Road Map

- Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
- Offline: 50 (39, 8, 2, 1)
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to : 25-30 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 6
- Number of missable trophies: None, there's chapter select.
- Glitched trophies: None after the patch.
- Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.


The hardest part of this game is the amount of time it takes to finish the trophies. You have unlimited lives so the unstackable difficulty trophies will be the only thing standing in your way. 25-30 hours is all it will take to finish if you use your first playthrough to finish on easy and collect every weapon and treasure chest. Earning money and winning 100 arena battles is also very time consuming. You cannot miss any trophies because there is chapter select and if you've downloaded the patch, there's no worrying about the trophies being glitched.

When the servers were up then some of the trophies could be done online but now they've been turned off, you'll need 2 joypads to get the by playing in offline co-op.


STEP 1: Play through the entire game on Casual and collect every weapon and treasure chest as well as making sure to achieve an A+ or A grade on each chapter. If you do this, you will avoid needing chapter select to collect anything and most of the rest of the trophies will come in your other 5 playthroughs.

STEP 2: Next, just worry about finishing your 5 remaining playthroughs on each difficulty with single and multiple players. Use the tip listed in "Dream Team" to shorten each playthrough to 3 hours.

STEP 3: Complete the arena-related trophies. Do "Pacifists Finish Last" and then combine "King For A Day" and "King Pushy". Finish off your remaining 100 wins.

STEP 4: Complete any remaining trophies you have. The secret trophies, "Wheeeeeee!", "Strike A Pose!", "Master Slicer", "KABLAM!", "Weapons Are For Babies", "Lazy Bastard" and a little more money for "King Bling" should be all that is left.

[PST Would Like To Thank pretend_hero for this Road Map]

Fairytale Fights Trophy Guide

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50 trophies ( 39  7  )

  • Unlock all Trophies!

  • Perform a 50 hit combo.

    In order to obtain this trophy, you must hit enemies without being hit and without taking a significant break in between hitting them to raise your hit count. This will come naturally as you play the game. If you play on 'Casual', you should have it by the end of the fourth chapter.

  • Perform an aerial combo.

    To execute an aerial combo, you have to flick the right analog stick twice, hold the analog stick in the same direction and then flick it a couple more times. You should be launched into the air and the trophy will unlock if you hit the enemy while in the air. 

    Thanks to AUSPUFF for this tip:

    There are 4 basic attacks and 4 charged attacks.
    You charge an attack by holding the in the direction of your choice.

    Pressing RIGHT on the makes a forward charge attack. Note: Reversed if facing left with
    Pressing LEFT on the makes a spin attack. Note: Reversed if facing right with
    Pressing DOWN on the makes a low attack.
    Pressing UP on the makes a high attack.

    Charging the high attack will make the characters launch in the air and you must follow up on the launch while keeping the in the same direction and flicking the few more times, you may try to hold in the air for extra charging too.

    You need to use the "high" attack in order to make the air combo. You can do it with any blunt or unarmed, magic and slicing weapons don't work so well. No jumping involved. You will see a little "dust cloud" if the air launch is performed successfully, then will be only a matter of making the extra hits in the air.
  • Win an Arena chapter without dying.

    You can do this online or offline. To do this offline by yourself: When you open the book to enter the Quest or Arena, select Arena. Make sure you have a second controller connected. (Press Start and select the account and character for the second controller.) When the battle starts, kill the second player the required amount of times and you'll have this trophy at the end of the match.

    Get "King Pushy" at the same time by pushing the other player to their death wherever possible within each of the arenas. If you want this trophy at the same time, make sure you only push however many times needed to win the match.

  • Lose an Arena chapter without killing.

    Start the game the same way you did for "King For A Day". This time, take the second controller and use it to kill the first player the required amount of times. Again, the trophy will unlock at the end of the match.

  • Win an Arena chapter by using push only.

    As stated in "King For A Day", push the other player to their death wherever possible within the arenas. Do this as many times as required to win the match.

  • Win 5 Arena chapters in a row in 1 play session.

    Select 'Arena' and make sure a second controller is connected and registered in the game. Choose your arena, and select 5 kills. Kill the second player the 5 times to win the match and hit Restart when the stats come up. Do this five times and you'll have the trophy.

  • Win 100 Arena chapters.

    The quickest way to do this is to take two controllers and enter an arena match offline. Set the kills to 5 and kill the second player to win the match. Repeat this 100 times and if it doesn't unlock just keep going and eventually it will. It's been known to take a little longer. I personally got close to 125 matches.

  • Complete Stuffy the Taxidermist's collection by defeating all enemies.

    The enemies are as follows:

    Miney the Dwarf
    The Tin Soldier
    'Wiggle Arm' Gingerbread
    The Gingerbread Man
    The Gingerdead Man
    Giant Gingerbread
    'Wobbly Leg' Gingerbread
    Lumberjack Treetop
    Prince Heinrich
    Prince Gustav
    Prince Hermann
    Gunter the Guard
    George the Guard
    The Tiny Gnome
    The Filthy Rat
    Matroyshka Knut
    Matroyshka Sven
    The Fairy Godmother
    The Dragon

    You'll get this while you play the game. It unlocked during my first playthrough.

  • Collect all weapons.

    This should unlock when you have around 161-163 weapons. Some weapons aren't needed, which is why weapon counts vary between people who have the trophy. Open every treasure chest and pick up every weapon you come across even just to throw it away.

    Check the book in Taleville to see your weapon count.

    See this post for a weapon list and locations:

  • Defeat The Log Champion.

    This boss is at the end of Chapter 2. You have to avoid him while he bites the raft and when he gets stuck, hit him as many times as you can. When the water bubbles, move from that area or his tail will come up and crush you. He'll also try to tip the rafter to either side or towards his mouth. Run and jump to avoid falling off, but make sure you don't jump when he's going to let the raft down... that fall will kill you as well. After the tipping segments, he'll fly towards you over the ramp and back into the water. Just go to either side of the raft to avoid this.

    When you've hit him enough, he'll slump over on the far end of the ramp. Go hit him until he flies off. All of this will repeat as long as it takes you to deliver the hits required to kill him. There are only two times that he slumps over, so the fight is complete after the second time.

  • Defeat The Log Champion again.

    This is the fight at the end of Chapter 4. He'll jump in the air and you'll see his shadow coming down. When his arm appears, you have to jump or you'll be thrown off the raft. When he lands, hit him as much as you can. He'll stand up and alternate between growling and swinging around trying to hit you with his tail. When he growls, you have to throw a swordfish into his mouth using R1. Do this until he's about to throw up, making sure you're closer to him when he jumps to avoid being thrown off. Avoid the acid and hit him when he's delirious.

    This is when he swings his tail around. You'll see him get mad before doing so. Jump whenever it comes around. He'll repeat all of this throughout the fight and the chapter is complete after the second cutscene where he flies off into the buzzsaws.

  • Defeat Pinocchio.

    In Chapter 3, you'll reach a cutscene with Pinocchio in front of a house. He doesn't look too much like Pinocchio... more like a wooden egg with legs. Just go all out and attack him with whatever you have. He has a spin attack that you should avoid, but if you get caught up in it once, it's not going to kill you.

  • Defeat Hansel and Gretel.

    This fight is the first part of the end of Chapter 7 after you flip the second switch by the chocolate river and fireplace. At the start of the fight, wail on them until stars are above their head. You can't push them towards the fire yet, so keep hitting them so they move in the direction of the fire. They will chase you around while burning. It should be easy enough to run away until they're no longer on fire.

    Repeat the first step, but now you can push them while they're dazed. Push them into the fire and this time they'll chase you and puke acid. Stay away and after puking twice, they're back to normal. Attack and push them into the fire once more and the fight is complete.

  • Defeat The Pied Piper.

    This fight is at the end of Chapter 5. Fight off the mice and a couple more will jump down in a cutscene. Kill those and then, avoiding the fire, jump up the right side. Try to get to the other side of the fire and time your jumps to avoid the blasts. Reach the top and destroy the lock on the weight. Repeat this step for the other side but beware of the flaming children or whatever they are.

    The final part of the fight consists of you avoiding the flames and breaking the lock on the weight. The flames will jump three times and you're cleared to hit the lock 4 or 5 times. Repeat until the fight is finished.

  • Defeat The Candy Witch.

    This is the second part of the end of Chapter 7. Avoid her transformation attempts and attack her until she flies away. She'll come back and send out transformation shockwaves. Stay to the side and jump over them. She'll then fly and chase you. Run around near the middle and she'll land near the fire. Push or hit her into the fire. She'll chase you while on fire, so run. Repeat this process to the end of the fight.

  • Defeat The Little Giant.

    This fight is at the end of Chapter 10. He starts out by looking into the hole. Attack his eye. (Do this every time he looks in throughout the fight.) Next, he'll reach straight in. Get to either side and attack his arm when he's poking the prickers and knocking the ceiling down (watch for falling pieces and stay away from his hand). His next attack is to blow into either window. Start out near the giant and run towards the wind.

    The only other attack he has is to reach in to the left side. Hit his arm until he has only one finger left on the prickers. Move to the right side as close to the prickers as you can and stay towards the window. If you're too close to where his hand swings towards you, he'll hit you into the prickers and kill you. When he grabs his eye and starts to leave, he'll run back and reach straight in.Repeat all these steps until the end of the fight.

  • Defeat The Little Giant again.

    This fight is at the end of Chapter 12. Once again, attack his eye whenever he looks into the hole (where that block is in the middle). He'll alternate between dropping enemies in, launching groups of children and chasing you with a flame, and picking you up. Kill the enemies, wait for shadows before dodging the children, run from the flame and wiggle the right analog stick to get out of his hand. Once his left eye matches the right, there will be a cutscene and the fight is over.

  • Defeat Father Giant.

    This fight is at the end of Chapter 14. Fight off the gnomes and mice and he'll slam down his mug. Avoid the splashes. Then he'll put his hand down. Attack it and he'll notice you're there. He'll grab something and try to trap you. Run to avoid it and jump past any blood to keep from sliding. Sliding slows you down. If you avoid it, he'll try to lift it and slam his hand down. Don't attack until he slams it again. He'll get hurt and take a drink. His wife will knock him out when he burps.

    Jump onto his beard when he's breathing in. Jump onto the platform when he's breathing out. Jump up to the harp and hit it until there's a cutscene. Repeat all of this two more times and the fight is over.

  • Defeat The Little Tailor.

    This is the final fight of the game. Attack him when he transforms into an animal and he'll turn into a gingerbread man. Get away from him because he'll jump and try to slam down on you. Attack him from behind when he does this. Eventually, he throws needles from the far end. Run around to avoid them and then he'll attach a string to you. Wiggle the right analog stick back and forth to pull him down. He'll spin around so run against the wind. When he stops, attack him.

    The fight proceeds the same way until the end. At the end of the fight, just attack him until he shrinks back to his normal size. The game is now complete.

  • Complete game on easy mode with multiple players.

    This can be done online or offline. You can complete it by yourself with two controllers offline if you don't have a partner. All you need to do is finish the level with two players, so you can play each level with a single player and then just add the second player at the very end.

    See "Dream Team" for more details.

  • Complete game on medium mode with multiple players.

    This can be done online or offline. You can complete it by yourself with two controllers offline if you don't have a partner. All you need to do is finish the level with two players, so you can play each level with a single player and then just add the second player at the very end.

    See "Dream Team" for more details.

  • Complete game on hard mode with multiple players.

    This can be done online or offline. You can complete it by yourself with two controllers offline if you don't have a partner. All you need to do is finish the level with two players, so you can play each level with a single player and then just add the second player at the very end.

    There is a faster way to complete your playthroughs as long as you've already finished the game. You only have to complete the following list from the Quest Mode selection screen for it to count as a playthrough. The location where you need to add a second player for co-op playthroughs is in italics.

    • Chapter 1: Whole Stage - The camp with a bridge for an exit. Add player 2 before crosing the bridge.
    • Chapter 2: Conclusion (Boss) - Add player 2 any time during the boss battle.
    • Chapter 3: Whole Stage - The large camp with wooden statues. Add player 2 before killing all the enemies.
    • Chapter 4: Conclusion (Boss) - Add player 2 any time during the boss battle.
    • Chapter 5: Conclusion (Boss) - Add player 2 during the last section of the boss fight, when you have to break the lock on the central windlass.
    • Chapter 6: Whole Stage - The room after the 3 green spinning columns that you have to jump across. Add player 2 before walking through the door on the far right.
    • Chapter 7: Conclusion (Boss) - Add player 2 just before or right after you push the witch into the fire for the fourth time. If you do it earlier, the witch's transform spells will transform and attack player 2, and you won't be able to get her in the fire.
    • Chapter 8: Whole Stage - After the racetrack, in the area with all the lumberjacks and chainsaw wielders. Add player 2 before leaving this area.
    • Chapter 9: Whole Stage - The last area is the fight around a large circular fountain (after the large area of spike traps). Add player 2 before killing all the enemies.
    • Chapter 10: Conclusion (Boss) - Add player 2 any time during the boss battle.
    • Chapter 11: Whole Stage - After fighting the third dragon (fire-breathing beaver-like creature), add player 2 before climbing any higher.
    • Chapter 12: Conclusion (Boss) - Add player 2 any time during the boss battle.
    • Chapter 13: Whole Stage - The platforming across pipes inside the fireplace. Add player 2 before you enter the pipe at the end.
    • Chapter 14: Conclusion (Boss) - Add player 2 when you reach the singing harp for the third time.
    • Chapter 15: Boss - Add player 2 at the very end, when your attacks shrink the Little Tailor down to your size.

    Once again, thanks to CloudedJudgement for the information.

  • Hero


    Complete game on easy mode single player.

    Easy mode isn't difficult at all and you should get through without any trouble.

    See "Dream Team" for more details.

  • Complete game on medium mode single player.

    This is slightly more difficult than easy mode, but still pretty simple. Don't worry about being killed because you have unlimited lives. You only have to worry about the amount of deaths if you are trying to obtain an A+ or A grade for the chapter.

    See "Dream Team" for more details.

  • Complete single player on hard mode.

    This can get quite difficult at times, especially when you're overwhelmed with several enemies crowding you at once. Don't worry about being killed because you have unlimited lives. You only have to worry about the amount of deaths if you are trying to obtain an A+ or A grade for the chapter.

    See "Dream Team" for more details.

  • Slide through blood continuously for 3 minutes.

    You can do this at any point in the game. Just find a large patch of blood (after killing a lot of enemies) and slide on it in a continuous circle. Don't stop for three minutes. You should unlock this trophy as well as "Wheeeeeee!".

  • Slide 330 feet continuously through blood.

    You can do this at any point in the game. Just find a large patch of blood (after killing a lot of enemies) and slide on it in a continuous circle.

    See "Whoooaaaa!" for more details.

  • Slice 250 enemies with a sharp weapon.

    This will come to you during your multiple playthroughs. The sharp weapons have a blue icon above them. I suggest using these until you get this trophy before moving on to the other related trophies.

  • Crush 250 enemies using a blunt weapon.

    Again, this will come during your multiple playthroughs. The blunt weapons have a red icon above them. Once you have the trophy for sharp weapons, start using only blunt weapons and nothing else.

  • Stun 50 players using the love potion or love wand.

    You can do this during your playthroughs with multiple players. Whenever you come across Love Potions, pick them up and throw them at the other player (easily done if playing alone offline with both controllers). Love Potions are pink and you can find plenty of them in treasure chests. The same thing goes for pink wands, but those are more rare to come by.

    The best way to hit your target is to stand still while facing your target and hit R1 to throw the potion. And every blast from the Love Wand (there are 5 in one wand) will count towards this trophy.

  • Complete all chapters from start till end with at least an A or A+ Grade.

    If you've downloaded the patch, this trophy becomes easier. You no longer have to delete your save and start over to make the grades count. To get an A+, you're allowed only 3 deaths. For an A grade, you're allowed up to 10 deaths. You can just play the Conclusion parts of the chapters (see "Dream Team" for more info) that have them and it will still count.

  • Buy all statue upgrades.

    You need millions upon millions to upgrade the statue. The final upgrade alone costs 2.5 million. I believe the total is somewhere around 7 million. You can either do all your playthroughs and see where you are or you can repeat chapter 9 until you complete the upgrades.

  • Open all treasure chests.

    If you haven't downloaded the game's patch yet, do so if you want this trophy. Without it, the trophy will not unlock even if you've gotten every treasure chest.

    See this thread for locations of every treasure chest in the game:

    I would suggest you print out the list and check chests off as you get them. The trick with this trophy is that it only counts the most recent playthrough for each level. So once you get all the chests in a chapter, do not play it again until you have the trophy. If you play it again and get less chests, that will be the new count for the level.

    Note that for Chapter 5, the list above states there are 60 chests, but only 58 can actually be opened. So if you get 58 on that level, you are fine.

    Once you open the last chest, the trophy will pop.

    Thanks to CloudedJudgement for the treasure chest guide.

  • Kill 250 enemies without using any weapons.

    This is best done on an easy playthrough. If you're not overwhelmed, drop your weapons and fight it out old school style. Like the others, you'll have this in no time or at least over multiple playthroughs if you're not focusing on one at a time.

  • Remain in Taleville for more than 15 minutes.

    You can get this by entering Taleville and letting the game sit there for 15 minutes. Go ahead and do this when you first start to get it out of the way.

  • Complete all the chapters in 'The Lumberjack Lands'.

    Complete chapters 1-4 and you'll unlock this trophy.

  • Complete all the chapters in 'The Candy Castle'.

    Complete chapters 5-7 and you'll unlock this trophy.

  • Complete all the chapters in 'The Little Kingdoms'.

    Complete chapters 8-10 and you'll unlock this trophy.

  • Complete all the chapters in 'The House in the Clouds'.

    Complete chapters 11-14 and you'll unlock this trophy.

  • 'Who's Famous Now!' will be Remembered.

    You'll get this trophy after completing the fight with the Little Tailor in chapter 15.

  • Spill 10 000 gallons of blood.

    This will come as you play the game. I believe more blood is spilled when you use sharp weapons (the ones with blue icons).

  • Collect 1 000 000 riches.

    This will come during your multiple playthroughs, but if you can't wait just repeat chapter 9 to get 300,000-400,000 in one shot.


Secret trophies

  • Play as Snow White and kill 7 dwarves in 1 play session.

    Go to the book in Taleville next to the other characters and switch to Shnow White. Load up chapter 9 and kill all the dwarves you come across.

  • Play as the Naked Emperor and kill 7 princes with the invisible sword in 1 play session.

    Switch to the Naked Emperor in Taleville and load up chapter 10. When you reach the waterfall near the archer and crocodiles, go into it. You will see an icon. Break open the treasure chest if you want, but it's not necessary. Here is a foolproof way to get the screen to turn around when inside the waterfall:

    Stand in front of where the treasure chest is inside the waterfall. Jump towards it and keep pressing X to jump constantly. I have tested this and it works every time. Now you have to look in the background. You'll barely see yourself, but you need to walk into one of the traps to spawn on the balcony. When you are on the balcony, open the treasure chest and grab the Invisible Sword.

    Now just use this weapon throughout the whole level and you should have the trophy when you kill all the enemies in one of the wrestling rooms (possibly the second).

  • Play as Little Red Riding Hood and kill 7 bunnies with a basket in 1 play session.

    You start out as Little Red Riding Hood. If you aren't her, switch your character and load up chapter 5. The basket is next to the treasure chests. Kill all the rabbits you come across with it.

  • Play as Beanstalk Jack and get killed by The Little Giant.

    Switch to Beanstalk Jack and load up chapter 10's conclusion. Let the Little Giant kill you and the trophy is yours.

  • Drink 1000 potions.

    To drink a potion, pick it up and press . This takes a long time, so I suggest you do your multiple playthroughs first and see if you have it. If you drink everything you come across, you'll be around 60-100 short by the end of 6 playthroughs.

    If you need to grind this, play Arena Level 2. Potions will continually drop into the middle of the level and you can drink them over and over.

  • Kill a bunny with a carrot.

    In Chapter 1, grab the carrot after the rabbit. Now backtrack and kill the rabbit with the carrot. Simple trophy right at the beginning of the game.

  • Receive an Trophy from a wishing well

    This is completely random and it doesn't matter which well you attempt this at. Just spend money at every wishing well you come across and it should unlock eventually.

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