Low Baller Trophy in Fall Guys

  • Low Baller


    Qualify from a team game with a score of 1

    How to unlock Low Baller

    Recommended Mini-Game: Fall Ball or Jinxed.

    This trophy requires that you qualify from a team game, with your team having a score of exactly 1. For high-scoring team games such as Egg Scramble or Hoopsie Daisy, you can forget about attempting to earn this trophy there.

    Jinxed is most likely where you'll get this trophy as the score counts down rather than up. Jinxed requires that players essentially play a team game of infected, with the last team having an uninfected player winning. Jinxed games frequently come down to exactly one player on each team remaining uninfected, so winning Jinxed often means unlocking this trophy.

    Fall Ball is also viable when the players on both teams are particularly high skill, playing defensively. Fall Ball games can come down to 1-0 victories, which will unlock this trophy. Fall Ball also features overtime, so if you go into overtime with a 0-0 score, you can score with your team just once to earn this trophy.

    The trophy will unlock as soon as you win a team game with a 1-x score.

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