Face First Trophy in Fall Guys

  • Face First


    Qualify from a racing round despite falling over more than 10 times

    How to unlock Face First

    Recommended Mini-Game: The Whirlygig.

    This trophy requires that you fall over ten times in a round while still qualifying for the next round. Many mini-games are able to facilitate this, with falling occurring very often in-game and is even used strategically to avoid other players.

    The Whirlygig has been recommended as the optimal mini-game for this trophy due to the spinning batons present from the outset and throughout this course. These batons are imperative for gaining an advantage, and are easily exploitable to fall over several times while actually gaining ground instead of losing it.

    The trophy will unlock at the end of the round when you qualify after falling over more than 10 times.

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  • Another annoying trophy. I fell over 14 times on Whirlygig (aside from the 5 times I got knocked off the platform, which I don't think counts), qualified for the next round, and still no trophy.
  • This trophy is glitched, i fell 12 times and got qualified yet the trophy didn't unlock.

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