Fall Throttle Trophy in Fall Guys

  • Fall Throttle


    Reach terminal velocity

    How to unlock Fall Throttle

    Recommended Mini-Game: The batons section of The Whirlygig.

    This trophy requires that you fall then travel at a very high speed for any amount of time. There are many obstacles that can facilitate this. Any mini-games that have hammers, such as Fall Mountain and Team Tail Tag can vault you at a significant enough speed to unlock this trophy. The easiest location for this, however is definitely the batons sections of The Whirlygig. This race features a large number of batons that can punt you at high speeds across the map. The batons rotate in a circle, so try to be hit by the edge of the baton rather than the base, as the edge travels faster. The trophy will unlock as soon as you reach the sufficient speed.

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  • I got this by hitting the final Windmill in the whirligig. Just get hit by it (which isn't too hard) and you should go flying and get it.

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