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    Share a hug with a Fall Guy

    How to unlock Fall Bae

    Recommended Mini-Game: Perfect Match, Tip Toe or Egg Scramble.

    This trophy requires you to grab another player using , and at the same time, that same player also grabs you, causing you both to "hug" each other. This is signified by both you and your grabbing partner having white targets on your bodies.

    Perfect Match and Tip Toe are ideal for this due to their narrow paths and tendency for players to screw each other over. During Perfect Match, when you are standing on a platform with other players, you can approach another player and hold R2. Players tend to reciprocate this as they interpret your grabbing as threatening. Grabbing in Tip Toe also has a similar response. Also, Egg Scramble is particularly good for it due to players having to grab eggs. It's entirely likely that you and another player accidentally grab each other while going for the same egg.

    You can boost this with one other friend. Coordinate using a PS4 party chat and enter the game together. After a round starts, use so player names appear above other players. Find your friend and use to grab them. When you grab each other, the trophy will unlock.

    As seen in this screenshot, you and another player will have grabbed each other when you see two white targets over your player characters:

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