Style Points Trophy in Fall Guys

  • Style Points


    Fall for at least 3 seconds before landing on your head

    How to unlock Style Points

    Recommended Mini-Game : The fall at the end of Door Dash.

    This trophy requires that you land on your head after falling for three seconds, however the actual time is less due to this game tracking time in a buggy manner. It seems like you can get this trophy after only falling for one full second.

    During the mini-games, there are certain large jumps where you can attempt this trophy. The best of this is the fall at the end of Door Dash. After the last set of doors, the player will have to jump off a cliff to reach the finish line. If you jump with and dive with , you can tilt your character in a way that causes them to land on their heads when they hit the bottom of the drop below. The trophy will unlock as soon as you do.

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  • Easy to do on Door Dash, just do a jump drive as you go through the last door.
  • Got this by chance when I was knocked around by a windmill. Was definately not in the air for 3 seconds.
  • I landed on my face after falling 4 levels in Hex-A-Gon and didn't get this, but the I jumped off the lower section of a ramp through a hoop on Hoopsie Daisy and the trophy popped, I barely fell for one second.

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