Fall Guy Fashionista Trophy in Fall Guys

  • Fall Guy Fashionista


    Unlock 50 cosmetic items from the store

    How to unlock Fall Guy Fashionista

    Fall Guys features cosmetic customisation options for purchase in the store, which is updated daily. This trophy requires that you purchase 50 cosmetic items. In order to unlock these, you will need to purchase items from the store using either Kudos or Crowns, the game's two currencies. Both can be earned in-game and do not require microtransactions.

    In theory this could take a minimum of 50 Crowns, purchasing items that only cost 1 Crown each, or 70,000 Kudos, by just purchasing 50 uncommon colors at 1,400 Kudos each. In practice, this will take a far higher amount of in-game currency, so you'll be at this for a while.

    Fame level rewards do not count for this trophy. Also, the DLC costumes on the PlayStation Store count towards this trophy, even though the fame level rewards do not. Otherwise, you'll need to purchase 50 items using in-game currency. The trophy will unlock as soon as you do.

    The current price breakdown of the store is as follows. There are certain exceptions, for example the Raptor Upper and Lower are common, but cost K3500 instead of K2000. The prices below represent the "normal" values for the majority of gear.

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  • I've unlocked more than 50 items from the store and this trophy just won't pop. Anyone else having issues with this one?
  • I also went past 50 items bought from the shop, but I think I figured out what counts since I just got the trophy. I believe only Colors, Patterns, Upper, and Lower count. All 4 of those equaled 50 while Faces and etc went over that amount.
  • I am at level 40. You will have a total of 24 Colors, Patterns, Uppers, & Lowers awarded at level 40. I believe you start with 12 default items 5 Colors, 5 Patterns, 1 Upper, & 1 Lower. Although, you could have a couple more from special promotions. So, (at level 40) when you have 50 + 24 + 12 or 86 Colors, Patterns, Uppers, Lowers this trophy should pop.

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