Track Star Trophy in Fall Guys

  • Track Star


    Get first place in a racing round 20 times

    How to unlock Track Star

    Race rounds are the most common type of mini-game in Fall Guys, and make up the entirety of the large player count mini-games. Like races in other games, they require you to reach the finish line before other players. This trophy requires that you get first place in a race round 20 times, which is different from merely qualifying.

    Notably, Fall Mountain does not count for this trophy, the game does not treat a win here as coming in first place.

    Tips for how to win races are as follows:

    • You may benefit by not adhering entirely to the other players in the pack. Simply following where the mob goes can cause you to get clumped in with other players and lose ground.
    • Sometimes taking a route that's slightly longer while being less risky is actually beneficial. Sometimes you'll come out in first while other players are attempting the riskier route.

    For specific races:

    • The Whirlygig: There is a section just before a large fan where players have to jump onto one of two yellow boxes, then jump up to the next area. Don't bother with the yellow boxes as players clump together here. Just jump at the wall and hold R2 to grab and hoist yourself up.
    • The Whirlygig (conveyor section): There is a high-risk shortcut immediately after the first escalating conveyor, which leads to a second escalating conveyor. At the end of this conveyor is a very fast fan that can knock you off easily, however passing it on the first try gives you a huge advantage. Stick to the far left edge of the second conveyor. Getting hit by the fan at this angle usually causes you to go down rather than off the edge, which is the safest way of crossing this fast conveyor.
    • Hit Parade: Go with the grain of other players during the spinning wheels section. If you attempt to go against other players during this you'll just be flipped all over the place due to the overwhelming strength.
    • Hit Parade (slimy section): Adhere to the far left or far right of the slimy slope. The moving bouncy poles can't hit you here.
    • See Saw: Players tend to avoid the far left and far right see saws as the race fans out. Taking advantage of these barren areas is key to flipping the see saws in the direction you want them.
    • Slime Climb: Avoid clumping with other players at all costs. It's imperative you don't risk getting knocked around as the obstacles are difficult enough as they are.
    • Gate Crash: The gates are faster than you think. Sometimes going for a closed gate that nobody else is going for is beneficial as it'll open up by the time you arrive.
    • Door Dash: If you're at the end and there are players behind you before jumping off of the cliff, try waiting for those players to catch up and actually push you off the cliff. The momentum from the force of those players can vault you into the goal.
    • Fruit Chute: Stick to the hard left or hard right edge of the conveyor belt. The squishy barriers will block oncoming fruit. They can also stop you if you do get hit, stopping you from losing too much progress.

    The trophy will unlock as soon as you win your 20th race.

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  • I seem to have an easier time getting first by playing Squads instead of a solo mode. This may not be 100% true, but maybe the better players mostly play solo so they don't get dragged down by others, while the less experienced/skilled play Squads hoping to get carried by others? Just my experience. You team doesn't have to end up in first place, you just need cross the finish line first. When I earned "Ahead of the Pack," I was the only one in my squad who crossed the finish line and our team took 3rd, but I still got the trophy.
  • Nevermind, it seems like Squads doesn't count for some insane reason. Fml
  • Sorry for the triple post. Just got my "5 Firsts" after 12 firsts, mostly from Squads. Maybe you need to finish first and also have your team come in first? Either that or it's glitched
  • Man this is just a shit actually if you are bad on dashes this take too much time

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