Infallible Trophy in Fall Guys

  • Infallible


    Win 5 Episodes in a row

    How to unlock Infallible


    This trophy is currently glitched - it doesn't unlock for a lot of players even after five legitimate wins in a row.

    Behold, Fall Guys' definitive trophy, the decider on whether you'll be able to get the platinum or not. This trophy requires the player to win five full games, or "Episodes", in a row, which means qualifying in four rounds and being the last guy standing in the fifth. It will take a combination of luck and skill to be able to obtain this trophy as just about anything can disrupt your progress. Expect to be reset to zero many, many times by being placed on the wrong team in team games. This trophy will serve as a final exam for the skills you've developed by playing Fall Guys.

    For tips regarding Race rounds, see (B) Track Star for more information. For general tips and tips regarding Team, Survival and Final mini-games, see below.


    • You may benefit from a good squad assisting you. The trophy only unlocks for the player who wins five episodes in a row, but the other three party members can run interference for you if they make it to the finale with you in each Episode. Many players have been able to get the trophy by dedicating a day with a squad, taking turns to earn the trophy by having the other three players in the squad throw the final by prioritising interfering with other players.
    • Equip an unassuming skin. Having an extravagant, expensive or high rarity skin such as Jacket may make you a target.

    Team Mini-Games:

    • Egg Scramble: If your team is in first place, play defensively or attempt to sow discord amongst the two remaining teams by stealing from their basket. In particular, you'll want to disrupt the middle team as the lowest team is less of a threat. If you're in second place, attempt to suffocate the lowest team's chances of coming back by stealing their eggs. If you're in last place, focus on the middle team and steal their eggs to simultaneously erode their lead while adding to yours. The team in first place shouldn't be a priority as they'll be too far ahead to make an influence.
    • Hoarders: Same as Egg Scramble.
    • Rock N Roll: After crossing the gap that causes the paths to converge, just focus on getting your rock to the goal. Your teammates may try to sabotage the other two rocks which can leave your rock unattended. A team that knows what they're doing won't attempt any sabotage, instead will just push toward the goal. A full team behind one rock can steamroll anyone attempting to disrupt them.
    • Fall Ball: The majority of players attempt to play offense, so defense will be key here. Play defensively, especially when a new ball is about to spawn in as the ball can easily be punted into the goal right at kickoff.

    Solo Mini-Games:

    • Tail Tag & Jinxed: The environment is your friend. Play the platforms and stay where you can see other platforms. If you're jinxed/don't have a tail, move on "intercept" trajectories: Don't chase players, just try to cut players moving toward you for an easy tag.
    • Jump Club: Focus primarily on the bottom, green thin baton. The top baton just exists to create a solid wall with the bottom baton when the two sync up, so for the majority of the game you can treat it as if it's only one obstacle.
    • Block Party: Stay on an imaginary line between the front two thirds of the platform you're standing on. This will give you room for error in case you make a mistake with where to position yourself.


    • Fall Mountain: Similar to the Race The Whirlygig, you can use the small hammers to punt yourself uphill, especially if you jump before they impact you.
    • Hex-A-Gone: Try jumping between each Hex instead of just running. It takes more skill and coordination, but hexes will be hit slower which means your ground will last longer.
    • Royal Fumble: Same as Tail Tag, however the platforming aspect is more important. Staying high will give you a visibility advantage to react to the few players left.

    The trophy will unlock as soon as you win your fifth Episode in a row. Backing up and reloading your save game does not work, as the win data is stored on Fall Guys' servers rather than locally.

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  • Buuuuut whyyyyy?! :-D plus sometimes you have to rely on your teammates... I hope this is another troll from the devs
  • Man this is just cruel
  • lol i'll never get this. If somehow boosting is possible, i can gladly help anyone. PSN ID: MarshmallowCat95
  • The match contains too many uncertainties. It is quite impossible to get this trophy.
  • Man. Why couldnt be in a season instead of in a row... this game relies to match on luck to win an episode
  • Hooefully, When private lobbies are added, this trophy will be easier to get. Otherwise, quite impossible. Even if you are lucky ans know hot to win, team rounds can crew the whole winning streak up....
  • I got this today, its not as hard as it seems, you do need a lot of luck tho
  • Can anybody confirm that5 wins in a row will count if you leave everytime you are going to lose?
  • ^ I meant close the application not leave game*
  • As others have said, this is a preposterous trophy. I've managed 3 in a row twice now and then got screwed with a team game both times. If you want this trophy you're going to have to pray to RNGesus.
  • @7 you're pretty dense. Congratulations on your trophy, honestly, however this trophy is being discussed as one of the hardest trophies on playstation. The Devs themselves intentionally made this trophy to be near impossible. To say it's not the hard is just pure stupidity and you trying to rub it in people's faces.
  • From the dev: "We hear ya! I can openly say that we didn't realise people felt so strongly about Playstation trophies, but we've seen people achieving it already! We'll keep an eye on things for sure but we're not planning to change it as of right now. Down the line there are likely going to be slightly easier ways to achieve a 'win' too, so all is not lost!" source:
  • seems like this might be easier with a party. If any fellow trophy hunters want to add me maybe we can party up at some point! PSN: ScumbagSmeats
  • Lol yeahhh so after playing this for a while I've realised how ridiculous this trophy actually is. For a game based so much on luck to have this trophy is just outrageous, I have no idea what the devs were thinking with this one because its literally practically impossible to achieve. Platinum Killer
  • @13 I'd be down with that. So far I've only managed 2 in a row, and that was with a lot of luck PSN: Xacrand
  • @14 Never say never; it is very tough but not literally impossible. So far, 252 people have already achieved it (2 of my friends already got it actually). I have only been lucky enough to get 3 wins in a row a couple times but you just gotta be stubborn and persistent and you will get there. Patience is key. Good luck to us all lol
  • This should have been for just making it to the final round 5 times in a row! Even that is tough to do with the randomness and chaos of the team games.
  • On that note, if you're in the same party I assume that'll put you on the same team?
  • @16 Nah I've given up. Not interest in a trophy that depends so much on luck over skill. I know its possible to do but most most of what this trophy relies on are things outside my control, like team games, which imo should not be part of the game because nobody likes them lol. If they ever get rid of those maybe i'll come back and try for this, until then, not really interested anymore
  • Wow! The addition of Jump Showdown just made this ever more difficult!
  • @18 Yes, if you are in a party of up to 4 people you will be placed into a group with them (along with other people as well since most team games are groups of 6-10 people).
  • Anyone have tried to close app before eliminated?
  • For trophy boosting add me :) TonyDi17
  • This trophy is impossible for me now. Many people are getting really good at it which makes it way harder. Most times I get to last round but there is always someone better skilled than I am. No platinum for me because of this one trophy.
  • I got 3 and 4 in a row yesterday. Both times I made dumb errors on slime climb. After that I can say that this trophy is indeed possible.. Unlikely, but possible. I'm far from a pro gamer. Cheers and good luck to you trophy hunters.
  • If you get a party of 4 and reset every time the game doesn't start with this map it should make it pretty easy (if a bit annoying to set up). Just have 3 players be the ones going for kills and 1 player (the one currently going for the trophy) go on ahead in order to make sure they qualify. If it doesn't work as well as the video goes (or close to it), just force close the game, reset, and try again. Ideally, with 4 players in the final round, 3 players would be able to grief the other contenders enough to ensure 1 player wins each round
  • After a frustrating two weeks where I wanted to break my ps4 and controller and after nine 4-win streaks and numerous 3-win streaks, I finally got it. Very tough even with the current workaround that hopefully won't get patched yet, but not impossible if you get a good group to help you out by sacrificing themselves, killing others for you, assisting you by spectating in final rounds. Take it from a guy who was starting to give up and call it quits, you just gotta keep going and quit certain games that seem iffy or final rounds that have too many people (not worth the risk if you have a big streak). Take your time, be patient, and wait for the right final rounds that look like a good bet for a win (if you think you're going to lose, back out halfway through but don't wait too long or it wi
  • ...or it will count the loss). Good luck everybody! - Pharmer_Amko
  • i got this today .. 21/8 , i used the " Leave game exploit " and it WORKED! all you have to do to not lose your streak is just leaving the game BEFORE Eliminated word show up and it won't count as lose .. ( closing application in match or disconnected reset your streak )
  • 23/08 Leave game exploit (in-game options button menu) still works
  • After 7 hours in a row looking for the "Infallible" trophy I was able to get it. The exploit still works through "Options" and "Leave show" 25/08. Winning even with the exploit is complicated and does require control of nerves, patience, practice and being totally sure that you will win each mini game and not just the finals. If you are not sure it is better to leave. My recommendation is to always seek to win Hexa-gone and Jump Showdown since I consider them the easiest to win. Even without a lobby with friends it is possible to improve through practice if you are patient, team games are 90% based on luck. Watching videos on YouTube of tricks and strategies is useless if you do not practice and improve your way of playing. Good luck to all.
  • 30/8 didn’t work. 5 wins with 3 quits in between. All with plenty of time between the elimination screen and when I left the show. I’m gonna keep playing to see what happens.
  • Unfortunately, it's already been patched :(
  • I tried today and didn't get it either
  • I'm not even gonna try anymore...
  • Man I can’t even win two in a row let alone five. F this nonsense.
  • If someone is looking to boost this trophy I can help just add me on PSN is Zombiedragom
  • If anyone wants to boost this somehow: PSN:Raseck-D-Luffy
  • lol I've played maybe 500 episodes and have won once.
  • What’s the point of this trophy? It’s straight up retarded. What are the chances of winning 5 matches in a row? I play this game since release, I have won a lot of crowns but I can’t see myself winning 5 in a row, it’s easier to win in the freaking lottery. Trophy needs a patch ASAP
  • Does anyone know if the exploit still works???
  • Anyone else looking for folks to play with now that squads mode is out? Should be an easier way to get this, yeah?
  • Looking for 2 players to join my friend & I on squads mode for this. GMT time zone. PSN: xiDaFT
  • Looking for a squad to join and finally get this trophy, ID: Striiped

    I only played season 1 and 2 but I’ll practice the new stages and try my best
  • PSN: Gabbozz03, I need help with this in the new Squads mode.
  • Well seeing as they've added squads might as well try again, Happy to also help out others if needed

    PSN: Inner-Solace
  • Need people for infallible trophy on squad mode.

    Psn: mrjo3-505
  • Same as everyone above- looking to get infallible in the squads show. Achieved every other trophy when it first came out but could only manage 3 in a row in solos.

    I'm from the UK so GMT+1. I can be on anytime over the next 3 days, but only evenings after that.

    Not godlike at the game, but I do consistently get to the finals and win a fair share. Happy to communicate on mic/ or not, dont mind.

    Psn: mrrandomatt
  • I can help with this one, If someone needs to help with this. Im trying to earn it too so we can help each other.
    Psn: Naruto76758evil
  • guys there's currently;y a glitch i made a video on it you need 4 people and someone host a private game get on it quick as it might be patched soon
  • Hi I'm looking for 3 more guys and do this trophy in squad show. If you are looking for people as well write me on PSN NikcMeister
  • Add me so we can get this fast

  • I don’t need it anymore, don’t add me because I uninstalled the game forever
  • Add me if you want to boost trophy

    PSN: Arctic_Wolf_22
  • they patched this trophy. You can no longer obtain it through custom lobbies.
  • PSN: Melchiah

    Infallible is the only trophy I have left to get the Platinum; I’d be up for joining a Squad to try to finally get it in Squads mode. I came incredibly close to getting it while playing normally in Season 1 a long while back but I kind of gave-up on it since I stopped playing the game in Season 2. I did pick-up and play the game here and there and it seems like like riding a bike; fairly easy to get back into even after not playing for a while. haha
  • Actually, never mind; no longer looking.
  • if anyone wants to team up for this lmk
    PSN: Its-Kyan
  • Looking for 3 ppl to get this trophy with in squad show.
    PSN: TactlessCub
  • Need 2 players to do the trophy in Golden Goal
    PSN: JarttaliP
  • Please help with this.

    PSN: EJF94uk
  • Looking for a squad to get this trophy for the platinum
  • Looking for a dedicated “duo” mate (or squad) to help with this. Please contact PSN JDR1729
  • Looking for someone to get this trophy with.
    Add me saifsaifano on psn
  • For trophy boosting Add me on PSN TXS-i-sal The t up for this one will be add someone who has not winned to much crowns or victories and the other tree must be good. By this the level of the games will be lower and will be easier to win it
  • PSN TXS-i-sal
  • Hi! I would like to go for this trophy. Feel free to add me on PSN: Vincent_Tempy
    Time zone GMT +1

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