Down to the Wire Trophy in Fall Guys

  • Down to the Wire


    Qualify after a round goes to overtime

    How to unlock Down to the Wire

    Recommended Mini-Game: Fall Ball.

    This trophy requires that you be a part of a team that qualifies in overtime. What this means is that at least the bottom two teams in a team game (for 3 teams or more), or both teams (for 2 teams), have to have a tied score when the timer runs out. This will cause the game to go into overtime.

    Due to the less controllable nature of team games, this trophy can be situational. However, Fall Ball gives you the greatest odds of being able to influence this. If your team is ahead in Fall Ball, you can attempt to tie up the score by advantaging the other team. This will give you significantly higher chances to push the game to overtime. For other team games, this is far less controllable so it's not recommended you try to artificially influence the outcome. If you absolutely need to try and "throw" the game to cause this trophy, Fall Ball is your best bet.

    The trophy will unlock as soon as you qualify.

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  • This one may be broken. I did it two times today and didn't get the trophy.
  • I got it just by playing the game. It definitely works. Keep trying :)
  • I got it as well with the Football game

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