Flawless Victory Trophy in Fall Guys

  • Flawless Victory


    Qualify from a round without falling over even once

    How to unlock Flawless Victory

    Recommended Mini-Game: Perfect Match, as long as you can avoid other players. Roll Out is also viable.

    This trophy requires you to qualify from a round without falling over once, which includes diving with . Low-intensity games such as Perfect Match are ideal for this as long as you can distance yourself from other players. Perfect Match is the only mini-game in the game that doesn't require some acrobatic or offensive element to qualify with, so as long as you can steer clear of other players attempting to sabotage you, this is the lowest-risk game to earn this trophy.

    Roll Out is also a viable mini-game for this. Roll Out allows you easily avoid other players and encourages not diving or jumping. It's entirely possible to finish this mini-game with low-risk walking.

    The trophy will unlock at the end of a round where you didn't fall over.

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