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FAR: Changing Tides takes the resource management and traversal of its predecessor game FAR: Lone Sails and adds an underwater element, putting you in command of your own submarine/sailboat. The management of the craft is made quite a bit easier than the previous game and the journey is expanded in a variety of tways to add to your experience. Where FAR: Lone Sails was able to be played in an hour, you will have to work hard to fit under the speedrun time for Changing Tides of 210 minutes (or 3 and 1/2 hours). There is plenty to do and some really beautiful dystopian landscapes to see, so set sail for FAR: Changing Tides!


Step 1: Play through the game, making sure to grab the plant before shipping off and planting and watering it through your journey, push past all 7 buoys and pick up all 6 Cargo containers.

There are only a small number of missable trophies, as well as a 3 and 1/2 hour speedrun that I advise you worry about in a subsequent playthrough, so it is possible to knock out most of the trophies in your first run, but the cumulative trophies for fuel consumed, distance traveled while submerged and distance traveled using boost will likely need a bit extra time after your first playthrough.

Just enjoy the journey on your first playthrough, but note three items that will be easy enough to incorporate in your first run so you will not need to worry about them on a subsequent run: Firstly, make sure to grab the flower/plant in the house at the beginning of the game. (See Cultivating trophy_bronze.png for its location if you need a visual aid) Grabbing this plant will allow you to get three of four missable trophies (Cultivating trophy_bronze.png, I'm Rooting For You! trophy_bronze.png and Beauty in Disaster trophy_silver.png) much later in the game, as well as Going Green trophy_bronze.png in Checkpoint Select (or during your speedrun, if you need a second playthrough).

A quick note about vessel upgrades and progression of the story: Most stops that you will need to make that result in the installation of a tool or device for your vessel will be represented by dropping a cylinder into the front area of the ship and pushing the item in to activate it, thus awarding you the story-related trophy. I will refer to the various additions as that compenent's cylinder.

Look out for the six Buoys on the water's surface starting early in the game and six of the seven Cargo Containers that will start appearing once you attach the stern section on to your vessel. These are fairly hard to miss as many of them will be clearly in your way as you progress through the water. All buoys can be seen from underwater by their long chains tied to the ocean floor and the cargo containers are almost always directly under the buoys or blocking a gate you need to access in the second half of the game, so if you stay alert you shouldn't miss them, but sometimes the camera will zoom in while you are busy inside the vessel and it may make you miss a buoy if you are underwater or make you miss a container as you push past a buoy without realizing it. Check out Oh Buoy trophy_bronze.png and Salvage Hunter trophy_silver.png for more information on these missables.

There are a few miscellaneous trophies you may want to look at, or that you may get organically through game play in your intial run. Those that will likely occur during your playthrough I will list below and the rest you can save for clean-up during the speedrun or through checkpoint select. These trophies are: King of the World! trophy_bronze.png, Steady as you Go trophy_silver.png, Running on Fumes trophy_bronze.png, Running a Tight Ship trophy_silver.png and Fire Warden trophy_bronze.png 

By the end of this step, you should receive the following trophies:

Cast Off trophy_silver.png 
So it Begins trophy_bronze.png 
Fixed it! trophy_silver.png 
Fireman trophy_bronze.png 
Heart Core trophy_silver.png 
Discover the Ancients trophy_bronze.png 
All Patched Up trophy_silver.png 
Fire Warden trophy_bronze.png 
Cultivating trophy_bronze.png 
I'm Rooting For You! trophy_bronze.png 
Running a Tight Ship trophy_silver.png 
20,000 Leagues trophy_silver.png 
Turn on the Lights trophy_bronze.png 
Ancient Energy trophy_silver.png 
Seafarer trophy_gold.png 
Are You Qualified For That? trophy_silver.png 
Risen From the Depths trophy_silver.png 
What Now? trophy_bronze.png 
Beauty in Disaster trophy_silver.png 
Salvage Hunter trophy_silver.png 
Northwest Passage trophy_silver.png 
Reunited trophy_silver.png 
Oh Buoy trophy_bronze.png 
Aeronaut trophy_silver.png 
A Familiar Sound? trophy_silver.png 
Arrival trophy_gold.png 

Step 2: Second playthrough under 210 minutes, grabbing and burning the plant when you install the engine

Assuming you did not succeed in finishing your initial playthrough in under 3 and 1/2 hours, you will need to replay the game. You will likely also not have some of the cumulative trophies and will need to burn the plant, so a second playthrough will be useful either way.  If you complete a second run, you should easily accumulate the 10,000 meters underwater needed for Submariner trophy_bronze.png. If you haven't already gotten 1,000 meters traveled while boosting for Full Steam Ahead trophy_silver.png, the speedrun is a good time to use the boost as much as possible. It is likely you will reach 100 fuel burned by your second playthrough completion for Fuel-guzzler trophy_bronze.png, but if you focus on using the sail for maximum speed, you may still need a little time in clean-up to get the last few items burned as fuel.

As far as the speedrun for your second playthrough, you no longer need to worry about getting the six cargo containers or buoys (most of the containers only gives you one or two pieces of fuel anyway) and you should sail through most of the stops with your first run experience under your belt. Important to Note: The speedrun can be done in multiple sittings as long as you select Continue when you pick the game back up. My successful speedrun was completed over two nights, so there is no need to sit through all three plus hours of the game at one time for the trophy.

Use the sail at full mast with the engine pushing your forward as much as the wind will allow for maximum speed and less fuel wasted and boost in the second half of the game when possible (honestly, it never really felt that the boost made you travel through the game much faster, but it still should help with the speedrun, in theory) For more tips and a full platinum walkthrough of the game and speedrun in a four part video series, see At a Rate of Knots trophy_gold.png.

Also, if you are starting a new playthrough, you should grab the plant at the beginning and throw it in to the firebox as fuel at any point after you have the engine installed instead of planting it in the pot in the stern section for Going Green trophy_bronze.png.

By the end of this step you should receive the following trophies:

Going Green trophy_bronze.png 
Full Steam Ahead trophy_silver.png  
Submariner trophy_bronze.png 
Fuel-guzzler trophy_bronze.png 
At a Rate of Knots trophy_gold.png 

Step 3: Clean-up, if needed

There are a few miscellaneous trophies to finish up if you haven't already. Take a look at King of the World! trophy_bronze.png, Steady as you Go trophy_silver.png and Running on Fumes trophy_bronze.png to knock out whatever you still need.

By the end of this step, you will have received the following trophies:

King of the World! trophy_bronze.png 
Steady as you Go trophy_silver.png 
Running on Fumes trophy_bronze.png 
Changed Tides trophy_platinum.png 

FAR: Changing Tides Trophy Guide

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35 trophies ( 17  14  23  )

  • Attain all other trophies

  • Plant the flower in the vessel


    At the very beginning of the game you will swim through a few waterlogged houses. The second building you have to walk through will have a spherical window at the top and a large room with a painting in the back and a plant sitting in the middle of the floor:

    Grab the plant after you open the window below and take it with you all the way until you can store it on the vessel. Leave it somewhere on the vessel and make sure you don't lose it, throw it overboard or add it to the firebox (the compartment you will get with the engine that burns fuel)

    When you install the stern section of the vessel a bit later in the game, there will be a section added that will have a large pot to plant your flower. Above the pot will be a small piece of the roof that can be opened to allow sunlight to help the flower grow. Strangely enough, leaving this window open when you submerge the vessel has no effect on the plant or the water level inside the vessel, so no need to worry about closing it after install to let the sun in and help the plant grow when above the water surface. 
  • Stand at the prow of the vessel while travelling at full speed

    This is best accomplished once you have the engine attached and are able to have both the engine going at full blast (the boost feature isn't really necessary) and the sail open fully with a good wind pushing you along. Once you are at full speed, stand at the front tip of the ship and you should see this trophy pop. 
  • Navigate the underwater caves near the waterfall without bumping into them

    The section of your journey right before you load the vessel into the hot-air balloon cage is a series of underwater tunnels you will need to travel without brushing against any of the cave walls or sand dunes along the floor of the ocean. It is a farly easy trip once you are familair with the angles of the cave rocks and which of the cave walls are hazards and which are just in the background, but you will likely need to travel through the area at least once before you make it out unscathed. You will also probably not want to attempt this on your speedrun as moving too fast through the caves will more than likely result in some minor bumps as you go along.

    See the video below for my successful run through the cave that is pulled directly from the Full Platinum Walkthrough found in the At a Rate of Knots trophy_gold.png guide:

  • Complete the journey in less than 210 minutes

    This may prove to be the hardest trophy of the game for you, or you may find your rythym on your first playthrough and get this with little effort. Either way, you will need to complete the game in under 210 miniutes (or 3 and 1/2 hours) It took me three attempts on my first time through the game on PS5, but I usually like to take my time, explore and enjoy the scenery on my first few runs of a game, so your experience may run faster than mine. 

    Either way, a few tips for traveling quickly through the game:
    • The speedrun can be done in multiple sittings as long as you select Continue when you pick the game back up. My successful speedrun (shown below) was completed over two nights, so there is no need to sit through all three plus hours of the game at one time for the trophy.
    • I suggest you still grab and load as much fuel as you can onto your vessel. Even if you have to backtrack a bit for a bunch of fuel items, they will help in the long run
    • If you are working on the Salvage Hunter trophy_silver.png, the fuel you collect will be good for your overall journey, but try to snag the containers and pull them up quickly so you don't waste too much time. If you are on a subsequent run and don't need to worry about the cargo, leave the few that you don't need to collect to open gates, etc. as the one or two peices of fuel won't be enough to justify the time wasted.
    • For both of the above tips, when possible, keep the vessel moving so you can keep moving forward. You can swim much faster than the ship moves, so its easy enough to catch up and not lose time in your journey.
    • While the Boost seems like it should be the fastest way to travel, I found it burns more fuel and takes more upkeep and moving parts than seems necessary to move quickly through the water. I would suggest instead that you combine both the engine running at full speed and the sail open at fully being pushed by a steady wind for maximum speed
    • A lot of time can be wasted on the fairly simple puzzles and little things you need to do to progress through the game. If you find you can't get the speedrun in your first playthrough, don't give up hope! You will have a much smoother time on a second run once you understand how every stop and barrier in your travels needs to be dealt with in order to move past it.
    For a full platinum walkthrough of the entire game in under three hours and fifteen minutes, please watch the below four videos. This will show you every trophy in the game, including the four I get after my initial speedrun to round out the platinum:

  • Burned the last item onboard

    The trick to this trophy is you need to burn or remove from your vessel all but one item that you can put into the firebox compartment of the engine, and once the last available item is burned, you should be awarded with Running on Fumes trophy_bronze.png 

    Keep in mind, if the flower is planted it will not be counted as an item you can burn (you can't pick it up once it is planted in the pot located in the stern section of the vessel). Also, any lanterns, carved wooden elk, music boxes and repair kits you have lying around are all items you can burn as fuel so make sure to use or lose them in order to fulfill this requirement.

    If you are looking for a great time to knock this out: Once you operate the horn in the lighthouse and return to your ship for the last time, dump any fuel items you don't need into the water and save at least one or two items for the final part of your journey as you head left to your destination. Use the sail to move forward and load the last items on your ship into the firebox. Once you load the last burnable item, you should receive this trophy.
  • Burn 100 fuel

    This took much more time than I expected as a cumulative trophy. It seems like you are always burning fuel in the game, but it took a full run and most of a second full game run before I received this trophy in my first two playthoughs on PS5. 

    In playing through the speedrun for my first playthrough on PS4 (See At a Rate of Knots trophy_gold.png for that full run), I needed to follow up with a run from checkpoint 17 (when you attach the stern) to the end of the underwater caves right before the waterfall at the end of the game in order to accumulate enough fuel burned for this trophy, and I burned an excessive amount on purpose. 

    However you choose to use the firebox and the fuel items you use to power the engine, make sure to burn as much as you can so you can get through this requirement in under two full playthroughs so you don't have to worry about it after.
  • Salvage the contents of 6 containers in a single journey


    There are seven Cargo Containers you can pick up throughout your journey. These will start appearing on the ocean floor once you attach the stern section of the vessel and acquire the hook and pulley towline. You will need to pull up six of the seven containers in the game for this trophy. Half of them will be unmissable as they will be needed to be removed from your path to open gates or will be in clear site as you operate some of the underwater structures. The rest will be directly under the buoys you will push past on the water's surface for Oh Buoy trophy_bronze.png and will be found along the underwater path the buoy's chain makes down to the waterway's floor.

    If you are at all worried about missing either the cargo containers or the buoys, please refer to the four videos in the At a Rate of Knots trophy_gold.png guide for the timestamped locations of the six buoys and six containers needed for both trophies. There is a seventh cargo container I do not pick up in the videos, but if you need it, the location is directly under the final buoy right before you descend into the underwater caves for the Steady as you Go trophy_silver.png trophy that precedes the waterfall (and hot air balloon)
  • Successfully repair key parts of the vessel 10 times

    This will come naturally during your first run, as you will need to repair your vessel a few times during the journey. If you don't see the trophy pop before you reach the icy area, you will certainly receive the trophy by the time you get the vessel up and running again after the Reunited trophy_silver.png portion of the game.
  • Push all the buoys out of the way


    There are six buoys along your path from the beginning of the game to the waterfall area. They are fairly hard to miss, but because the vessel can be submerged, if you are not watching out for the chain that sits under each buoy as you float under it, you may miss one or two along your journey. Keep in mind the ship can back up, so make sure to backtrack if you miss one and keep the camera zoomed out when submerged as much as possible so you don't miss them

    You need to travel past each of the six buoys on the water's surface, which will push each of them to the side as you move forward, in order to fulfill the requirements of this trophy. 

    If you are at all worried about missing either the cargo containers or the buoys, please refer to the four videos in the At a Rate of Knots trophy_gold.png guide for the timestamped locations of the six buoys and six containers needed for both trophies.
  • Burn the flower


    Instead of planting the flower in the pot you get access to when you attach the stern, simply throw the plant into the firebox compartment of the engine and burn it as fuel.

    This is best done on a second run or through checkpoint select on a run where you grab the missable flower at the beginning of the game (See Cultivating trophy_bronze.png for details of its location)
  • Douse the engine to keep it cooled

    This will happen organically through the game.  Every time you fan the flames of the fire enough to raise the fuel meter into the blue section, it will accumulate boost but will also heat the engine up. If you heat the engine up too much, it will blow and will need to be repaired. In order to prevent this, you will need to use the onboard hose to cool down the engine with water. Once you ahve done this for the first itme, you will receive this trophy.

Secret trophies

  • Release the vessel

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    This will be your first trophy as you set off in the vessel.

    In order to not miss out on a number of missable trophies, make sure to grab the plant in the half-submerged house and bring it on to the vessel before you depart. See Cultivating trophy_bronze.png for more information.
  • Leave home

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    This will be awarded directly after Cast Off trophy_silver.png.
  • Repair the lever at the sawmill

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    When you reach the sawmill, you will need to use the switch to move the chute out of your way. Operating the switch will cause it to break, so you will need to cut a log and move it left to acces the higher area, which contains your first Repair Kit. Grab it and use it on the switch and move the chute to progress.
  • Load the firebox and light the train engine

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    The Train Station will be where you add on the engine compartment that runs on scraps such as suitcases, Knick-knacks, gas cans and other junk that serves as fuel. 

    When you arrive at the station, you will first need to load fuel into the firebox to raise the train car up to the tracks. This will give you the first of two trophies.
  • Install the Engine Module

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    Once you reach the tracks of the train station, you will have the chance to pilfer fuel from the building above and move the car right to attach the engine block.

    You will be able to store plenty of fuel as you attach the engine compartment and once the engine cylinder is lowered and activated, you will receive this trophy.
  • View the Ancient's murals

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    You will arrive at a large gate blocking your way to the next addition to your vessel, The Stern. Climb up the mast and up through the cliff side buildings, platforms and lifts until you can move a crane to climb up and into the building. Once you drop in to the tower, you can lower the lift down to the Stern Room and on the way you will see the murals along the walls to receive this trophy.
  • Attach the new Stern Module

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    You will lower the back compartment on to the vessel at the gate barrier. This addition will equip the stern side with a few important items. There is a compartment with a sunroof where you can finally pot the plant you should have grabbed at the beginning of your journey (See Cultivating trophy_bronze.png, I'm Rooting For You! trophy_bronze.png and Beauty in Disaster trophy_silver.png)

    You will also now have access to the hook and pulley towline on the back of the vessel which you will need to use to pull up Cargo Containers from the water (See Salvage Hunter trophy_silver.png)
  • Install the Diving Module

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    You will arrive at a large rock wall that you will need to climb up and past a makeshift crane/pulley system inside to a tower that contains a large tank in the middle of the shaft and a hose off to the side. This is meant to act as a tutorial for using the vacuum and water features of the hose and to teach you that, basically, vacuum means up and water means down.

    Attach the hose to the tank, switch it to vacuum and the tank will begin raising up the tower. Once at the top, start up the turbine at the top and collect the next cylinder piece for your vessel. Switch the hose to water to send the tank down to the bottom. Use the pulley system outside to move the diving cylinder out of the building and on to the vessel to add the ability to submerge your vessel.
  • Activate the underwater gate

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    Once you gain the ability to submerge, you will need to travel for about ten minutes underwater through a cave and an underwater industrial plant. Right before the next gate, there will be a hatch you will need to pull aside, swim down and right to another smaller hatch and open it manually so you can attach your hook and pulley towline down through the hole.

    Remove Cargo Container #3 to access the large button and swim down to open the gate.
  • Install the Energy Boost Module

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    When you arrive at the next landmark, The Dam, you will be blocked by a few boats. Climb up the structure and across the long chain against the current of wind in order to drop down into The Dam's inner mechanisms. At the bottom is an underwater area you will want to load all the debris on to the nearby hooks so you can transport fuel up to the device above. Climb up and begin operating the larger version of the engine.

    This is another tutorial on how to power up the boost mechanic. Keep the gauge in the blue until enough electricity powers the device to hit the button. You will need to cool down the engine with the hose and add more fuel as you work the large machine until you can hit the button and reorientate the interior of The Dam so the hatch with the cylinder is at the top of the section you are on currently. You will want to open this hatch before you climb to the top area.

    Head up to the trolley car, use the switch to pick up the cylinder and send it across the chain to drop and install the boost mechanic to your vessel.
  • Pass through the sea gate

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    Once you install the boost cylinder at the damn, you will just need to use it for the first time to push past the boat blocking your path and through the gate to receive this trophy.

    After passing through this gate, you have the option of sailing on top of the water with barely any wind at your sail, or you can submerge and use your new boost mechanic to accumulate some meters of distance for Full Steam Ahead trophy_silver.png and Submariner trophy_bronze.png. Taking the underwater route is a much better option and will be worth it for the trophy progress and the visuals you may miss if you stay afloat.
  • Use the crane to clear the way

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    The next large structure and barrier you will reach is a giant crane and a large metal arm in the water blocking your path. Climb up and rotate the bottom section of the crane so you can drop down and walk over to access the crane hook, detach it and let it drop down to the water. You then need to move to the small platform below to operate the switch that will lift the metal obstruction out of your path and award you with this trophy.
  • Complete the ascent of the floating city

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    After roughly 5 minutes of travel, you will hit a surface access pipe that you will need to follow down to the bottom and enter, heading right then up (you can also pick up fuel along the way and head down istead of up for more fuel if you are not in a hurry), then right again to arrive at an underwater city. You will need to position your vessel so that your bottom hatch door connects to the pipe mouth below. Its a bit of an awkward connection (especially if you are pressed for time during your speedrun) and will take a few up/down/left/right recalibrations of your vessel above the connection to get it right.

    You then need to swim over to the pipe on the right, open the door and swim down to a room with a crane and two very large items that I believe are supposed to be a piston or other mechaincal piece, the one attached in the middle to the device needs to be removed, so pick it up with the crane, transport it left to the despository, move to the right to pick up the new item and put it in the device. The lights will shine when you are in range to pickup/lower the items into their slots and you will need to physically swim to the button to operate the crane each time you move it in to position. Swim down and push the buttom to lock the new item into the device and you will see things start to shake and move.

    You then need to swim up, grabbing some of the floating fuel along the way, up into your vessel, You will need to rev your engine enough to get the boost meter to fill and activate it in order to begin the cutscene bringing you back to the the surface.

    After receiving the trophy, keep in mind you need to climb the ladder to the left and activate the large button at the top to progress through the next cutscene and on to the next part of your journey.
  • Leave the floating city

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    Following the Floating City cutscenes from nighttime to the next day, you will just need to board your vessel and hoist the sail in order to guide the vessel off the platform and back into the water. Using the engine will not move the vessel out of position, only the sail will work.
  • Resurface between the ice

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    At a certain point during your journey you will have to reconnect a device by moving tanks of water to start up what looks like a seismograph. This will cause an underwater earthquake and your vessel will be unmoored from the site and sent miles away.

    Swim right and up using a rudimentary elevator to reach the icy surface and receive this trophy.
  • Free the vessel from the ice

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    After walking through the polar area, you will eventually find your vessel buried in ice. Collect all the fuel you can and load it on to your vessel before beginning to power up the engine, because it won't take long to melt the snowy grip and free the vessel back into the water and give you this trophy. The game won't let you return to the icy patches where the fuel items are after you loose the ship, so get them beforehand if you need fuel for the end of your journey.
  • Inflate the balloon and float over the waterfall

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    Directly after exiting the underwater cave area (See Steady as you Go trophy_silver.png), you will load the vessel into a cage. Once attached, rev the engine to get hot air into the attached balloon. Once the hot air balloon starts lifting on its own, enjoy the view and your next trophy.
  • Sound the lighthouse horn

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    The final structure you will need to operate resembles a lighthouse. If you played FAR: Lone Sails, things will start to look a bit more familiar as you need to load both the small box at the bottom of the tower and the second box at the top into the device until it is full with blue fuel. then, climb to the top, hit the botton to bring the fuel to the top area, activate the switch to lift balloons into the air and spin your perspective around for another callback of the previous game. Once the cutscene has ended, move to the button below and to the left and sound the horn to receive this trophy.
  • Meet Lone

    Story-related and cannot be missed

    Lastly, sail your vessel (to the left for a change) to reach the final stop on your journey. If you have not already fulfilled the requirements to Running on Fumes trophy_bronze.png now would be a great time to do so. When you arrive you will have completed the game and will receive this trophy.

    If you managed to get through the game in under 3 and a half hours, you will receive At a Rate of Knots trophy_gold.png immediately following this trophy.
  • Water the flower


    Simply use the hose onboard your vessel to water the flower after it is planted into the stern section pot. This is listed as missable because you need to make sure you grab the flower at the beginning of the game in order to plant and water it much later in the run when you attach this part of the vessel. You will want to repeat this action a few times during your journey for completion of Beauty in Disaster trophy_silver.png.
  • Grow the flower to its full potential


    As mentioned above, you will need to grab the flower very early in the game and plant it in the stern section when available for the Cultivating trophy_bronze.png trophy. You will want to give the flower a bit of TLC as you progress through the rest of your journey, by watering it a few times for the I'm Rooting For You! trophy_bronze.png and opening the sunroof hatch right above the pot for some direct sunlight while you are traveling along the water's surface. 

    If you give the plant enough care, you will likely see this trophy pop a bit after the midway point of the trip. For me it was right around the time I reached the large crane for Are You Qualified For That? trophy_silver.png. Other playthroughs I got it later in the run, so just give it love when you can so it reaches full growth well before the end.
  • Travel 10000m aboard the vessel while submerged

    This can be accumulated through multiple playthroughs and will likely need atleast a second partial run to fully meet the requirements. Travel through the game underwater as much as you see fit on your intial run and if you need a second run for At a Rate of Knots trophy_gold.png you should reach 10,000 meters before you reach the Lighthouse the second time.

    If you only need one full playthrough, simply load any checkpoint after you get the ability to submerge and travel underwater as much as possible until you receive this trophy 
  • Travel 1000m using the Boost Module

    Another cumulative trophy that you will get once you boost through a thousand meters of distance. This can be a combination of boosted travel on the surface of the water or underwater.  You may end up seeing this trophy pop before your first run is completed.  If not, you should see it soon after you play the portion of the game after you receive the boost mechanic on a second run or through chapter select.

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FAR: Changing Tides Trophy GUIDE FAQ

  • What is the estimated trophy difficulty for FAR: Changing Tides?
    The estimated trophy difficulty for FAR: Changing Tides is 3/10.
  • How many offline trophies are there in FAR: Changing Tides?
    There are 25 offline trophies in FAR: Changing Tides.
  • How many online trophies are there in FAR: Changing Tides?
    There are 0 online trophies in FAR: Changing Tides.
  • How long does it take to get the platinum in FAR: Changing Tides?
    The estimated time to get a platinum in FAR: Changing Tides is 5-7 hours.
  • How many playthroughs is needed to get a platinum in FAR: Changing Tides?
    1 + Speedrun, if needed.
  • How many missable trophies are there in FAR: Changing Tides?
    There are 6: See Cultivating, I'm Rooting For You!, Beauty in Disaster, Going Green, Oh Buoy, Salvage Hunter missable trophies in FAR: Changing Tides.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies in FAR: Changing Tides?
    Difficulty does not affect trophies in FAR: Changing Tides.
  • Are there any unobtainable/glitched trophies in FAR: Changing Tides?
    There are no unobtainable/glitched trophies in FAR: Changing Tides.

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