and auto-drive so it does not use resources. I highly recommend against boosting to get this trophy unless you have already unlocked Pots of Gold as it will just increase the time you need to achieve the platinum. If you already have pots of gold, boost this by dropping off crops until all the pens are filled and then wait for them to be processed. Rinse and repeat, this should not take only a few fillings when filling all 3 pens.

  • All your silos are filled to the brim.

    This trophy is misleading, I am fairly certain that you can not fill your silos as I got well over 300k in each silo at one point. Based on when this trophy popped for me and what other people are saying my informed guess would be that you need 100-120K total for all 3 silos. This will highly likely come naturally when going for the platinum and again as with eco-farmer it's a quick and easy gold but resist the urge to go for this straight away. Follow the guide in the roadmap and only boost this trophy if you already have Pots of Gold. If it did not come naturally see Harvest King for boosting tips and make sure you drop off all crops at your silo.

  • You have used over 1000 l of diesel.

    This will come naturally by dropping off crops and missions, harvesting, ploughing and sowing. When your tractors get to around 40l it is probably about time to go and fill them up at the petrol pump icon. I only had to fill my small harvester once and never had to re-fill my corn harvester. It will likely unlock early in your plat run. See Very Frequent Driver for boosting tips if you need them but it's highly unlike. Again, don't go for it early on - it will only make the grind for Pots of Gold and Harvest King harder.

    Please note you need 1001, not 1000.

  • You honked more than 100 times.

    Tap the rear touch pad to honk your horn or use the icon in the bottom left of the screen (looks like a horn) simply press either 100 times.

    This is the quickest gold I have ever earned I just spammed the rear touch for a minute or two and once the trophy popped went into the settings and turned "Honk touch area" to 0%, as will annoy you big time and has no use that I can tell. And even if it does you can always use the icon.

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