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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 48 (41, 5, 2)
  • Online trophies: 7 (6,1trophy_platinum.png)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 25-30 Hours (+at least two real weeks of waiting) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 1 (Hidden In Plain Sight trophy_silver.png )
  • Glitched trophies: None known
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No

Far Cry 6 places you in the fictional country of Yara, under control by the ruthless dictator Antón Castillo. You are Dani Rojas, wishing for escape to America but instead finding themselves part of the head of the spear in a bloody revolution.

If you've played any of the mainline Far Cry games since 3, you'll really find very little new here in terms of gameplay and trophies. It is very much like Far Cry 5 where you have three different storylines in different areas to complete before unlocking the finale of the game, and these can be done in any order. Special Operations also return from New Dawn, though what is required for the platinum won't cause you any issues. There is a simple missable trophy to look out for, but otherwise you're in for a fun and easy platinum if you're a fan of the Far Cry series or shooters in general.

As noted in the overview, there are six trophies requiring an online connection outside of the platinum. Five of these simply require an online connection for the Special Operations and Insurgency Leaders but can be done solo, but there is one quick trophy that will require a co-op partner. You can also play the whole game in co-op if you wish. If you need a co-op partner, see the thread here.

Finally, a quick note on the time to platinum mentioned in the overview. The two week wait period is linked to the new Insurgency feature unlocked after completion of the story. Every real-life week, a region of the map will have its targets taken back over and you must take them back and kill the insurgent leader. You have to do this three times for the trophy, so you must play the game over three separate weeks after completing the story for platinum.


Step 1: Complete the story ensuring you get the missable trophy.

Feel free to start the game on any difficulty and play through at your own leisure, completing the story missions in any order you choose. The missable trophy is simple, but you must get it before the end of the game. Once you obtain a boat, drive to the outskirts of the map in order to get Hidden In Plain Sight trophy_silver.png, the sole missable trophy in the game.

As you traverse the map, keep an eye on your minimap for crates which contain weapons, gear and supplies as this can cut down on time later. You should also approach any exclamation points on your minimap and interact with the person or note to get useful items and targets marked on your map, many of which are needed for trophies. You can do these things as you get them or save them for later, it's up to you, though taking any FND targets will be helpful for traversel. You'll also want to build and upgrade camp facilities as you get the materials as these offer various things such as animal/fish maps, hideouts you can fast travel to and better gear. I'd also suggest completing the Triada Blessing side quest (Undying Tradition trophy_bronze.png)  and obtaining all supremos when you can (Backpacking trophy_silver.png)  to maximise your ass-kicking potential.

There's a few trophies related to the FND bases that you might want to get on your first run throughs of them. If you complete them all without getting every related trophy there is the insurgency feature post-game that will allow you to replay some of them, but you'll be making things a little harder on yourself. You'll want to complete one base without being detected for Ninjerilla trophy_bronze.png , complete one with a co-op partner for Co-Dependent trophy_bronze.png , use a Security Control center at one for Didn't See That Coming! trophy_bronze.png, and once you have upgraded your Bandidos Barracks to level 3, kill an enemy with a sabotaged alarm for Outdated Tech trophy_bronze.png. You will also want to look out for the FND resource vehicles as they have no set spawn, and you need to retrieve three of these for Finders Keepers! trophy_bronze.png 

Trophies you will obtain in this step include (but are not limited to):Step 2: Collectibles and miscellaneous trophies.

Now you've completed the game, you'll have the best opportunity to grab the collectibles (USB Sticks, Roosters, Cryptograma Chests and Unique Weapons) you didn't already come across on your travels. There are also various activities you will need to complete for trophies if you didn't do them already, so see the guide below for details on these.

There are also a few combat related trophies that you still may need. There are plenty of enemies still lurking around to help you get these, or you can utilise the now-unlocked insurgency feature that will allow you to recapture FND Targets for areas with a higher concentration of enemies to kill. And speaking of insurgency, you'll have to complete this three times in separate real life weeks to obtain the platinum, so ensure that you get this done for the first time before the week rolls over to minimise your waiting time.

Trophies you will obtain in this step (if you didn't get them already) include:Step 3: Special Operations

First off, know that you can complete these trophies at any point after unlocking your first faction base. Special Operations take you outside of the main map to find and retrieve a dangerous device. There are four trophies in the base list tied to this mode, none of which are very tricky. You must complete any special operation, complete one without letting the overheat bar go over 50%, unlock a special chest and rescue 30 informants. See the guide for more information on these. The Special Operations also have free DLC trophies that require you to complete the first five Operations on Mastery 3, but these will be covered separately and aren't required for platinum.

Trophies you will obtain in this step include:Step 4: Remaining Insurgency Leaders and clean up

Now all that should be left is killing the final two Insurgency Leaders for the platinum. As mentioned before, you can only do one of these each real week so depending on how quickly you did the rest of the list after completing the game you may have to wait up to two weeks to finish up. And of course, now is a good time to grab anything else you may have remaining. Congrats if you made it this far!

Trophies you will obtain in this step include:

Far Cry 6 Trophy Guide

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100 trophies ( 16  81  )

  • Unlock all trophies

    As per usual, unlock all other non-DLC trophies to unlock this one. ¡Viva la Revolución!
  • Select Dani's look (Solo Campaign only)

    At the very start of the game after the initial cutscene, you'll have to choose which Dani Rojas you'll be playing the game with. This is a purely cosmetic choice, there are no gameplay advantages either way. Whichever you choose, the trophy will unlock.
  • Find your way to Miami


    This trophy is earned for reaching the secret early ending found in the game. As such, if you actually finish the game without obtaining this trophy you'll have missed it and will need to earn this on a fresh file.

    Once you have completed the prologue and have obtained a boat, instead of travelling to the main map thus continuing with the story you should follow Dani's wishes and drive the boat to the outskirts of the map until you get the ending and this trophy. Don't worry, you'll be able to keep playing as usual afterwards! If you don't get this at the first opportunity, you'll be able to do this with any boat up until the conclusion of the game.
  • Recruit the Legends of '67 and La Moral

    In Far Cry 6, similarly to Far Cry 5, after the prologue you'll have three storylines you'll have to go through before unlocking the final stretch of the game, recruiting different strands of a potential rebellion and defeating Castillo's lieutenants. The storylines can be completed in any order, and you can jump from storyline to storyline as desired.

    The Legends of '67 and La Moral are the factions that run out of the south-east of the main map, El Este. There are a total of 15 missions you'll need to complete to finish recruiting both groups, this trophy will unlock after completing the final one: "The Deported".
  • Recruit the Monteros

    See Cutting Foreign Ties trophy_bronze.png  for more information on the game's structure.

    The Montero family are the faction that runs out of the Madrugada region in north-east Yara. There are a total of 13 missions you'll need to complete in order to recruit them, this trophy will unlock after completing the final one: "Justicia Montero".
  • Recruit Máximas Matanzas

    See Cutting Foreign Ties trophy_bronze.png  for more information on the game's structure.

    Máximas Matanzas are the faction that find their home in the Valle De Oro region in the north-east/ central region of Yara. There are 15 missions to complete to recruit them to your cause, this trophy will unlock after completing the final one: "Angel de la Muerte".
  • Take back Yara

    After fully recruiting all factions as detailed in Cutting Foreign Ties trophy_bronze.png , Montero Justicia trophy_bronze.png  and Voz del Pueblo trophy_bronze.png , you'll unlock the final missions in the game, of which there are 5. The final mission is "The Battle of Esperanza", after which the story will end and the trophy will pop.
  • Capture an FND Base without being detected (Solo Campaign only)

    An FND Base are the Yaran version of the outposts from earlier games. If you're not familiar, they are filled with enemies and if you take them all out you'll capture the base for yourself. There are also alarms around the base, if an enemy detects you and pulls one of these alarms, reinforcements will arrive who will also need to be defeated to capture the base successfully.

    For this one though, you can't be detected without voiding this trophy. Enemies all have detection bars; if they fill up, you have a tiny window to kill them before everyone and their mothers know you're around. If the base gets alerted, you must restart the checkpoint or try again on a different base.

    You can theoretically do this straight away by sneaking around and doing takedowns on everybody, but this may be easier later in the game when you have more tools at your disposal. Namely, you'll want a silenced weapon, preferably a sniper, plus an amigo that can kill or distract enemies depending on your preference. Stay away from people and pick isolated enemies off one at a time until they're all dead. Don't forget that you can mark and track enemies using your camera to help you. If you've obtained Undying Tradition trophy_bronze.png  and thus the associated gear, you can equip the Triador supremo and the La Varita resolver weapon, hide where you're unlikely to be seen and shoot most if not all of the enemies through the wall! It also tags any remaining enemies for easy clean up.

    Different bases have different levels of difficulty, so don't worry if you're struggling to get this trophy on a particular one. Bases may have more or fewer vantage points, more places for enemies to hide and some bases even have animals in cages that you can let out to take out a few enemies risk-free if you shoot the cage open.

    If you've completed all of the bases without obtaining this trophy, you can either wait until one is recaptured through the Insurgency feature post game, or you can find one on the map then hold cross.png to abandon it and make it available to recapture.
  • Capture an FND base with a Co-op partner

    This is the only trophy in the game that requires another person to unlock, and is self-explanatory. Like with Ninjerilla trophy_bronze.png , if you complete all the bases before this trophy you can wait until Insurgency recaptures a base or abandon it through the map, though if your partner has open bases you can join them and take down one of their bases. There is no requirement for stealth here, so feel free to go gung-ho and mow down everyone in your path.

    If you require someone to do this trophy with, check out the Co-Op Partners Thread.
  • Capture all FND Bases (Solo Campaign only)

    See Ninjerilla trophy_bronze.png  for more information on FND Bases.
    As mentioned above, there are 21 FND Bases/Outposts dotted around Yara to take down. You can take them down however you like, being loud will be quicker if you make sure to take out the alarms but not being detected will grant you more resources, it's totally up to you.

    To actually locate these bases you have a couple of options. If you talk to people and read notes marked with exclamation marks on your mini map, you'll be notified of these every so often. You can also zoom in on your map and head to any restricted area on your map (red outline), some of these will be FND bases. Of course, you can also use a map to locate these, like the one below.

    Once the main story has been completed, every real-time week one region will have all their locations recaptured, including any FND Bases there, and these will need to be retaken in order to unlock the trophy. Therefore, you may wish to unlock this trophy before completing the story to ensure you won't have to do this for this trophy.

    Once you have all 21 bases captured at once this trophy will unlock.
    Click map for larger size
  • Return 3 FND Resource vehicles in mint condition

    As you traverse Yara, you'll occasionally find yourself near FND resource vehicles, marked by red trucks on your minimap. They'll look like either a truck with a tarp and metal on the back, a similar truck with gasoline barrels on the back, or a white pharmacy truck. You can either hijack these by going alongside the driver's side and pressing the prompt, or by shooting out the driver so the vehicle comes to a stop. Once you get inside the vehicle, you'll be directed to a drop off point. Simply drive near it, get out the vehicle and make sure the vehicle's health is full by using the repair tool. Once this is done you're safe to drive the rest of the way. Repeat this two more times for this trophy. It should be noted that you can't just take the resources from the vehicle, you need to return the vehicles with resources intact.
  • Capture 10 Checkpoints (Solo Campaign only)

    There is a total of 26 checkpoints around Yara, for this trophy you'll only need to take back 10 of them. If you drive directly through one under FND control, you'll get your tires popped and enemies will be alerted.

    The same methods to locate bases as mentioned in Liberty trophy_gold.png apply to checkpoints, though checkpoints are solely found on roads, plus there's a good chance you'll come across enough just through driving from mission to mission.

    There are much fewer enemies at checkpoints than bases, though reinforcements can still be alerted if you're not careful. You also need to destroy the billboard at the checkpoint to make it yours, though these often sit next to conveniently placed barrels. If you make sure to take any checkpoints you come across through natural progression of the game you'll unlock this one in no time.
    Click map for larger size
  • Blow up 16 Anti-Aircraft Cannons (Solo Campaign only)

    There is a total of 26 Anti-Aircraft Cannons in the game, for this trophy you only need to destroy 16 of them. These are much more inconvenient to leave standing than the checkpoints, as they render any air vehicles in a decent berth around each cannon unflyable.

    The same methods to locate bases as mentioned in Liberty trophy_gold.png apply to AA Cannons, though there's a good chance you'll come across enough just through travelling from mission to mission. You can also fly around in areas you haven't been before; if you get shot down, there's a cannon nearby! Note that you can't fly above Esperanza despite there being no destroyable cannons there.

    They are pretty easy to destroy once you're in the vicinity of one (on foot, of course), any explosive will do. There will also be a few enemies to deal with at each location. Don't forgot to grab the nearby uranium for other trophies!
    Click map for larger size
  • Intercept 10 Military Supply Drops (Solo Campaign Only)

    Military Supply Drop missions task you with racing to intercept a crate of upgrade materials from the FND. You'll have a set time limit to reach the location, at which point you'll have to take out a few enemies and capture the crate by holding square.png.

    There are 20 of these missions in the game, meaning you only need to complete half of them for this trophy. As with the FND Targets, you'll be pointed to a bunch of these just by talking to people and picking up notes, but you could also use a map for the start points if you wish.
  • Complete the Yaran Story "Triada Blessings"

    The Triada Blessings story tasks you with finding three relics through three treasure hunts, and rewards you with the best stealth-focused gear available in the game.

    You start this story by heading to Oluwa cave located roughly in the center of Quito on the starting island. Follow the path inside and you will eventually find a note on the floor which will activate the story and give you three treasure hunts to complete on your map and in your journal. You can also stumble across these treasure hunts without starting this quest, so don't worry if you've done this, you can still head to the cave at any point and grab the overarching quest. The three treasure hunts are as follows:

    Ída's Triada Relic (Lozanía, Marugada)

    This Treasure Hunt will involve you doing a lot of platforming. The path to the relic is fairly linear and is signposted by grafitti, while the platforming may be considered slightly more tricky than most other platforming sections in the game, there's nothing too dangerous or difficult. You'll eventually reach the relic.

    Okú’s Triada Relic (Cruz Del Salvador, Valle De Oro)

    This Treasure Hunt will involve you exploring a haunted estate. First of all, it must be night time in game to access the estate, so come back later if it's not. Once inside, turn into the right room to see all the mirrors shatter, destroy the one remaining to uncover a button to press. Next head into the opposite room to see TVs and a table with buttons. Facing the TVs, press the center, left then right buttons in that order. Next go upstairs and interact with the piano to open a secret room with a key. Grab the key and use it to open the remaining door inside. Follow the path to a weird room with mannequins, press the button on the left to blow up access to a well. Keep following the path up, then down the zipline to reach the well, where you can grapple down. Halfway down you can swing to the ledge with the relic.

    Mimo Abosi's Triada Relic (La Joya, El Este)

    From the start of the hunt, turn around and follow the yellow tube to the generator, destroy the pallet in the way and unplug it. Now turn back around, break open the gate lock and take the first left, grab the keycard on the floor, then turn around and follow the tube to and through the water. Take a left, unlock the gate and turn on the fans. Wait a few seconds for the poison to disperse then follow the path down the elevator shaft. The relic will be in the large room at the bottom.

    Finishing the quest

    Now return to the cave where you started the quest. Interact with the symbol on the floor inside to place the relics, and the wall in front of you will break open. Interact with the chest to get the Supremo and Resolver Weapon, which will also trigger a boss fight with Oluso. This is trivial with your new toys, activate the Supremo while you have the weapon equipped and you can shoot at Oluso and the other panthers through walls, you'll have to shoot him a few times as he teleports around to defeat him. If you run out of supremo charge before you take him down not to worry, just battle him as normal until you're prompted to revive him to unlock this trophy and Oluso as an Amigo. Enjoy the most overpowered items in the game!
  • Win a Cockfighting match

    Cockfighting is available once you've reached the Montero camp in Costa Del Mar. This minigame is similar to fighting games where you must win two out of three rounds in order to secure a victory, albiet with very simple attacks; cross.png,square.png and triangle.png will be your attack buttons and you press circle.png and a direction to dodge.

    You'll need to find a rooster in order to fight, but thankfully there is one in a crate directly next to the cockfighting pit. There are 13 in total which you must find for another trophy, but any one will do here. There's also six additional available for free in Ubisoft Connect if you're so inclined.

    All you need to do is win one match for this trophy. You can fight the AI or your co-op partner if you have one, winning the match will get you the trophy.
  • Complete 3 Gran Premios

    Gran Premios are races where you must drive through checkpoints before running out of time. These can be either air, land or sea races, regardless they are not very difficult to complete.

    There are 12 of these races in total, but you can complete the same one three times if you wish, though you need to win different ones to unlock some parts for Furiously Fast trophy_bronze.png so you'd be wasting some time.

    Like with the Military Targets, you can be pointed towards these with certain exclamation points on your minimap, they are in the form of posters. You can also just stumble across the start points, or more likely use a map.
  • Win a Dominoes game

    Dominoes is available to play at the Legends camp in El Este once you reach it. If you haven't played dominoes before, it's simple, you need to play a domino that matches either end of the line- for example if the two ends have 2 pips and 8 pips, you need to play a domino with 2 or 8 pips, otherwise you'll pass your turn. The game will highlight the valid moves for the turn. The game ends when a player uses up all of their dominoes or if all four players pass their turn in a row. In the former case, the player who runs out of tiles wins, and in the latter case all players add up the pips on their dominoes and the lowest total wins. As such, when you have the option between multiple tiles it is suggested to use up the heaviest (highest total) dominoes first to improve your chances of winning.

    There is a little luck involved with the game, but playing on the easiest difficulty should make winning a breeze in a couple of tries.
  • Complete a Special Operation

    NOTE: While this trophy (and all other Special Operation trophies) can be done completely solo, you must be connected to the game's servers at all times.

    Special Operations are a special kind of mission taking place outside of the main map. You start these missions by talking to Lola who is situated at the three main faction camps, thus you need to unlock one of these to undergo the missions. There are six operations; four available at the start, one unlocked after completing the game and one more if you complete the Danny Trejo side mission.

    You must retrieve the PG-240X located somewhere in the area, return to where you started then clear the area for extraction. This isn't quite as easy as it seems as you do not have a traditional map to reference, you must rely on maps dotted around the area to determine your position and the direction you must go. Furthermore, once you have the PG-240X, you must stay out of sunlight in order for it to not overheat and kill you. There will be water sources around the map to cool it down

    All in all though simply completing an operation on the standard difficulty isn't bad at all, and you'll get this trophy once you've beaten any of them.
  • Successfully complete 5 Bandido Operations

    Bandido Operations are first unlocked when you unlock your first guerrilla camp through one of the three story paths after the prologue. They are not missions that you complete yourself but rather send your Bandido leaders and recruits to do; they take a certain amount of real time to complete.

    By the time you unlock these, you'll have one leader and a few recruits.To unlock more leaders you'll have to complete certain side quests (though you can get this trophy with only the initial leader) and to unlock more recruits you can rescue them from FND forces, vandalise posters and destroy billboards. You can also build and upgrade the Bandido Barracks at one of your faction camps to gain extra recruits when completing these actions, and also increase your chance of success in the operations.

    Once the timer has finished on an Operation, you'll get a few choices on how the mission was undertaken. Different options have different costs, they can cost resources or the loss of your recruits. Each choice will have a chance of success; if you fail a step, some choices will just make the future steps harder but some choices can also lead to the abandoment of the operation if you fail- these are indicated by a red circle with an exclamation mark.

    Simply complete five of these operations to unlock this trophy. As mentioned above, you can do these one at a time using the sole leader you are given, or you can complete some quests to unlock more so you can have multiple operations running at once. You may also need to wait until you can get more recruits at times, as you may end up unable to start any operations if you lose too many people on your missions.
  • Perform a Vehicle Machete Kill from a horse

    This is simple and can be done as soon as the prologue. You'll often find horses near camps and retaken areas, there are also various horse pickup areas around the map that you can use to spawn a horse in your location. Once you have a horse, ride around for a bit and you'll come across an enemy on horseback in no time. Ride up alongside them and press r3.png to kill them and unlock this trophy.
  • Collect 49 Unique Weapons

    First of all it should be noted that the capital U in Unique is important- this trophy refers to the set of "Unique Weapons" found in the game, rather than wanting you to get 49 different weapons. These are powerful weapons with special names that can't be altered at weapon benches. There are exactly 49 Unique Weapons in the base game. You can also get a few more if you have the Deluxe Edition, plus if you have spare Ubisoft Connect credits there's a few there under rewards that can also count towards the 49. There's absolutely no need for either of these options if you don't have them though.

    You'll find most of these weapons around the map in special crocodile chests, often around FND controlled areas and treasure hunts. There are also a few that you'll get via other means such as completing operations, or upgrading your hunting lodge. You can mouse over any of the weapons to see a general location of any you may be missing.

    If you're struggling with any, check out this great guide from HarryNinetyFour:

  • Fully upgrade one Camp Facility at any Guerrilla Camp (Solo Campaign only)

    There are six different Camp Facilities in the game, each with three levels. You can build two at each of the three main bases with the Gasolina, Medicine and Metal supplies that you find around the world.

    The facilities are, followed supplies needed to fully upgrade:
    • Hideout Network- 180 each of Metal and Gasolina
    • Guerrilla Garrison- 420 each of Metal and Gasolina
    • Fishing Hut- 350 each of Gasolina and Medicine
    • La Cantina- 270 each of Gasolina and Medicine
    • Bandidos Barracks- 420 each of Medicine and Metal
    • Hunter's Lodge- 350 each of Medicine and Metal
    For this trophy you only have to fully upgrade one of these. The Hideout Network requires the least supplies (and is also the most useful, in my opinion), but you will probably have enough supplies to fully upgrade every Facility by game's end, so take your pick on which to upgrade first.
  • Acquire every Supremo in Yara

    Supremos are powerful backpacks that have features ranging from a barrage of rockets, emitting an EMP pulse, healing yourself and others and more. There is a total of 7 of these in the game:
    • The first one is story related and unmissable, you'll obtain it at the end of the "Du or Die" mission in the prologue.
    • There are five more that you can buy from Juan or his dealers in exchange for 100 depleted uranium, this can be found near all AA Cannons. You unlock one for purchase at each level up to 5, which will come naturally as you play through the story.
    • The final one will be unlocked through completion of the Triada Blessings story as detailed in Undying Tradition trophy_bronze.png.
    Once you've obtained all 7 Supremos, this will unlock.
  • Purchase 15 Meals

    To purchase meals, you must install La Cantina at one of the faction camps using 30 Gasolina and 30 Medicine. There are a variety of meals, each of which provide you with a buff for a limited time. You start off with five meals, then if you fully level up your cantina (requires 80 then 160 each of Gasolina and Medicine) you can get up to 15 total. This also increases the length of your buff.

    If you kill and loot animals you come across as you play you might already have enough supplies (you can also claim a few for free through Ubisoft Connect if you have that), if not or you want to get this quicker i'd suggest getting the fishing hut, buying the Carp and Barracuda fishing locations (snook works too, if you've upgraded your cantina), then catch them until you have about an even amount of each. The reason you can't just catch 15 of one item is that you can't cook the same meal consecutively unless you let the buff expire, which could take up to six hours of playtime! You can repeatedly overwrite buffs with different buffs, however.

    The following are the animals you can use to create meals, sorted by Cantina level required:
    Level 1Level 2Level 3
    Black Hawk
    Yaran Crocodile
  • Find 15 USB Sticks

    USB Sticks are one type of collectible available in the game, and since they are regular sized USB sticks, they are pretty difficult to find in the giant open world. If you want to spend some real money on adding the USB sticks to your map you can, but i'd highly suggest this great video guide by HarryNinetyFour:

  • Unlock 15 Criptograma Chests

    Criptograma Chests are special chests with useful gear inside that require two hidden charts to unlock. These are usually nearby and are often pointed towards by blue arrows with keys next to them.

    You need to stumble across these chests in the first place and even once you find one, some of the charts required to open them can be tricky to locate even in smaller areas. I'd recommend using a video guide in order to locate them, such as the following one by Gamerpillar:

  • Collect all 4 Rides

    Rides are special vehicles that you can call at any time using the weapon wheel. There are four of these, and they can be unlocked as follows:
    • Juan's 1956 Beaumont Valentina- Story Related, unlocked automatically in the prologue.
    • 1985 Tokai Sabuku- In La Joya, El Este, directly north of two small lakes next to each other is a restricted area. Climb on the digger around back to jump into the building, then break the pallets and boxes until you reach this vehicle.
    • Yami's 2008 Kag TG- Yami can be found in Costa Del Mar, you are pointed towards her after stealing the above car. Complete her side quest to unlock this vehicle.
    • 1962 Verrazzano Bravo- Complete any Gran Premio (See Speed Racer trophy_bronze.png )
    Once you've unlocked all four the trophy will pop.
  • Find all Roosters

    There are thirteen roosters to collect in the game, used in the cockfighting minigame. They are found in crates and show up on the minimap when you are in their vicinity. There are also six roosters available through Ubisoft Connect, but you must find all thirteen on the map regardless. Like with the USB sticks, you can get these on your map with real money in the ingame store but you'd be better off with a video, such as the following by HarryNinetyFour:

  • Recruit 5 Amigos

    Amigos are animal companions that can help you kill or distract enemies, of which there are 5 in the base game. There are two more Amigos available through additional content, and these count towards the trophy so you may get this early if you own them. Don't worry if you don't have DLC though, as this is fully obtainable without it and you'll need to get most of the Amigos anyway for other trophies.

    The Amigos are as follows; DLC content in yellow:
    • Guapo- This one is story related, you'll get him very early on in the game.
    • Chorizo- He is at the Montero farm in Costa Del Mar, once you've unlocked it through story progression, find and pet Chorizo (he's a little dachshund), then complete the unlocked quests to unlock him.
    • Chicharrón- There is a note at the Patriotas Peak in El Este that will lead you towards a quest line you must complete to unlock Chicharrón
    • Boom Boom- There is a note at Camp Máximas that will start a quest to find Boom Boom, complete this to unlock him.
    • Oluso- Completing the Triada Blessings questline as detailed in Undying Tradition trophy_bronze.png will unlock this amigo.
    • Champagne- Available through purchase of the ultimate edition.
    • K-9000- Available through purchase of the Season Pass.
  • Pet Guapo

    As mentioned in Loyal Army trophy_bronze.png, you'll unlock Guapo in your first formal quest, "Juan of a Kind". After defeating the first enemies in the mission, you'll be given ownership of Guapo, at which point you can approach him and pet him with square.png. You can also pet him any time after this if he's your current companion.
  • Equip Chicharrón with the Motherclucker Outfit

    To unlock Chicharrón, you must complete a quest line beginning with "Man's Best Enemy" in Sierra Perdida, El Este. I was given the location for this after unlocking the Legends Camp. Help out the homicidal rooster in his quests and eventually you'll unlock him as an Amigo. After this select him in the Amigo menu, click on the icon in the bottom left and select the Motherclucker outfit, which should be unlocked automatically.
  • Distract 10 soldiers with Chorizo

    Chorizo is an Amigo that, as the trophy implies, can distract enemies for you with their adorableness.

    To unlock Chorizo, you'll first need to complete the first mission in the Montero questline in Costa Del Mar to unlock the Montero farm. There, marked by the Yaran Story icon, will be Chorizo. You'll need to complete two quests first for him before he'll join your quest. First you'll need to feed him some Crocodile meat. You may have come across one already but if not, adventuring in the southern tip of the region will have you attacked by one in no time. Once you've killed and looted one, place the meat in his bowl. For the second quest you'll simply have to follow him around camp as he digs up treasure for you. Once this is done, you'll unlock him as an Amigo.

    Once you have him following you, head to an outpost or anywhere else with enemies, aim at unaware enemies and press dpad_right.png to get Chorizo to distract them. There's a challenge linked to distracting 10 enemies with Chorizo, so you should get a pop up everytime you do this successfully.
  • Take out 10 soldiers with active Heat

    Heat is denoted by a yellow/red bar to the right of your mini-map, you fill it by being in active combat and killing enemies loudly. You'll know when you're in active heat when you get a pop up saying that Castillo's Special Forces are after you. You'll likely get this at numerous points during the game without trying, and since this trophy is cumulative you'll almost certainly have this by the time you've completed the game and all targets.

    If not, abandon any base and attack it loudly, allowing the enemies to sound the alarm to get more reinforcements. You should get enough kills in one go, but if not simply repeat the process.
  • Take out a shark with an explosion

    Self explanatory. Sharks can be found all over the ocean surrounding Yara, but there are also a few dedicated hunting spots for them that you can be pointed towards through intel or bought from the level 2 Hunter's Lodge once it's unlocked. I did this north of Aguas Lindas, in the channel between the north shore and a largest island in the north west. There is a small rocky island to stand on in the middle of the water and sharks can usually be found roaming here. Once you spot one, tag it so you can track it, and use a rocket launcher or grenade to kill it.
  • Catch 10 fish

    You'll unlock the fishing rod through completion of "Libertad Rises" in the prologue. From here, you can catch fish in many bodies of water, if you make sure to interact with any exclamation marks on your mini-map, occasionally you'll get reports of fishing spots, which will be added to your map. Once you've built the fishing hut in one of your camps you can also purchase fishing locations which will be added to your map.

    Once you're at a spot, equip your fishing rod in the weapon wheel, find where the fish are splashing and hold r2.png to cast your line. The further back your rod is when you let go, the further the line will be thrown. Once your line vibrates, press r2.png again to hook the fish. You'll then want to use the left stick in the opposite direction of where the fish is trying to swim until it stops moving, then hold l2.png to reel it in until it moves again. Repeat this until you catch the fish.

    Different fish have different difficulties in catching so if you're having difficulty with one species of fish find another location with a different fish. Fishing spots will often have tackle boxes nearby to change your bait which can also help if you're struggling. You may want to catch fish useable in your cantina for Fry Cry trophy_bronze.png , such as Snooks, Carps or Barracudas.
  • Take out a soldier by sabotaging an alarm

    To sabotage alarms, you need a particular piece of gear. You must upgrade the Bandido Barracks to level 3 with 420 each of Medicine and Metal, then purchase and equip the Techmaster wristband, giving you the ability. From here, head to an uncaptured checkpoint or base (you may need to abandon one if you have them all). Sneak in, feel free to kill any enemies in your way as long as you save at least one. Find an alarm, go over to it and hold down triangle.png to sabotage it. If there is more than one alarm in the area, you'll want to go and destroy it to avoid complications. Now go and get spotted by an enemy, and one of them should run over to the alarm you just hacked and get themselves blown up, granting you this trophy.
  • Take out 3 Insurgent Leaders

    NOTE: You must have an active internet connection for this trophy.

    Insurgency is a new feature to the Far Cry series unlocked after the conclusion of the game. Each real life week, one or two provinces in the game will see their targets taken back. You'll have to take them once more to reveal the location of the Insurgent Leader.

    There are four objectives to complete to reveal the leader location. You need to take back a certain number of Checkpoints, AA Cannons and Bases, as well as complete a certain special operation. You can check what you need to do exactly in the pause menu in the insurgency tab. After you've completed the objectives, the leader will be revealed, who you will then need to go and kill.

    You will then need to wait until the insurgency resets before you can do another one, this happens every Monday. This means that you could only have to wait 8 days, or up to 14 days depending on when you complete your first one. You may see reports online about workarounds for the waiting period, but these have unfortunately all been patched and thus no longer work.
  • Take out 10 Special Forces soldiers

    Special Forces soldiers are the strongest enemies in the game and only appear under certain situations. For example, you'll tend to get a bunch of these when you max out your heat bar, and they're quite frequent in higher difficulties of Special Operations.

    You can tell which enemies are Special Forces by their heavier armour, and if you tag them their icons will be a solid badge with an icon inside just like the trophy image. They are harder to take down for sure, but aim for the head as usual and you'll make quick work of them. There's a good chance you'll get this one without trying, but if you still need this, I'd suggest using the same method listed in Heated Conflict trophy_bronze.png as this should spawn a good number of these enemies.
  • Disable and hijack a tank using an EMP device

    There are a few EMP devices you can use for this. They include:
    • Volta Supremo- this should be unlocked when you can first purchase additional Supremos from Juan and his dealers.
    • EMP Grenades- these can be added to any other Supremo in a gadget slot once the Volta Supremo has been purchased.
    • Zeusito Resolver Weapon- this requires rank 7 to purchase from Juan and his dealers.
    • EMP Bullets- some special weapons you may find will have EMP Bullets.
    Go ahead and purchase the Volta Supremo so it's ready for when you eventually come across an enemy-occupied tank. There are a couple of missions and targets that may have you facing a tank if you alert enemies, but you may also find them randomly driving while exploring the map like I did, or they occasionally come for you when you have active heat. Once you find one, equip the Volta in your armory. You can either run up to the tank and activate the Volta with l1.png+r1.png if it's charged, or throw an EMP grenade which should be automatically equipped when the Volta is.  Either way, once it's disabled, quickly hop on top of the tank and you should get an r3.png prompt to hijack it.
  • Hunt all Mythical Animals (Solo Campaign only)

    There are five Mythical Animals to kill in the game, in four locations. There's a boar, a pair of wolves, a crocodile and jaguar. They are more powerful forms of animals which take and give a lot of damage. They aren't too difficult however as you can pull from your entire arsenal to kill them.

    Of course you'll need to actually find them, too. Like the FND Targets, you can stumble across them or run into intel that will point you in their directions. Additionally, if you wait until you've fully upgraded the Hunter's Lodge, you can purchase maps for them.
  • Slide 200m at once

    You can press circle.png while running to slide, and if you do this on a downward slope you'll keep sliding until the ground evens out or you hit something. Yara is a very hilly place so there are a few places you can get this, but I'd suggest building the Hideout Network in one of your camps and obtaining Hideout Bolero, in south Sierra Perdida.

    Once you have it, fast travel to it, head east up the road behind the shack you spawn next to until you reach a small farm. To your right will be an arch leading to a downward road. You can slide down this road for over 200m, though you'll have to veer left pretty soon into sliding. Once you reach the bottom the trophy will pop.
  • Run over 10 soldiers in a vehicle

    Self explanatory, find or call a vehicle and drive around for a bit and you'll come across enemies on foot every so often, run them over. You may also want to go charging into a base or mission to find higher concentrations of enemies, though you won't have much difficulty getting this if you do make sure to run people over that you find.
  • Use a Security Control Center to disable all cameras and alarms

    Many FND bases will have a red fusebox that you can interact with in order to disable the cameras and alarms instantly. These will always be locked behind keycard doors, the keycards for which can always be found on the officer of the base (yellow icon when tagged) or just laying around. While at a base, ensuring you don't get spotted, locate and kill the officer. You'll be able to find the keycard door by looking for the gun chest icon on your map; if the base has a Security Control Center, it'll be in there. Two examples of such bases are the Roca Pequeña Sat Station and Valle Prehistórico, both located in Conuco, El Este.

    Note that you cannot have an active alarm for this trophy to unlock, even though you can interact with the control center to disable the cameras and such.
  • Take out a soldier from 50m above them

    You have a couple of options for this one. The way I did it was with an attack helicopter, I found one at the Cortina Weather Station in southern Costa Del Mar once I took it over. I simply flew around until I saw an enemy vehicle marked on the map and destroyed it with rockets for the trophy, though flying to a military target also works very well. Alternatively, you can jump out of a helicopter above an enemy, deploy your parachute straight away and shoot at them with an RPG once you have one, or a sniper could work too if you want a challenge.
  • Have poisoned soldiers kill 5 other enemies

    There are multiple ways you can utilise poison to make enemies turn on each other, but not are very consistent so this requires some luck and patience.
    • Fantasma Supremo
    • El Besito Resolver Weapon
    • Poison Grenades (unlocked with Fantasma)
    • Poison Bullets (addable to most weapons)
    I'd suggest making sure all of these are equipped, including poison bullets on a low damage per bullet weapon such as an SMG. You'll then want to barge into an FND base (abandon one if necessary) and alert the enemies, allowing them to gather up. You'll probably want to hide somewhere so you don't die while the reinforcements arrive. Once enemies have gathered together, run into the crowd, use the supremo, throw the grenades and shoot enemies with the poison weapons so they'll all attack each other. The problem is that poisoning the enemies will deal damage to them over time and will eventually kill them, often before they get the chance to kill other enemies. You might find it helpful to also damage non-poisoned enemies with a regular weapon until they're near death so your poisoned enemies have more chance of scoring a kill before they die themselves.

    This is cumulative over your playthrough so you may want to chip away at this while completing missions and bases to avoid having to grind for this later.
  • Equip a full matching Gear Set

    Gear sets typically have 5 pieces to them; head, chest, leg, foot and wrist. The gear you start with does not count as it is missing a matching head piece. You'll obtain new gear pieces by opening Libertad Chests, plus some will be available to purchase in stores at your camps.

    Thankfully this isn't too difficult, as you'll systematically obtain the five pieces of the Munition set before obtaining any other set pieces through opening Libertad chests, and you'll come across plenty of these without even trying. If you don't have this by the end of the prologue and own the season pass, you'll also have a Blood Dragon set you can equip.

    Once you have a set, go to your armory. You can then equip each set piece one at a time, or mouse over one of them and hold square.png to equip the whole set at once.
  • Install every Mod on a single Resolver Weapon

    Resolver Weapons are the special weapons of Far Cry 6. You'll be introduced to them quite early with the Tostador (Flamethrower) and can purchase additional ones for 100 Uranium each. For this one though you just need to replace the standard mods for the more powerful ones for any one weapon at a workbench.

    You need Gun Powder, Recycled Fasteners, Durable Seals and Industrial Circuits, all of which can be looted around the map. I had hundreds of these by the time I finished everything and you don't need more than 10 of any of them, so you'll have no problem having enough even midway through the game.
  • Build one of each Camp Facility (Solo Campaign only)

    Similar to Hogar Dulce Hogar trophy_silver.png except for this one you just need to build each facility without any need to upgrade them. You'll need to complete the first mission or two for each faction to gain access to each camp and the foreman, after which you can install two of the facilities at each camp. This will cost 170 Medicine, 160 Gasolina and 190 Metal, all of which can be found in abundance, so you'll have enough for this trophy in no time.
  • Have 10 parts installed on a Ride

    Each ride you can unlock has ten different slots for customisation. Some of these will have items available automatically while some need to be unlocked to equip. The parts are as follows:
    • Turrets- unlocked by destroying military vehicles.
    • Countermeasures- unlocked by completing Gran Premio races (Speed Racer trophy_bronze.png) .
    • Armour- same as above.
    • Rams- unlocked by destroying military vehicles.
    • Exterior Colours- unlocked by scanning civilian vehicles or taking them to a scan point.
    • Interior Colours- same as above.
    • Rim Styles- same as above.
    • Mirror Props- found in jewelery boxes or through Bandido Operations.
    • Dashboard Props- same as above, plus Gran Premio Races or Treasure Hunts.
    • Horns- same as exterior/interior colours.
    As long as you scan civilian vehicles when you come across them and complete races and operations for the other trophies, you should get at least one of each category without going out of your way. Now all you need to do is equip one in each category and you'll get this trophy.
  • Reach the Rank of Comandante

    Everything you do while you play the game earns you experience. Levelling up unlocks new weapons and also allows you to take on enemies in the tougher regions (plus the enemies get stronger as you progress through the game). To reach the rank of Comandante, you must reach level 14.

    Depending on how much you do on the side while completing the story, you could get this naturally before finishing the story. I unlocked it before even finishing my second faction line! If you don't get it by the story's end, you'll almost certainly get it when you clean up all of the targets and earn the rest of the trophies.
  • Complete any Special Operation without exceeding 50% on the PG-240X's temperature meter

    NOTE: While this trophy (and all other Special Operation trophies) can be done completely solo, you must be connected to the game's servers at all times.

    Your goal in the Special Operations is to retrieve the voliatile PG-240X. This overheats in direct sunlight, but can be cooled down using water. For this trophy you can't let the temperature meter fill over halfway.

    Before you start an operation, make sure you have equipped the Parkour gear set, obtainable for purchase from the Bandido Barracks. This increases your move speed, especially if you slide frequently and have your weapons holstered, plus it generally increases your stamina.

    Once you're in a mission (I did this on Mesozoico, do this on the default difficulty to make this as easy as possible) and have retrieved the PG-240X, your goal now is to sprint from water source to water source utilising as much shade as possible. As long as you holster your weapons whenever possible and slide repeatedly to keep up your speed buff, you shouldn't have an issue keeping the temperature meter low. Once you've gotten to the extraction, there will be shade you can stay in so feel free to hang out here and let the enemies come to you. Once you're extracted, if you've kept the temperature low enough the trophy will pop. If not, don't worry, use your better experience to get from water source to water source quicker and you'll get this in no time.
  • Locate a stash of hidden Moneda in any Special Operation

    NOTE: While this trophy (and all other Special Operation trophies) can be done completely solo, you must be connected to the game's servers at all times.

    Each Special Operation has a hidden chest containing Moneda, a special currency used at Lola's store. These chests are locked so you must also find the chest's key before you can unlock it.

    The easiest one is found in the Mesozoico mission. Head to where the PG-240X is located and in a room on the north side of the building is a huge T-Rex skull on a pedestal. Under this is the key for the chest. From here head south out of the building, going past numerous dinosaurs until you hit a road. Follow this road southwest and you'll see a pterodactyl on a cliff (giant bird like dinosaur if you didn't have a dinosaur phase as a kid). Head up to and behind the statue and you'll find the chest which you can open for the trophy.
  • Free 30 hostages during a Lola's Informants challenge in any Special Operation

    NOTE: While this trophy (and all other Special Operation trophies) can be done completely solo, you must be connected to the game's servers at all times.

    Informants are an extra challenge added to the Special Operations from Mastery 1 difficulty and higher. To unlock the higher difficulties you must simply complete the Operation on the difficulty below.

    I'd suggest doing this on Maceo as it is a narrower area and you can quickly get to the informants. First off you'll need to complete the Operation on the base difficulty so do that then crank up the difficulty. Once you spawn in, you'll soon see a flare shoot up into the air, this is where the informants are. Head to that area and do your best to be stealthy as if you're spotted, the informants may be killed before you can rescue them. Take out the enemies and you'll be able to save them.

    There are three hostages per run through so you'll need to repeat this nine more times, but thankfully you don't need to complete the Operation and can simply restart it to make this quicker on yourself.

DLC: Salt of the Earth

3 trophies

DLC: Party Crasher

2 trophies

DLC: Vaas: Insanity

10 trophies

DLC: Pagan: Control

10 trophies

DLC: Joseph: Collapse

10 trophies

DLC: Lost Between Worlds

11 trophies

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