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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Trophy Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 13 (9, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 6-8+ Hours (Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 2 - ​​​​​The most beautiful trophy_silver.png and Enjoy the game trophy_silver.png 
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A


The second edition of Fantasy Friends will take you from a rainbow filled island to a darling village under the sea! Just as before, you'll need to tend to your pets as you hatch them, feed them, play with them, and keep their overall happiness levels at a high. Gain mana along the way to purchase new accessories, skins, decorations, and items for your pets to use and wear, making them cuter than ever. 


Step 1: Play through the game and hatch all 12 eggs

This step will take a couple of hours to get through, but your main goal will be to collect enough mana to purchase eggs, then incubate them until they're ready to hatch. Once all of the eggs have been hatched, you'll need to tend to your little cuties until they're ready to evolve into adults. After this step, you will earn:

A new beginning trophy_bronze.png 
Magic Darwin trophy_bronze.png 
Welcome! trophy_bronze.png 
All pets unlocked trophy_silver.png 

Step 2: Clean-up and Mana Grind for Skins

This step will take you by far the longest as you need close to 200k mana to get all of the Skins. You gain mana by tending to your pets and completing little mini challenges (wash their house, cure them etc). You can occasionally get skins from the random treasure chests that appear but be careful. You need to make sure the last skin you get is purchased, otherwise The most beautiful trophy_silver.png won't unlock. This wouldn't be so bad if the grind for mana didn't take hours, so just keep in mind that you must purchse the final one. As you're grinding out the mana, be sure to idle the game every now and then to make sure you get a few treasure chests and at least one instance of a pet getting sick. From there, you want to make sure you execute all the different interactions with the pets, use at least 1 involution potion, and fill any of your pets affection meters to full (see You love your pets trophy_bronze.png for more info). After this step, and if nothing glitched on you, you will earn:

Decorator trophy_bronze.png 
Back in time trophy_bronze.png 
You love your pets trophy_bronze.png 
Check it out! trophy_bronze.png 
Treasure found trophy_bronze.png 
Nurse trophy_bronze.png 
Enjoy the game trophy_silver.png 
The most beautiful trophy_silver.png 
Lord of the seas trophy_gold.png  

Fantasy Friends: Under the Sea Trophy Guide

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13 trophies ( 9  )

  • Complete the tutorial

    Story Related

    You'll automatically enter into the tutorial when you start a new game and it'll take you through just the basics of the game. The last thing you'll learn about is after you learn about evolving your pet and once you have, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Interact with a decorative object in the village

    You'll place a decoration down during the tutorial in the game and will also have plenty of additional spots available to place more if you wish. When one is placed down, hover over it so the cursor turns green then press square.png to interact with it. Some of the decorations have animations when you interact with them and some don't, but whether it does or not doesn't matter. As soon as you interact with it, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Use an involution potion

    You'll need to have at least one pet evolved before you get this. When you're ready, interact with the Star House (where you incubate the eggs) and click on the potion icon. Go over to accessories (the hat, collar, and glasses) and scroll all the way down to find the involution potion. Each one will cost 1500, but you'll only need to buy one for this. Select the potion, then choose any pet that you've evolved and they'll turn back into a baby. When they do, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Evolve a pet

    This will unlock during the Tutorial. The first pet you hatch will only take a few minutes before it's ready to evolve (there will be a small icon above their house when they're ready). Interact with their house and they'll evolve in an adult which will unlock this trophy. 
  • A new creature is born

    This will unlock during the Tutorial. One of the first things you'll learn about is how to incubate the eggs until they're ready to hatch. When the first egg hatches, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Get a show of affection from your pet

    You'll need to evolve a pet to an adult before you can get this. When you have an adult, interact with their house to go inside, and just to the right of their name will be a grayed-out present. Each time you fill up one of the "need" bars of the pet, the present will fill in with a little bit of color. You need to completely fill in the present and your pet will give you two items that you can use with them. When your first pet has given you the gifts, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Unlock your first skin

  • Find a treasure

    When you idle the game in the village, you'll periodically get small tasks to complete outside of the general pet needs that you have to keep full. One of these tasks is to find some treasure. 4-5 dirt plots will appear in the village and you'll need to interact with them until you find a Treasure Chest. When you do, the trophy will unlock and you'll also earn a skin for a random pet. 
  • Cure a pet

    When you idle the game in the village, you'll periodically get small tasks to complete outside of the general pet needs that you have to keep full. One of these tasks is to cure a sick pet. I do believe the pet needs to be an adult before it can get sick, so just make sure you have at least one evolved pet. When you get the notification that the pet is sick, interact with its house and you'll feed it a bottle of medicine. When it's done, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Get all twelve pets

    You'll automatically get 3 pets during the tutorial and will need to purchase the remaining 9 for 4k a pop. You can only incubate 3 eggs at a time, each of which will take anywhere between 15-30 minutes to hatch. Just make sure you're checking on them often and keeping their heat level at a maximum. When the 12th egg hatches, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Play all unique interactions


    The glitch associated with this one isn't nearly as bad as The most beautiful trophy_silver.png. It's more just finicky than actually glitched. 

    Each of the 12 Pets has a unique interaction that you can do with them to get their happiness up. When you go to get more food for them, you'll have 3 different ways you can play with them. Selecting the puzzle pieces (as seen in the trophy image) will start their unique interaction. You need to go through all 12 Pet's interactions for the trophy. There's a chance you'll need to go through the interactions a few times before the game registers them as being complete but once they are, the trophy will unlock. I did have to go through them each twice after all the pets were evolved, so just be prepared to do them a few times. 

    All of the activities are pretty straight forward and you don't actually have to "complete them in full". You just need to play for a few seconds and then can back out accordingly. 
  • Get all skins


    Each pet has 12 different skins giving you a total of 144 to collect. They'll start off with 1 and then you'll have to unlock/purchase the other 11. The Skins can be earned through the random Treasure Chests that appear or purchased from the store for 1500 mana each. Math will tell you that you'll be needing a lot of mana to get all of these. This trophy alone will take you the longest to get by far, which makes the glitch associated with it all that more aggravating. Just keep making your rounds around to each pet and filling up their need bars and after a few hours, you should have enough mana to get what you need. 

    You need to make sure that the last skin you get is purchased from the store and not found in the treasure chest. The game won't register the skin as having been collected and since you won't be able to purchase anymore, you'll need to start a new game to get it. 
  • Unlock all the achievements

    This trophy acts as the platinum trophy for this game. As soon as you've earned the other 12 trophies, this one will unlock. 

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