Big Tease Trophy in Fall Guys

  • Big Tease


    Perform an emote just before coming first in a race round

    How to unlock Big Tease

    Recommended Mini-Game: Any race.

    For this trophy, you are required to perform an emote while in first place, near the finish line in a race round. Any emote will work for this.

    First you'll need to gain a significant lead and reach close to the finish line in a race. You'll want to be as close as possible to make sure, this guide's writers, for example, were not able to unlock the trophy by emoting by just being on the final platform in See Saw.

    Then, stop and press any button on the direction pad, , , or , to emote. The reason you'll want a significant lead is that you need to come to a complete stop, before emoting. Emotes do not activate while walking. This coupled with the server lag means you'll need to have some distance compared to the fall guy in second place. You'll then need to cross the finish line before any other players do. You can interrupt the animation by moving the after the emote animation has started, the animation does not have to finish for it to count for this trophy.

    The trophy will unlock once the round is finished and you've met the above requirements.

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  • This one may be broken. I did it two times today and didn't get the trophy.
  • #1 @Foxxtrot815 You must perform this almost immediately before crossing the finish line and then finishing first. Slime Climb is my recommendation for this trophy. Take a look at this vid:
  • I got this on Dizzy Heights by pressing a button on the D-Pad just before crossing the line, you don't have to wait for your character to perform the full emote!
  • This trophy might be glitched. I've done it three time on fruit chute and haven't gotten the trophy. I'm not sure if it's just fruit chute, but it hasn't worked for me.
  • Still glitchy, got it on one account without problem in august 2020, did it now 4 times on the other account without succes....
  • Second time I did it and hasn’t popped. Today at Short Circuit, I was really above the finished line, performed (and heard) the Guitar Solo and finished first. Didn’t pop. Sent a message to support
  • Update: the support team has unlocked it for me

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