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    Your wealth has surpassed 10 million.

    How to unlock Pots of Gold

    Approximate amount of time: 7-16 hours (varies greatly depending on how you tackle it)

    This count is not cumulative across different game saves or playthroughs, nor is it a cumulative total of all the money you have ever made. This trophy requires you to actively have more than $10 million in your account.

    The entire backbone of the game is developing your farm to increase your profits and so making money is part of the whole point of playing. At some point you will need to minimize your spending and allow your bank account to build up to 10 million dollars. The trophy will pop immediately once your account is over $10,000,000.

    There are multiple places (forums, YouTube etc.) where people have suggested ways to make the money grinding much faster in this game. I've seen at least half a dozen people claim these 2 methods as their own so I don't really know the proper person to credit with the discovery of these methods. As such let me be clear that I did not devise these two methods myself but I did summarize them below in my own words. There is separate thread in this forum, started by AdamLeedsUnited, on this topic located here: LINK.

    It should be noted that there is a hidden quest in Bjornholm that you can complete at the very beginning of a new game that has a substantial reward. Here's how:

    The Numismatist trophy requires you to collect some items. You can collect these items immediately after starting a new game as you do not require any machines or money to gather them. Once you collect all 100 gold coins, head to a hidden well located at the Bjornholm map coordinates of [222,1713]. Throwing the coins in the well rewards you with approximately 217,000 liters of wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beets and wood chips in your silos. This is a heavy amount of product that you can spend 1-2 hours selling for around $2,000,000.
    Method 1: Fastest method but requires more effort on your part (the gamer)

    Pros: It is (initially) more cash per real-time hour.

    Cons: The time is takes is skill dependent. This method can take anywhere from 3-7 hours of your personal time revolving around doing the same repetitious task the entire time.

    • Press  to enter the Shop menu.
    • Select the Forestry Equipment category.
    • Purchase the Scorpion King tree harvester for $317,000 then exit the menu.
    • Press  to bring up the Vehicle Selection menu. Press  or  until you find it.
    • Enter the Scorpion King vehicle.
    • Head to the Lumberyard. Once there you will see a small pond where you can throw trees that will go up into a large red building.
    • Press  to bring up the Settings menu.
    • Change Timescale to 120x, Mission Frequency to "No Missions", Plant Growth to Off, Plant Withering to Off, and then exit the Settings menu via .
    • Press  to enter the Shop menu.
    • Select the Placeables category.
    • Use the rest of your money to buy and place Fir trees as close to the pond as possible.
    • These trees are immediately ready for harvesting. There is a bit of a learning curve to become efficient with this equipment so don't get too frustrated up front. It took me about 30 minutes to find a groove with it.
    • Press  +  to change the cut length to 8 or 9 meters.
    • Press  +  to turn on your harvester.
    • Drive towards a tree and once close enough you can hold  +  to cut the tree until the cutting sound stops. Using  to toggle to first person view may make it faster to line up the machine with the tree.
    • You now have a tree hooked in your cutter. Swing the cutter to the side of your vehicle so that you can now drag it back to the pond.
    • Once at the pond, line the tree up with the pond.
    • Now hold  +  four separate times to cut your tree into 4 separate logs.
    • Each Fir tree sold at the pond should earn you around $50,000 (cumulative total of selling the separate wood logs that you just cut). The total does vary from tree to tree.
    • The time this takes is entirely skill dependent. It initially took me about 3 minutes per tree but eventually I was averaging 1 minute round-trip to harvest-sell-return. If you were to average 1 tree per 2 minutes then you'll have 30 trees per hour. This would put you at about $1,500,000 per hour of your time.
    • You may want to use your first 1 or 2 tree sales to purchase and place more Fir trees so that you can keep busy.
    • This route should take you around 3-7 hours to hit $10,000,000.
    • Note: You could also combine this method with Method 2 below. Using this method to generate enough money to start buying Wind Energy Converters (WEC).

    Method 2: Slightly longer method but requires almost no effort on your part (the gamer)

    Pros: This method takes about 30 minutes of your personal time.

    Cons: This method will require your system to be left on and standing idle in the game, for roughly 16-19 hours. You will be required to periodically check your game state to purchase additional items.

    Make sure to periodically perform a manual save; there is no auto-save!!

    1. From the main menu start a new Career.
    2. Select Easy difficulty.
    3. Select Bjornholm.
    4. Skip the tutorial so that you can gain control.
    5. Press  to bring up the Vehicle Selection menu.
    6. Enter your top left vehicle (H 488 Tractor) on the map.
    7. Press  to exit your vehicle.
    8. Press  to run forward to the building in front of you and look for the ATM on the left side of the shop (map location of 832,832).
    9. Press  at the ATM to Check Finances.
    10. Keep pressing  to borrow $5,000 until you reach your max loan amount of $200,000.
    11. Press  to exit the ATM.
    12. Press  twice to reach the Garage menu.
    13. Keep pressing  until everything in your garage is sold.
    14. You should have around $329,000 to spend. Press  to exit the menu.
    15. Press  to bring up the Settings menu.
    16. Change Timescale to 120x, Mission Frequency to "No Missions", Plant Growth to Off, Plant Withering to Off, and then exit the Settings menu via .
    17. Press  once more to go to the Shop menu. Press  to move all the way to the right side of this menu. Select Placeables and press  until you find the Solar Collector (SC). SC will make you $380 per game hour, which translates to 30 real-time seconds at 120x.
    18. Buy 2 of these for $125,000 each. Place each one in an out-of-the-way area.
    19. You will start at around $79,000 in your bank account. Let your game run for around 30 minutes as you make $1,520/minute. Buy a 3rd SC as soon as your balance breaks $125,000.
      Note: Mathematically the fastest way is to create 28 SC which would take you 8 hours (if you created the next SC exactly at the moment you had enough money to do so), but who really wants to do that? For this reason I will recommend 7 SC and 2 WEC to complete in around 16 hours.
    20. At $2,280/minute it will take you 55 minutes to reach $125,000. Buy a 4th SC.
    21. At $3,040/minute it will take you 41 minutes to reach $125,000. Buy a 5th SC.
    22. At $3,800/minute it will take you 33 minutes to reach $125,000. Buy a 6th SC.
    23. At $4,560/minute it will take you 27 minutes to reach $125,000. Buy a 7th SC.
    24. At this point you will now make $5,320/minute so start buying WEC for $1,200,000. WEC will make you $4000 per game hour. Your first one will take you 3 hours 46 minutes.
    25. At $13,320/minute it will take you 1 hours 30 minutes to reach $1,200,000. Buy a 2nd WEC.
    26. At $21,320/minute it will take you 7 hours 49 minutes to reach $10,000,000.

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