Veteran Status Trophy in Fall Guys

  • Veteran Status


    Qualify from 500 rounds

    How to unlock Veteran Status

    Each Episode of Fall Guys is structured into five rounds. Qualifying from each round requires that you aren't part of the group that is eliminated. For races and mini-games, you'll need to perform as good as possible, but for team games, you just have to be part of the team that is not in last place.

    In theory this can take a minimum of around 100 games, assuming you qualify in every round and win every final. In practice you will be eliminated before the end of the final mini-game many, many times on your journey to the platinum trophy, so it will take a great deal more than 100 Episodes even when playing optimally.

    For tips on winning Team and Survival rounds, see Gold Infallible. For tips on winning Race rounds, see Track Star. For the list of mini-games, see after the roadmap above.

    The trophy will unlock as soon as you reach 500 rounds.

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