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  • My Heart will go on


    Stand at the Flagpole of the Landcruiser

    This is not to be confused with the small flagpole on your Okomotive. The Landcruiser is much, much, MUCH bigger. Do not do this trophy alongside the speedrun trophy (I Got 99 Minutes) as it requires you to go off the main path and out of your way to get.

    After you have installed all your Modules, you’ll eventually (quite far down the road) come to a point where you need to progress forward by using a small train with a lever to pull your Okomotive. Get past this part and when you don’t need the train anymore, start up your engine to move forward. Shortly after, you’ll be stopped by a large wall. This is actually a lift. Hit the button on the right side and you’ll be taken into the Landcruiser.

    Once inside, you’ll need to pull your ship backwards with the tow module on the left side of your Okomotive. This will allow you to reach the top walkways. Climb all the way up to the top path (it’ll be marked with a large “1” on the right side) and hit the red button. This will raise the next section, allowing you to progress. Continue past the big “1” and up the small incline. Shortly after, you’ll come to two short smoke stacks with a dome window just to the right of them. Jump ON TOP of this window (a small tunnel starts where the right spire is, make sure you don’t go inside this).

    Continue along to the right and you’ll come to the flagpole needed. Stand near it and the trophy will unlock.

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