Show Off Trophy in Fall Guys

  • Show Off


    Win an Episode with a custom Punchline equipped

    How to unlock Show Off

    Punchlines, also known in-game as Celebrations, are customisable items as part of the Theatrics section of the customise menu. These Punchlines play once you win an episode, with other players seeing it as a sort of victory screen. By default "Plinth Drop" is the only unlocked Punchline, so any Punchline purchased from the store will count for this trophy.

    You can identify Punchlines in the store by the fall guy pictured on a small cushiony plinth, for example as below. Win an episode with one of these equipped will unlock this trophy.

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  • Anyone got this yet. I’ve won a few but don’t know how to do this one
  • On the Customiser tab, click on theatrics and then go to the celebration page. Think it costs crowns and not kudos to be able to select a custom celebration, though one is the reward for hitting 40 if you want to hold off.

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