Star of the Show Trophy in Fall Guys

  • Star of the Show


    Reach lvl 40 fame during a season

    How to unlock Star of the Show

    Fall Guys' metagame is structured into seasons, a familiar concept to players of battle royale games and games-as-a-service products. Part of this structure is the fame level, where players start a season at zero and work their way up through 40 levels of fame. Each season of Fall Guys is two months long, giving you that amount of time to reach level 40.

    Qualifying in a game can give you variable amounts of points to contribute to the fame meter, usually 200 to 300 points depending on the round qualified. Episode Victories can give around 500 points. You can track your fame at the main menu. From the lobby screen, you can press twice to view your current fame level, rewards and points.

    Reaching fame level 40 in Season 1 required a total of 35 000 fame points.

    Reaching fame level 40 in Season 2 requires a total of 26 000 fame points.

    This trophy can be a bit of a grind and requires a lot of games played in the season. Just keep playing games and grinding out the fame points in order to level up. Notably, if it looks like you're about to be disqualified in a game, do not prematurely leave as this will negate any fame points you would have earned in that game.

    The trophy will unlock as soon as you reach level 40 fame. Note that this trophy is time-/date-sensitive as progress resets after the season ends. It's not, however, missable and will be available so long as the servers are active or the developers significantly change their approach to progression.

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    Reaching fame level 40 in Season 3 requires a total of ??? fame points.

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