Big Air Trophy in Fall Guys

  • Big Air


    Clock up 1 hour total time falling

    How to unlock Big Air

    This trophy requires that players spend a cumulative total of 60 minutes in the air, while not upright after a jump.

    Any time spent in the air while not jumping counts for this trophy. You can't just keep mashing to rack up time, instead you have to actually fall, causing your Fall Guy to not be upright in the air for that time. In theory you can jump with and dive using to rack up time, however this will take more time than it's worth and you'll likely compromise your performance in the mini-games. It's just best to repeatedly play games and take advantage of games where you'll fall frequently, such as The Whirlygig. Notably Door Dash and Fruit Chute have falling sections as part of mandatory progression, so these will help as well.

    The trophy will unlock as soon as you reach 60 minutes of falling airtime.

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  • how do you complete this trophy?
  • Get knocked around a lot, jump of the edge. Its one i imagine that you'll achieve eventually

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