• Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 27 (8, 13, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 26-35hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 1
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the PS3, Original PS4 and Re-Release PS4 versions all have separate lists.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No


This game is a third iteration of the Farming Simulator for 2015. There are quite a few new things that one can do in this version, including tree forestry and animal husbandry. For the first time there is multiplayer capability but there is a catch, it has been reported that no trophies are attainable while engaged in multiplayer so if you want trophies - you must play in single player mode.

This is a very laid back, slow-paced game and there could be a broad spectrum of how long it takes the average person to attain the platinum trophy. The 26 hours is not far from the minimum time anyone could do it legit which means most people will take longer than that. There are some shortcuts that can cut down some large amounts of playtime as well but choosing to use them is up to you.

I should also mention that there is a short learning curve for multiple elements of the game so do not get frustrated by that with my 1 difficulty rating! Several actions might take you a dozen tries to figure out how to efficiently use it, but there is nothing that takes a huge amount of skill. It really is just learning the mechanics of the game.


The very first item to mention is that there is no auto-save for this game so remember to save frequently!

The second item to mention is that there are two different maps that you can choose from to play your game. The Bjornholm area is quite hilly, has lots of trees, looks pretty cool, and has a lot of scenery, twists and turns which might be more time consuming to navigate. The Westbridge Hills area is pretty flat and straightforward with very large fields. The choice is really up to you but it should be noted that the gold coin collectibles are only found in Bjornholm. There is a thread in this forum comparing to the two areas here: LINK. Personally I did all but one trophy in Bjornholm but if I were to do it over, then I would have used Westbridge Hills for all possible trophies and used Bjornholm to find all of the gold coins (finding these coins can be accomplished immediately in a new game).

I found several detailed walkthroughs on-line (for all aspects of the game) but I found this one: LINK on Gamepressure.com to be be the most helpful. This link is a "game guide" not a "trophy guide".

Step 1: Play through the game on Easy difficulty

You do not have to do this in the exact order below but I found this to be the most efficient use of one's time. Feel free to mix it up if you wish, but do make sure to do step 1 first as it is the only missable trophy.

  1. Begin a new game to achieve the missable Financial Folly
  2. Restart with a new game.
  3. Collect all of the gold coins for Something Shiny - Coins on the Streets - Numismatist
    This step requires the Bjornholm map so if you started with Westbridge Hills then these 3 trophies will be your last.
  4. Farm money to achieve Nouveau-Riche - Well-Heeled - Pots of Gold
    This will also cut a great deal of time from your overall platinum completion. If you'd rather not farm this then obviously these can be completed later whenever you wish.
  5. If you farmed the previous trophies then you already have, or soon will, achieve Longplayer
  6. Buy a wind turbine for Wind Farm Starter Kit
  7. Pay back your bank loan in full for Out of Debt
  8. Use a tree planter to earn Arborist and Reforestation
  9. Buy a chainsaw and go on a tree cutting spree to earn Timber! and Lumberjack
  10. Cut down specific trees types for Tree Expert
  11. Sell some of your freshly cut tree logs to earn Heavy Load
  12. Buy a bunch of cows and sheep for Sweet Dreams and Cowboy
  13. Start sowing and harvesting wheat or barley so that you can make hay bales for Bales of Steel
  14. Continue sowing and harvesting to achieve Fruits of Your Labor - Harvest King - Sower - Mass Production
  15. Focus specifically on missions until you achieve Mission Master
  16. Grind out the personal driving miles for Mobile Farmer and Very Frequent Driver

Step 2: Cleanup - Finish grinding and/or play a different map

You may wish to use the opposite map for cleanup. For example, Bjornholm has way more trees and is much better for forestry. Westbridge Hills is definitely better for sowing and harvesting. If you happened to play Westbridge Hills first then you must play Bjornholm to collect all 100 gold coins.

Once all individual trophies are out of the way, the Completionist trophy will be yours.

[PST Would Like to Thank scharn73 for this Roadmap]

Farming Simulator 15 Trophy Guide

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27 trophies ( 13  8  )

  • You have collected all trophies.

    This unlocks after collecting all of the other trophies.

  • Your account has reached more than 1 million.

    See Pots of Gold.

  • There is more than 5 million in your account.

    See Pots of Gold.

  • Your wealth has surpassed 10 million.

    Approximate amount of time: 7-16 hours (varies greatly depending on how you tackle it)

    This count is not cumulative across different game saves or playthroughs, nor is it a cumulative total of all the money you have ever made. This trophy requires you to actively have more than $10 million in your account.

    The entire backbone of the game is developing your farm to increase your profits and so making money is part of the whole point of playing. At some point you will need to minimize your spending and allow your bank account to build up to 10 million dollars. The trophy will pop immediately once your account is over $10,000,000.

    There are multiple places (forums, YouTube etc.) where people have suggested ways to make the money grinding much faster in this game. I've seen at least half a dozen people claim these 2 methods as their own so I don't really know the proper person to credit with the discovery of these methods. As such let me be clear that I did not devise these two methods myself but I did summarize them below in my own words. There is separate thread in this forum, started by AdamLeedsUnited, on this topic located here: LINK.

    It should be noted that there is a hidden quest in Bjornholm that you can complete at the very beginning of a new game that has a substantial reward. Here's how:

    The Numismatist trophy requires you to collect some items. You can collect these items immediately after starting a new game as you do not require any machines or money to gather them. Once you collect all 100 gold coins, head to a hidden well located at the Bjornholm map coordinates of [222,1713]. Throwing the coins in the well rewards you with approximately 217,000 liters of wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beets and wood chips in your silos. This is a heavy amount of product that you can spend 1-2 hours selling for around $2,000,000.
    Method 1: Fastest method but requires more effort on your part (the gamer)

    Pros: It is (initially) more cash per real-time hour.

    Cons: The time is takes is skill dependent. This method can take anywhere from 3-7 hours of your personal time revolving around doing the same repetitious task the entire time.

    • Press  to enter the Shop menu.
    • Select the Forestry Equipment category.
    • Purchase the Scorpion King tree harvester for $317,000 then exit the menu.
    • Press  to bring up the Vehicle Selection menu. Press  or  until you find it.
    • Enter the Scorpion King vehicle.
    • Head to the Lumberyard. Once there you will see a small pond where you can throw trees that will go up into a large red building.
    • Press  to bring up the Settings menu.
    • Change Timescale to 120x, Mission Frequency to "No Missions", Plant Growth to Off, Plant Withering to Off, and then exit the Settings menu via .
    • Press  to enter the Shop menu.
    • Select the Placeables category.
    • Use the rest of your money to buy and place Fir trees as close to the pond as possible.
    • These trees are immediately ready for harvesting. There is a bit of a learning curve to become efficient with this equipment so don't get too frustrated up front. It took me about 30 minutes to find a groove with it.
    • Press  +  to change the cut length to 8 or 9 meters.
    • Press  +  to turn on your harvester.
    • Drive towards a tree and once close enough you can hold  +  to cut the tree until the cutting sound stops. Using  to toggle to first person view may make it faster to line up the machine with the tree.
    • You now have a tree hooked in your cutter. Swing the cutter to the side of your vehicle so that you can now drag it back to the pond.
    • Once at the pond, line the tree up with the pond.
    • Now hold  +  four separate times to cut your tree into 4 separate logs.
    • Each Fir tree sold at the pond should earn you around $50,000 (cumulative total of selling the separate wood logs that you just cut). The total does vary from tree to tree.
    • The time this takes is entirely skill dependent. It initially took me about 3 minutes per tree but eventually I was averaging 1 minute round-trip to harvest-sell-return. If you were to average 1 tree per 2 minutes then you'll have 30 trees per hour. This would put you at about $1,500,000 per hour of your time.
    • You may want to use your first 1 or 2 tree sales to purchase and place more Fir trees so that you can keep busy.
    • This route should take you around 3-7 hours to hit $10,000,000.
    • Note: You could also combine this method with Method 2 below. Using this method to generate enough money to start buying Wind Energy Converters (WEC).

    Method 2: Slightly longer method but requires almost no effort on your part (the gamer)

    Pros: This method takes about 30 minutes of your personal time.

    Cons: This method will require your system to be left on and standing idle in the game, for roughly 16-19 hours. You will be required to periodically check your game state to purchase additional items.

    Make sure to periodically perform a manual save; there is no auto-save!!

    1. From the main menu start a new Career.
    2. Select Easy difficulty.
    3. Select Bjornholm.
    4. Skip the tutorial so that you can gain control.
    5. Press  to bring up the Vehicle Selection menu.
    6. Enter your top left vehicle (H 488 Tractor) on the map.
    7. Press  to exit your vehicle.
    8. Press  to run forward to the building in front of you and look for the ATM on the left side of the shop (map location of 832,832).
    9. Press  at the ATM to Check Finances.
    10. Keep pressing  to borrow $5,000 until you reach your max loan amount of $200,000.
    11. Press  to exit the ATM.
    12. Press  twice to reach the Garage menu.
    13. Keep pressing  until everything in your garage is sold.
    14. You should have around $329,000 to spend. Press  to exit the menu.
    15. Press  to bring up the Settings menu.
    16. Change Timescale to 120x, Mission Frequency to "No Missions", Plant Growth to Off, Plant Withering to Off, and then exit the Settings menu via .
    17. Press  once more to go to the Shop menu. Press  to move all the way to the right side of this menu. Select Placeables and press  until you find the Solar Collector (SC). SC will make you $380 per game hour, which translates to 30 real-time seconds at 120x.
    18. Buy 2 of these for $125,000 each. Place each one in an out-of-the-way area.
    19. You will start at around $79,000 in your bank account. Let your game run for around 30 minutes as you make $1,520/minute. Buy a 3rd SC as soon as your balance breaks $125,000.
      Note: Mathematically the fastest way is to create 28 SC which would take you 8 hours (if you created the next SC exactly at the moment you had enough money to do so), but who really wants to do that? For this reason I will recommend 7 SC and 2 WEC to complete in around 16 hours.
    20. At $2,280/minute it will take you 55 minutes to reach $125,000. Buy a 4th SC.
    21. At $3,040/minute it will take you 41 minutes to reach $125,000. Buy a 5th SC.
    22. At $3,800/minute it will take you 33 minutes to reach $125,000. Buy a 6th SC.
    23. At $4,560/minute it will take you 27 minutes to reach $125,000. Buy a 7th SC.
    24. At this point you will now make $5,320/minute so start buying WEC for $1,200,000. WEC will make you $4000 per game hour. Your first one will take you 3 hours 46 minutes.
    25. At $13,320/minute it will take you 1 hours 30 minutes to reach $1,200,000. Buy a 2nd WEC.
    26. At $21,320/minute it will take you 7 hours 49 minutes to reach $10,000,000.
  • You paid back the entire bank loan.

    Approximate amount of time: Instant

    This is one of the easiest gold trophies you will ever get. Interact with any ATM (shown as a dollar bill icon on the map) to check your account balance. While viewing your account press  repeatedly to repay $5,000 into your current loan. Keep doing this until your loan is gone. The trophy will pop immediately once the loan is repaid (before you even close the account screen).

    If you are having trouble making money, refer to Pots of Gold for gold farming strategies.

  • You have covered more than 100 mi with vehicles.

    See Very Frequent Driver.

  • Your total driving distance has increased to over 1000 mi.

    Approximate amount of time: 12+ hours

    This trophy right here is the final trophy you will achieve on your road to platinum. You definitely will have to grind the majority of this distance after completing all other trophies. Personally I only had 187 miles by the time all other trophies were done. All of these miles must be driven personally by you; miles driven by hired workers do not count.

    The good news is that there is a unit conversion issue with this trophy. The trophy description mentions miles but it really tracks kilometers. So the 100 mile trophy really requires 100 kilometers which is 62.14 miles. Likewise, the 1000 mile trophy really requires 1000 kilometers which is 621.37 miles. The trophies will pop immediately when the Statistic screen passes these exact mile counts.

    The absolute fastest vehicle in the game is the pick-up truck that you can purchase from the Cars category. It can reach 51 mph therefore you can achieve a rate of .87 in-game miles per minute of your time. Divide your remaining miles by .87 to see how many minutes it will take you.

    Hands free method

    It took me a couple of hours, but I eventually found a low spot in Westbridge Hills that allows a continuously circling pickup to stay in one place. The location is on the right side of field 9, just below the small shed on the side of the field. The map coordinates are [1891,431]. You can use a rubber band on your left  stick and pull it permanently to the left. After that is done, use  +  +  to engage the cruise control. This will start your pickup circling to the left at around 20 mph. There is a 360 degree depression here that keeps the circling vehicle in this location. I tried dozens of other locations and the pickup would always very quickly stray into an obstacle.

    This method takes about 28 hours to go from 0 to 621 miles. Keep in mind that every 6 hours you will have to fill the pickup with gas. It is entirely possible that a tractor with considerably more fuel might work here too but I never confirmed that.

  • Your playing time in a single savegame has reached over 10 hours.

    It is impossible to achieve the platinum trophy in less than 10 hours so you will not have to grind this specific trophy. Press  to bring up your menu options and then press  until you reach the Statistics screen. This will display your current Time Played.

  • You have harvested more than 10 hectares.

    See Harvest King.

  • You have harvested more than 100 hectares.

    Approximate amount of time: 6-20 hours

    Please realize that when I start the time range with 6 hours that is at the extreme range of someone going as crazy fast as they can with lots of money before they start. Six hours will not be the average time to complete this trophy. Personally I did the sowing/harvesting trophies in around 8 hours; I had plenty of money but little understanding of strategy and what machines would work the best when I started.

    For the upper number of 20 hours this would be a person who builds their account balance up by slowly working through the ranks; they will have limited funds thereby having limited machines to work with. For some this will be the desired way to truly enjoy the game as it was meant to be played.

    The sowing and harvesting trophies are very straightforward trophies but I do have some suggestions:

    • I've read conflicting reports about how many workers you can hire simultaneously. I was consistently only able to hire 6 workers at the same time on the PS4. This greatly affects the time that these trophies will take if you have unlimited money as a backer because if you have limited money, then you probably won't even bump into this limit before achieving the trophies. This limit is the reason for the 6 hour minimum.
    • Simply put: Try your best to keep all 6 workers busy at all times!
    • I recommend putting half of your workers on sowing and half on harvesting.
    • Check your workers very frequently as they get stuck very easily and frequently.
    • Within the  menu set Plant Growth to Fast, Plant Withering to Off, and Timescale to 120x. Sowing takes long enough that most fields will have ripe plants before you even finish sowing the field.
    • I recommend focusing on sowing grains (wheat, corn, etc.) for overall speed.
    • Use the most expensive grain harvester than you can afford. Try to have 3 running at the same time in different areas of the map. Note that corn has its own special harvester that only works with corn. Personally I used the CR10.90 with the Superflex Draper 45FT to harvest wheat and barley. This machine was able to harvest at 6 mph.
    • If money is no object, place a semi-tractor (Trucks category) and trailer (SB 30 / 60 in the Tippers category) next to each harvester to empty them when they are full. On a limited budget you are still going to need trailers to empty the grain in to.
    • Important Note: You have the ability to alter your "cruise control" in this game, which is what hired workers always use. However, the controls for it are not obvious at all and you may accidentally lower the speed to the point where your hired worker barely moves. You then think: Hey, my vehicle is broken! You can change the cruise by getting in to the vehicle and simply pushing  to reach max speed. It took me at least 2 hours to figure this "simple" thing out!
    • Try to use tractors that can sow at 12 mph. Most of them are able to do this and I did not see any that went any faster than this.
    • It is critical to use the Rapid A 600S or the Pronto 9 SW (best) for sowing wheat or barley. This completely skips the cultivation step thereby cutting your trophy completion time by roughly a third.
    • For Bjornholm I recommend using these fields: 15, 16, 22, 27, 31, 34, 35, 36 or 39. I recommend starting with fields that are closest to grain dumping locations such as the Windmill, Grain Elevator, or personal Silos. Pretty much any field in Westbridge Hills is good.
    • Avoid fields where your hired worker drives across a road to turn around. I frequently had hired workers get stuck between oncoming cars.
    • Use your chainsaw to remove any trees that might block your hired workers.
    • Note that harvesting takes literally twice as long to complete as sowing. The best harvesting speed I could muster was 6 mph (plus you had to stop to empty periodically). The best sowing speed I could muster was 12 mph.
    • Press  and go to page 6 of this menu to see your Statistics. Both sowing and harvesting are tracked here. The trophies will pop at exactly 10.0 and 100.0 respectively.
  • You have sown more than 10 hectares.

    See Harvest King.

  • The total area sown by you exceeds 100 hectares.

    See Harvest King.

  • You have found 25 gold coins.


    See Numismatist.

  • You have found 50 gold coins.


    See Numismatist.

  • You have found all 100 gold coins.


    Approximate amount of time: 1 hour

    This trophy can only be completed while using the Bjornholm map. Scattered across this area are small gold coins. These can be picked up by the farmer (that you control) but only when he is walking around; they cannot be picked up from a vehicle. This could be one of the largest needle-in-a-haystack challenges you've ever done but thankfully the developers were kind. After you find the first 10 coins, the other 90 are all displayed on the mini-map as yellow dots. The trophy will pop immediately after collecting the 100th gold coin. A random sampling of the first 10 coins to get you started:

    1. 518, 370
    2. 529, 537
    3. 530, 100
    4. 536, 362
    5. 593, 481
    6. 637, 258
    7. 708, 363
    8. 757, 728
    9. 781, 231
    10. 938, 705

    Trivia on what you can do with these 100 coins when you are done (it is not trophy related):

    There is a well where you can drop the coins off. Once you do you will get around 217,000 litres of wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beets, and wood chips added to your silo.

    The Bjornholm well is located at [222,1713].
    Here is a link to a full picture Guide with all of the locations at Gamepressure.comLINK

  • You have completed 50 missions.

    Approximate amount of time: 2-5 hours

    Scattered across the map are mission boards (it looks like a mini-map icon). When going for this trophy I recommend placing the cheapest vehicle you can right next to a mission board. Pressing  allows you to very quickly cycle through your vehicles whereby you can exit your vehicle and check a mission board at any time.

    The mission board menu will show you your currently accepted missions as well as any new missions you can accept. It is important to the note that you can take as long as you want to finish a mission; the timer countdown is only for receiving a monetary bonus. However, you must accept a mission for it to stick around or it will disappear from the board after its timer countdown has completed.

    You absolutely want to enter the  menu and set Mission Frequency to Every 2 minutes. There are 3 types of missions:

    These missions require a machine with a pallet extension in order to move an item from point A to point B. Some distances are far and some are close; it seems random. The starting location is displayed by a swirling green circle and once you pick the item up the destination location is displayed with a swirling blue circle.

    Recommended setup: T6.160 tractor, 750 TL frontloader with Pallet Fork. This combination has the fastest land speed at 31 mph.

    These missions have a grain sell point location asking for a specific amount of grain. The amount is random, and some can be quite high, so to avoid multiple trips you really should use a full semi-tractor with the largest tipper to hold your grain (55,000 litres). The drop-off location will have a swirling green identifier. The mission will complete once you have unloaded enough tons of grain to satisfy the demand requirements.

    These missions are very similar to Demand missions except this time you simply have to mow a specific area of grass. Use any of the 3 mower types while attached to any tractor.

    My recommendation is to accept every single Transport mission that pops up on the board. They will not expire and the more you have active the higher your odds will be that you can do the next mission pickup close to your last mission's drop-off. These transport missions are also the most common type offered.

    I would ignore the Demand and Mowing missions. They do not come up very often. Mowing is slow. Having enough of the right grain type can also be slow.

    The trophy will pop once you have a cumulative total of 50 completed missions across all three types of missions.

  • You managed to reach a negative balance on your very first day.

    Approximate amount of time: 3 minutes

    This trophy is missable in that you must achieve it on Day 1. This really is not a big deal because if you miss it simply start a new game in a different save slot to try again.

    The game does not allow you to buy past your account limit so you cannot achieve the trophy that way. However, some of the items that you own cost money over time, especially when paying workers. Simply stop making money and wait for your money to run out. The trophy will pop immediately once your account balance becomes negative and turns red.

    Here's a step-by-step of what you need to do:

    Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

    1. From the main menu start a new Career.
    2. Select Easy difficulty
    3. Select Bjornholm
    4. Skip the tutorial so that you can gain control
    5. Press  to bring up the Shop menu
    6. Select Sprayers. Buy two FT 1001 sprayers for $11,000 total.
    7. Select Front Loaders then press  to move to the right and buy the Universal Bucket for $900.
    8. Exit the Shop menu
    9. Press  to bring up the Settings menu.
    10. Change Timescale to 120x and then exit the Settings menu.
    11. It will take about 30 seconds for your balance to hit negative.
  • You planted a tree using a tree planter.

    See Reforestation.

  • You planted 50 trees in one game using a tree planter.

    Approximate amount of time: 10 minutes

    The requirements for this trophy are pretty basic but at the same time are not immediately obvious. You need a planter, a tractor, some seeds, and some farm land to plant them. The trophy will pop immediately after planting 50 trees. There is no game statistic tracker for this particular trophy.

    Here's a step-by-step of what you need to do:

    1. Press  to enter the Shop menu.
    2. Select the Forestry Equipment category.
    3. Purchase the PL 75 for $26,000. Note that it requires a tractor with over 74 kW / 100 hp to operate.
    4. The cheapest tractor that fits the bill is the Agrostar 6.61 for $51,000.
    5. Attach the planter to the tractor and travel to the Garden Center.
    6. Any farm land will do but purchase lot 32 for $69,800 for a close location to plant your seeds.
    7. Exit your vehicle at the Garden Center and run to the shop icon. Press  to open the Garden shopping menu.
    8. Buy 20 pallet saplings for $40.
    9. Enter your tractor and drive near the saplings that you just purchased. Press  to refill your tree planter (when close enough).
    10. Go to your field and plant the 20 seeds.
    11. Go back to the Garden Center twice for refills.
  • You cut down a tree either with a chainsaw or a wood harvester.

    See Lumberjack.

  • You cut down 50 trees in one game with a chainsaw or a wood harvester.

    Approximate amount of time: 15 minutes

    The fastest way to achieve this trophy is to buy a chainsaw and start cutting down trees left and right. I recommend heading to the Lumberyard area as there are way more than 50 trees in that area. Note: You do not need to pick up, move or sell them; this trophy only counts for cutting them down. The trophy will pop immediately after cutting down your 50th tree. There is no game statistic tracker for this particular trophy.

    Some items that are not very obvious:

    • Press  to hold your chainsaw.
    • You have to rotate your saw with  or  so that you are cutting sideways.
    • You must approach the tree and get close enough until you see a blue ring around the tree. Until you see that ring, no sawing will be possible. Once you see it, hold  until the tree falls over.
  • You sold 50 tons of wood in one game.

    Approximate amount of time: 30-45 minutes (using method below)

    There are many ways to do this but the fastest and easiest is to purchase the Scorpion King tree harvester and use it near the tree pond at the Lumberyard. I planted some Fir trees and it only took me 6 of them (which I dumped into the pond which still counts as "selling") to get the trophy to pop. There is no game statistic tracker for this particular trophy.

  • You cut down at least one of each tree species in one game.

    Approximate amount of time: 5 minutes (using the method below)

    There is no game statistic tracker for this particular trophy, which could easily make it a pain if you don't know which trees you have and have not cut down. To make it easy on yourself, enter your Shop menu (Placeable category) and plant all 6 tree types right next to each other. The types are Ash, Birch, Fir, Maple, Oak and Poplar. Each tree costs $7,000. After planting them, use your chainsaw to cut them all down. The trophy will pop immediately after felling the 6th tree.

  • You bought and placed your first wind turbine.

    Approximate amount of time: Instant

    Press  to bring up the Shop menu. Press  to move all the way to the right side of this menu. Select Placeables and press  until you find the Wind Energy Converters. Purchase this item for $1,200,000. The trophy will pop as soon as you place the item on the map. 

    If you are having trouble making money, refer to Pots of Gold for gold farming strategies.

  • You own a flock of at least 50 sheep.

    See Cowboy. The steps are identical except this trophy requires sheep.

  • You own a herd of at least 50 cows.

    Approximate amount of time: 2 minutes

    This is a very basic trophy. Simply buy 50 cows and the trophy will pop. You must have all 50 cows at one time. You can sell everything at the beginning of a new game or raise funds until you have enough to buy all 50. They may be purchased within the Animals category of the shop. Cows cost $2,500 and sheep cost $300. Your cumulative total would be $125,000 for 50 cows or $15,000 for 50 sheep.

  • You created 100 bales in one game.

    Approximate amount of time: 90-120 minutes (using the provided example)

    You can bale either hay (dried grass) or straw (wheat or barley remains). To make hale bales use a tractor with an attached mower in front and a windrower in back. When harvesting your wheat or barley make sure that your harvester is throwing the straw out the back. Use a baler on these swath lines in the field to make bales. The bale must actually touch the ground before it is counted (so always empty your baler when you are done). The trophy will pop on the 100th bale. This trophy is tracked as Created bales in your Statistics (press  then  to final screen).

    Here's a fast Bjornholm step-by-step example of what you need to do:

    This is definitely one of the more expensive ways to go about this trophy but it is also one of the fastest. Adjust as necessary based on your account balance. This setup requires a grand total of around $1,450,000. Press  to enter the Shop menu and then purchase these items:

    1. The Pronto 9 SW for $91,000 from the Sowing Machines category.
    2. The CR10.90 for $430,000 from the Harvester category.
    3. The Superflex Draper 45FT for $79,000 from the Header category.
    4. The Bigbaler 1290 for $128,000 from the Baling Technology category.
    5. The T8.320 for $127,000 from the Tractors category.
    6. The SB 30 / 60 for $98,000 from the Tippers category.
    7. The TGS 18.440 for $285,000 from the Trucks category.
    8. Purchase field 22 for $157,800.
    9. Purchase field 23 for $51,700.


    1. Attach the sower to your tractor and then go fill your sower. Look for the bags of seed scattered around the map. There is one located at the Garden Center. You must drive your sower pretty close to it before the  Refill sower appears. For this trophy you should only need around 3,500 pounds of seed but you may as well fill it all the way (around $7,000).
    2. Note: The Pronto 9 SW sower allows direct sowing without having to cultivate first so there is no need to prepare the field.
    3. Plant wheat or barley in fields 22 and 23. For efficiency you should hire a worker while you get your other tools in the position that they need to be.
    4. After the sowing is complete, press  to bring up the Settings menu.
    5. Change Timescale to 120x, Plant Growth to Fast, Plant Withering to Off, then exit the Settings menu by pressing .
    6. It should take just over 15 minutes for the wheat or barley to be ready to harvest.
    7. Hire a worker to start harvesting the wheat. The swath remains will come out of the rear of the harvester.
    8. The harvester is very slow so alternate between the following 2 work actions.
    9. Go behind the harvester with the tractor and baler. This part must be done by yourself; you cannot hire a worker.
    10. Periodically drive the semi-tractor and trailer over to the harvester to empty its payload.
    11. Field 22 should yield 75 bales.
    12. Field 23 should yield 25 bales.
    13. Reminder: Your bales must touch the ground before they count so fully empty your baler when you are finished.

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