• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 14 (11, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 6-8 Hours (Poll)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 3 + 1 Partial
  • Number of missable trophies: 6: The Sound of Silence, My Heart will go on, A piece of Home, I got 99 minutes, Fire in the Hole!, and Hoarder
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty settings
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, there is an NA and an EU stack
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes
  • Additional peripherals required?: No

Long after civilization has abandoned the lands and the oceans have dried up, nothing but remnants of their once thriving lives still remain. Equipped with just your Okomotive, you’ll be tasked with traversing across the lands, sailing through the dried oceans, and enduring treacherous weather to make it to the end of your journey. Upgrade your ship by completing puzzles along the way and navigate your ship through obstacles and roadblocks alike. Will you and your lone ship make it to the end? Or will the hazards of a civilization now ruined stop your short of your final destination?

Step 1: Play through the game keeping the mailbox, burning the radio, hoarding 15 items, and standing at the Flagpole of the Landcruiser

This step will get you the majority of the trophies done. Make sure you pick up the Mailbox at the very beginning and keep it in your ship until the very end. Pick up the Radio from the first radio tower and burn it immediately after installing the Item Gatherer. You also want to pick up every item you come across and burn everything except for the Explosive Barrels. When you’re at the Landcruiser, make sure you stand by the Flagpole on the top of it. Throughout this time, you’ll install all the Modules and complete the game.

If you get stuck on any Module or Obstacle, please see I got 99 minutes for a video walkthrough of the game.

After this step, you will have earned:

Set Sail
Break it, fix it!
Suck it up!
Pimp my Ride
Goodbye old Friend
The Sound of Silence
Full Throttle
My Heart will go on
A piece of Home

Step 2: Play through the game again, this time collecting (and burning) all of the explosive barrels

There are 6 barrels in total that you need to pick up and blow up. Their locations are all listed underneath Fire in the Hole!, but all of them are along the main path so they will be hard to miss. Since you’ll need play through the entire game, you’ll also be picking up other fuel items and burning them. Along with what you burned on your first run, this will cause you to burn well over the 42 items needed for The answer to life, the universe and everything.

Once you have completed your run, you will have unlocked the following:

The answer to life, the universe and everything
Fire in the Hole!

Step 3: Play through the game again, this time doing the speedrun in under 99 minutes

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the game, it’s time to speed your way through it. This will be the only trophy you earn during this step, so please see I got 99 minutes for tips, tricks, and of course, the walkthrough video showing the speedrun. The timer starts when you gain control of your character and will end as soon as you light the beacon at the very end.

Step 4: Play a partial run to get your distance meter over 9000

Depending on if you had to restart or quit out before this step, you’ll need about 1/3-1/2 of a playthrough to finish off the meter. Just treat it as a normal run and only pick up what fuel you’ll need. There’s no need to rush through the modules so go ahead and just take your time. As soon as the meter breaks 9000, you’ll earn the final It’s over 9000! trophy.

[PST would like to thank Velvet for this Roadmap]

FAR: Lone Sails Trophy Guide

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14 trophies ( 11  7  )

  • Burn the Radio while it plays

    The radio is located in the radio tower, after you install the Repair Module. It’s incredibly hard to miss as you’ll literally walk right by it to get to the buttons to fix the radio signal and open the gate below you.

    The radio isn’t always playing, but when it is, it’ll light up and the music will be very audible. You can get this by chance, but you can also easily set it up. Pick up the first radio and hang it on one of the hooks in the upper right compartment of the Okomotive (where your bed is). It’ll be safe here until you need it.

    Play along through the game and you’ll reach the building where you get the Item Gatherer Module. Before leaving this building, stop just before the exit. You’ll notice that the ceiling is too low to raise your sails, but go ahead and try anyways. The sails will short out and a fire will start. Grab the radio and place it on top of the fire, but be sure not to stand in it too long as you will die. Wait a few seconds and the radio itself will catch on fire, unlocking the trophy.

  • Ride the Okomotive at full Speed

    There are a few locations you can earn this one, but the most likely place will be the very end of the game, right after you leave the large Landcruiser. You will absolutely need to go full speed at this part to make it through the erupting volcano without dying. The wind will be behind your back so make sure your sails are raised. Keep your fuel tank full and hit the steam button whenever it’s red to get a speed boost. This will cause your ship to go at full speed for a few as you pass through the eruption. The second your speed meter hits the gray area, the trophy will unlock.

  • Reach the end with the mailbox

    When you first start the game, the mailbox will be the first item you run past that can be picked up. It’ll actually fall off the post it’s on right as you run by. Pick it up and, when you get to your Okomotive, place it on a hook in either the upper or lower right compartments. Do no place it on one of the two hooks on the left side. These will become inaccessible towards the end of the game.

    When you reach the final beacon, you don’t have to remove the mailbox from the initial hooks. Keep it hanging, light the beacon, and when the cutscene finishes, the trophy will unlock.

  • Rush through the game in less than 99 minutes

    This will be the most difficult trophy to go after, but as long as you play smart, you’ll be able to finish with a few minutes to spare. Since you need to do a minimum of 3 full playthroughs for It’s over 9000!, it’s recommended you wait until your third run so you have a firm understanding of the game and how to do all of the Module puzzles. Do the other miscellaneous trophies before this one so you can focus solely on getting through the game as quickly as possible.

    Fuel: Burn everything except for the explosive barrels. These will cause fires and will cost you valuable time, so it’s best to ignore them and use literally everything else as fuel (chairs, lights, fuel boxes, marbles, etc). You don’t want to pick up every piece of Fuel, especially if you have to go out of your way for it. When you get your Item Gatherer Module installed, make sure it’s turned on as often as possible so you don’t have to stop and pick up any items. Only burn one item at a time for Fuel and only when you get low. You want to make it last as long as possible!

    Sails: Your sails will play a big part in getting through this quickly. When the wind is behind you, your sails will pick it up and give you a speed boost. You’ll know when the wind is as the little red flag on the top of your ship will be blowing to the right/towards the front of your Okomotive.

    Any time the flag is blowing in that direction, your sails should be up. As soon as the flag stops, immediately lower the sails with (when next to the button) so as to not have any resistance against your forward movement.

    Outside of those two tips, the rest is just about knowing how to do the Modules quickly and getting through the obstacles. A video below has been provided showing this trophy being earned with about 10 minutes to spare. The timer will stop once you light the beacon. The final cutscene has no effect on this trophy.

  • Blow up every explosive barrel

    The explosive barrels are not to be confused with the actual barrels of fuel. The explosive ones are all red and look like large gas canisters with a white “fire” icon on the side. When you put these in the fuel intake, they will cause an explosion and subsequently, a fire or two on your modules. For this trophy, you need to cause each one to explode by either setting it on fire, or putting it in the fuel intake. Don’t burn them immediately and just hold them in your Okomotive. You will have plenty of time to destroy them all once you’re in the Landcruiser towards the end.

    There are 6 barrels total that you need to destroy:

    Barrel 1: After installed the Item Gatherer, along the wooden pathway (will be by itself)

    Barrel 2: Right after the door to the windmill that you open with the hamster-wheel, you’ll cross a wooden platform with a tornado blowing the background. Immediately after this, the barrel will be in the middle of the road (by itself).

    Barrel 3: After you break your front tire, you’ll get stuck in some mud and need to attack your front tow cable to a metal object just ahead of your ship. Along with this object are 3 items you can pick up: A light, a fuel box, and the explosive barrel.

    Barrel 4: After installing your new wheels, you’ll traverse through a dark and damp forest. Eventually, you’ll come across a pile of items in the middle of the road: A round object, a light, and the explosive barrel.

    Barrel 5: As you travel along, you’ll go through a large desert-like area with snow (the snow will just be on the ground at first and will eventually start to fall from above as you progress through it). Make sure you keep your Item Gatherer turned on throughout this part as the explosive barrel is in the middle of the road and will come up quickly. You’ll crash through a railroad crossing gate. Just before the gate is a fuel box and the explosive barrel.

    Burn all the barrels you have up to this point while still inside of the large Landcruiser. You have plenty of time to get them all and put out any and all fires that happen from the explosions.

    Barrel 6: The last barrel is immediately after you exit the Landcruiser. Make sure your Item Gatherer is on as you exit so you don’t miss it (it’ll be with a fuel box and a fuel barrel). As soon as you pick it up, immediately toss it into the fuel tank, causing the fire and the trophy to unlock. Let your ship get destroyed. It’ll restart you at the exit of the Landcruiser and you can just bypass the barrel this time. The reason you want to go ahead and let your ship get destroyed is because you need to be going full speed in this section to make it through and having to deal with the barrel and the fire will prevent you from doing this easily.

  • Store 15 object inside the Okomotive

    There is a chance you’ll get this naturally as you progress through the game, though if you want to get it on your first run, you need to put some additional attention into getting it.

    Objects include everything you can pick up: Lights, fuel, the mailbox, marbles, radios, chairs, etc. Pick up everything you come across (both on the road and in module buildings). You don’t need to store the items on hooks, they just need to be inside the Okomotive. This is not cumulative! You need have all 15 objects stored at the same time.

    There are plenty of items to pick up along the way so as long as you’re not going crazy and burning everything for fuel, this will unlock before you hit the halfway point of the game.

    Don’t do this with the speedrun trophy (I Got 99 Minutes). You don’t need to (and shouldn’t) pick up everything along the way for the run and constantly stopping to grab things will cost you valuable time.

  • Reach 9001 on the distance counter

    This will require you do play through the game about 3 1/2 times. The distance counter on the Okomotive is located on the right side, just below the little bedroom. As long as you’re going forward, the counter will increase. When you finish the game (or even if you quit out), the counter will not reset. When you start up a new game, it’ll pick up where it previously left off.

    Use the first 3 full playthroughs to get the other miscellaneous trophies, then start up the game a 4th time. Just keep trucking along and as soon as the counter hits 9001, the trophy will unlock.


Secret trophies

  • Install the Sail Module

    Story Related.

    The Sail Module is the first Module you’ll get installed on your Okomotive. You’ll eventually come across a large crane, holding the Sail Module.

    Drive slowly past this and your Okomotive will hit a large orange container, forcing you to stop. When it hits, a small platform on the right side of the crane tower will lower, allowing you to climb up into it. Do so and climb up into the building on the tower and hit the red button to lower the Sail Module (you’ll need to hold it down to install it). The trophy will unlock once it’s done.

    No matter what playthrough you’re on, be sure to pick up the small fuel box here as it’ll come in handy down the road.

  • Install the Repair Module

    Story Related.

    The Repair Module is the second Module you’ll install. The port for it is after you encounter your first rain/hailstorm, which will damage your Okomotive.

    As you drive along, you’ll come to a large building with a broken water tower just outside of it. Your Okomotive will run into a large red door, preventing you from going forward. On the water tower, there will be a platform you can jump onto from the top of your ship (jump on the sail itself to reach it).

    When you’re at the top, pick up the fuel barrel and place it inside the fuel tank just to the right, then hit the button. This will open the big door for your Okomotive to move forward as well as lower the Repair Module. Run all the way to the right side and climb up to the platform with the broken button (it will be just to the right of the Repair Module).

    The Module itself will stop just next to this platform. Stand next to it and hit to pick up the Module, then hold it right next to the broken button until it’s been repaired. Once it’s fixed, let go of the Repair Module and hit the button. This will lower the Module the rest of the way and open the exit door for your Okomotive to pass through. The trophy will unlock once the Module has been installed. Jump down the gap to get back to your ship.

    Fuel note: There is a barrel up near where the broken button is, be sure to grab it. When the Repair Module is installed, hit the brakes on your Okomotive (the button just to the right of the Steam button). There are three pieces of fuel to the left of the Okomotive, inside the building. Grab these before leaving (you can hold the barrel and push the two boxes to your ship to save yourself some time).

  • Install the Item Gatherer

    Story Related.

    The Item Gatherer is the third Module you’ll install and is found after you have passed the Radio Tower (also where the radio is located in case you need it for The Sound of Silence). Night time will turn into day and you’ll eventually come to a large door with in a rock wall.

    When you Okomotive hits the door, it’ll stop and a small door will open on the bottom, allowing you to run through it. Climb up the stairs and hit the button to raise the lift your ship is on. When it stops, run all the way to the left and there will be a small cart with a button on it. This is connected to the Item Gatherer up above you. Connect the cart to your ship with the left tow module. When it’s connected, lightly press your exhaust button so your Okomotive and the small cart make their way all the way to the right (your ship will need to hit the door at the end). When both the ship and the cart stop, hit the button on the cart to lower the Item Gatherer module. Once it’s installed, the trophy will unlock.

    Fuel note: There are two pieces of fuel you can pick up while the module is being lowered (they will be underneath your ship).

    If you have not already earned The Sound of Silence, you can get that here (though not recommended if you’re doing your speedrun for I Got 99 Minutes. Before you lower the Item Gatherer, climb to the top of your Ocomotive and hit the button to open the sails. Because you’re inside a building, the sails won’t fully open and the Module will break and a fire will start on the button. Grab the radio and place it on top of the button. Once it catches fire, the trophy will unlock.

  • Install a new pair of Wheels

    Story Related.

    The Wheels will be the fourth and final item installed onto your Okomotive. The building is located just after you have to manually sail your ship across the water by running the small hamster-wheel-like propeller. Your Okomotive will eventually come to a stop after running into a red smoke stack. On the other side of the stack is a lift with a button.

    Climb to the top of your ship, jump up and over the stack, and down to the lift. Hit the button and to reach the building up above you.

    When at the top, you’ll enter a tiny room with three buttons; two on the top and one on the bottom. Hit the button on the bottom to get your Okomotive into position. The other two top buttons will lower once it is. Hit the buttons in the following order to remove your current wheels and install the new ones: Left, Middle, Left, Middle, Left, and then finally Middle. This will install the new wheels, put your ship back where it was, open up a door to a lift on the far left, and unlock the trophy. Hit the button on the leftmost lift to get back down to your ship and continue forward.

  • Complete FAR: Lone Sails

    Story Related.

    The main goal of the game is to get from your home to a beacon. You’ll install new parts, pick up new items, and sail with new winds along the way. Once you make it all the way to the end, the trophy will unlock.

    If you need help with any of the Module puzzles, their solutions are provided under the individual trophies.

    If you would recommended a visual walkthrough, one as been provided under I Got 99 Minutes. While it is for the speedrun, the game will be the same, so if you get stuck on any obstacles, please reference that trophy/video for help.

  • This will be cumulative across all your playthroughs so you will undoubtedly get this while going for It’s over 9000!. Burning includes setting items on fire (either on purpose or accidentally) as well as throwing them into the fuel intake. Burn any 42 objects across all your playthroughs and the trophy will unlock.

  • Stand at the Flagpole of the Landcruiser

    This is not to be confused with the small flagpole on your Okomotive. The Landcruiser is much, much, MUCH bigger. Do not do this trophy alongside the speedrun trophy (I Got 99 Minutes) as it requires you to go off the main path and out of your way to get.

    After you have installed all your Modules, you’ll eventually (quite far down the road) come to a point where you need to progress forward by using a small train with a lever to pull your Okomotive. Get past this part and when you don’t need the train anymore, start up your engine to move forward. Shortly after, you’ll be stopped by a large wall. This is actually a lift. Hit the button on the right side and you’ll be taken into the Landcruiser.

    Once inside, you’ll need to pull your ship backwards with the tow module on the left side of your Okomotive. This will allow you to reach the top walkways. Climb all the way up to the top path (it’ll be marked with a large “1” on the right side) and hit the red button. This will raise the next section, allowing you to progress. Continue past the big “1” and up the small incline. Shortly after, you’ll come to two short smoke stacks with a dome window just to the right of them. Jump ON TOP of this window (a small tunnel starts where the right spire is, make sure you don’t go inside this).

    Continue along to the right and you’ll come to the flagpole needed. Stand near it and the trophy will unlock.

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