Troublemaker Trophy in Fall Guys

  • Troublemaker


    Bump into 3 people while rolling on the ground before getting up

    How to unlock Troublemaker

    Recommended Mini-Game: Block Party or the fall at the end of Door Dash.

    This trophy requires that you contact three other fall guys while on the ground during a mini-game. You can't be standing up for this trophy. Many mini-games have players falling down repeatedly while contacting each other, so this trophy will be easy to obtain.

    There are two particularly good mini-games for this trophy. Block Party has players huddling together to make it through holes in walls. During this mini-game there are also orange bars that must be jumped over. If a player contacts the bar, they will fall immediately. Due to the high number of players clumping together, when this bar is contacted by several players, they tend to collapse all together at once.

    There is also a section at the end of Door Dash where you can easily get this trophy. At the end of this mini-game, players will need to jump off the edge of a large gap, and land on the ground before the finish line. Just about every player will fall and land in a single clump, giving you ample opportunity to get it.

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