+ Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 5/10
+ Trophy Breakdown: 1platinum.png-4trophy_gold.png-11trophy_silver.png-23trophy_bronze.png
+ Offline: 4trophy_gold.png-9trophy_silver.png-20trophy_bronze.png
+ Online: 0trophy_gold.png-2trophy_silver.png-3trophy_bronze.png
+ Approximate Time To Platinum: 20+ hours
+ Playthroughs Needed: 1 Career Season (2 Recommended) + 1 Co-op Season (likely to be 2 though) + Online
+ Missable Trophies: None
+ VIP Pass: The VIP pass has now been delisted and all the retail codes have expired, therefore the Platinum is unobtainable for anyone who buys the game in 2021.

Set-up Exploit:

Something that is very useful, if you aren't opposed to this sort of thing, is an exploit discovered that involves a couple of settings in your car set up to give you a big advantage. Basically, it involves putting the stiffness of both springs to 11 in the set up menu. The difference is very significant and can be used for any trophies you are struggling with, not least of all, "Drivers' World Champion (Hard)". See this thread.

Step 1 - Career Mode:

Unlike last year, you don't get to choose the length of your career, which thankfully means no 7 season trophy. Your career will last for 5 seasons but you won't have to finish them all if you don't want to. If you are good enough, you can get all the trophies you need in your first season by playing on hard with one of the lower teams and winning the championships, but the road map is set up for doing at least 2 seasons.

Season 1 - For this season, your aim is to get yourself into one of the 3 big teams. Pick either Force India or Williams to start out as the other 3 are the worst teams on the grid. You should try to win every race and both championships; put it on a difficulty that will allow you to do so. This will get you the majority of the trophies. You might not win the constructors championship as you will be relying on your team mate to score points too, but you can get that the following season if you miss it. Keep winning and when you have to choose your rival, around the time of the Belgian GP, pick a driver on a team you want to join next season. So if you want to join Red Bull, pick one of the Red Bull drivers. Beating your rival will get you an offer to drive for their team.

You should try to win every race this season. It guarantees you the driver title, that you will beat your rival, and get a drive in one of the big teams. You will also get "Trophy Collector" out of the way if you manage to win them all, as well as "On the Bounce" if you win 10 in a row.

Win every race and you are looking at getting the following trophies:
  • Season Opener
  • Pole Position
  • Just the Beginning
  • On the Bounce
  • Drivers' World Champion
  • Constructors' World Champion
  • Trophy Collector
Season 2 - Now that you are in one of the big teams (Ferrari, Red Bull, or McLaren) this will be your hard season, going for the "Drivers' World Champion (Hard)" trophy. Before going into the first practice session of the season in Australia, make sure the difficulty is set to hard. If you want the easiest time, make sure to put the race distance at 3 laps as well. See the trophy in the guide for more information. You should also be trying for the "Test Driver" trophy, see the guide for more information.

This season the main aims will be:
  • Test Driver
  • Constructors' World Champion (If you missed out on it in your first season.)
  • Drivers' World Champion (Hard)
  • Trophy Collector (Win the ones you missed in your first season. If you have any left after this, clean them up in GP mode.)
  • It's the Driver not the Car
Season 3-5 - This most likely won't be needed, but as mentioned at the beginning, your career lasts for 5 seasons before you have to start a new one so you have time to clean up any trophies that you may have missed from the previous seasons.

Step 2 - Grand Prix/Time Attack Mode:

Time Attack - There are 6 time attack scenarios you need to complete. They are time trial runs with specific tracks/cars/weather conditions. You just need to set a time in all 6, it doesn't have to be a good one. This will get you the Completionist trophy.

Grand Prix - There are a number of trophies that you might earn during the course of career mode but it all depends on your driving style. If not, you can create a single race GP and knock out the trophies. You'll (most likely) be looking at earning:
  • They're on Which Buttons?
  • Do it Yourself
  • Precision Driving
  • Have You Considered DiRT3?
  • Car Control
  • Down to the Wire
  • Is Jenson going to pass or not?
  • Glancing Blow
  • Senna-esque
It's completely possible that you earned a large number of these while working on your career.

Step 3 - Online Mode:

Co-op - For co-op mode there are 3 trophies. You need to complete a season and win both the Drivers' and Constructors' Championships. You and your partner can get two of these in the first season, but there can only be one drivers' champion so you will likely need 2 seasons for you and your partner to get all the trophies. The co-op trophies are as follows:
  • Co-op Drivers' World Champion
  • Keep Your Friends Close
  • Teamwork
Wins - This section is very simple. Thankfully, f1 2011 lets you earn the trophies with a boosting partner in a private session with no AI drivers to hassle you. In fact, it even lets you earn other trophies that are not online specific in this mode. This means if you are having difficulty with trophies, such as Precision Driving, these can be earned at the same time. You'll need to trade a total of 70 wins to unlock all online win related trophies. They are as follows:
  • 10 Online
  • 35 Online
  • Keeping it Clean

F1 2011 Trophy Guide

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39 trophies ( 11  23  )

  • Congratulations. You've completed F1 2011™

    Congrats on your Platinum!
  • You have completed your first Career Race

    All you have to do is start the career mode. Create a driver, sign for a team, get to the race, and complete it. It doesn't matter how long the race is, or where you finish, you just need to complete it and you'll get this.
  • You have taken the first Pole Position of your Career

    To get a pole position, you need to end the qualifying session with the fastest time, which will mean you start the Race in 1st. If you are doing a long race weekend, qualifying will be broken up into 3 sessions. You need to be in the top 17 in the first session to get through to the second, the top 10 in the second session to get through to the 3rd and final session, where the actual grid lineup is decided. So you will need to be in first place at the end of it. If you are doing a short race weekend then qualifying will just be one 20 minute session that decides everything, so you just need to end this in 1st place and you'll get the trophy. This is only for career mode.
  • You have taken your first Career victory

    Simply win your first race, this will come easily when going for the world championships so it isn't a trophy you need to give much thought. If playing on the lower difficulties you should be able to get it pretty early on in your first season. Just win a race in your career and you'll get the trophy.
  • You set the fastest penalty-free lap of the Race in any game mode

    You shouldn't have to worry about this much. If you are winning races, like you should be doing, then this will likely come along with those victories. You just need to finish a race with the fastest lap (which is displayed on the results screen at the end of the race) and you'll get this trophy. You don't have to win the race, but chances are you will anyway. Penalty-free simply refers to cutting corners/causing collisions etc, anything that would invalidate your lap. Penalties show up on the screen as a black and white flag.
  • You set the fastest lap in every session of a Long Race Weekend in any mode

    I did this in career mode, but you can set up a custom GP for it instead if you want. You just need to make sure you set it to "Long Race Weekend" when setting it up, or at the start of the race weekend in career. This means you'll have to play through 7 sessions (3 practice, 3 qualifying & the race) and end up with the fastest time in each session. It makes it easier if you put the difficulty down, obviously, just make sure you have a fast enough time then either skip to the next session if you are confident or you can sit in the garage and fast forward, watching the other times to make sure they don't beat you. you can restart the sessions at any time in the pause menu.
  • You cleanly overtook an opponent while KERS was activated

    KERS is basically a boost button. It gives you extra horse power for a short period of your choosing each lap. For this trophy you need to overtake another driver in a race while using KERS. It shouldn't cause you any difficulty. If you are playing on an easier difficulty then just stick behind someone until a straight, then use slipstream and KERS to get by them easily. To activate KERS you'll need to make sure you have charge left (the little red battery on the bottom right of the screen) then hit L_1.png (circle18x18.png if using a wheel). Your charge refills completely every time you cross the start/finish line.
  • You cleanly overtook an opponent while the DRS was activated

    DRS is a system that opens up part of your rear wing and reduces the drag allowing you to go faster at the cost of downforce/cornering grip, so it's best saved for the straights. In practice and qualifying, it is available at all times but in the actual race (where you need to overtake someone for this trophy) It's only available in the preset DRS zone(s) on each track. It also won't be available in the rain or for the first 2 laps of the race. To use DRS, you need to be within a second of the car in front at the DRS detection zone. You can then use it when it shows up green on the HUD. It will be on one or more of the tracks main straight sections and you will see the DRS signs at the side of the track as you go round, showing you where you will be able to use it. For this trophy, just stick right behind someone until you can use your DRS and pass them while it's activated. Don't forget that you'll need to start a race that is 3 laps or longer if you want DRS.
  • You've covered at least 500 Practice miles / 805 kilometres in your Career

    A good opportunity to get this is in your hard season as all the practice you do will help you in qualifying and the races to make winning the championship easier. Always do R&D objectives in practice when you see them. They will add to this total and they get you upgrades for your car throughout the season which you don't want to miss out on. Be aware though, if you need a lot of practice on a track and are restarting the practice session for that race before it's ended, then this won't count towards the overall total.

    Unfortunately, there is no place in the stat menu that tracks this total so it's a bit of a guessing game how far towards this trophy you are. You can keep track personally if you want, and you may want to do it if you finish your second season and this is all you are missing, although if you do a decent amount at each track you should get it pretty comfortably before the end of the season. Keeping track on your own would simply consist of checking the track length and then keeping a note of how many laps you have done, from that you can work out roughly how much progress you are making towards this trophy.

    The best track for this if you want to do it in the shortest time possible will be Monza. If you set up a long race weekend when you reach that point in the career, then the 3 practice sessions should give you enough time to reach the total in one race weekend. If you don't want to commit to that during a season you can always make a back up of your save before Monza and restore it when you are ready to go for this trophy.
  • You won the Drivers' World Championship in a Co-op season

    For this, you'll need to team up with someone and play through a co-op season. You need to win the Drivers' World Championship for this trophy. You and your partner can't win in the same season so it's likely you will need to do it twice. Doing offline co-op championships will not get you the co-op trophies. Co-op is a minimum of 3 lap races and short race weekends. You can skip qualifying and practice though, if both players pause and vote to skip. You will both start last, but 3 laps against the AI on easy, especially with their bad starts, should be enough to get to the front. It also doesn't need to be done in one go, it will save and you can return to it with your same partner at another time.

    See this thread to find co-op partners.
  • You won a Race without activating KERS or the DRS once

    Easiest done from poll as you don't really need to worry about anything. Just don't press the KERS button at all and you don't have to worry about DRS since there are no cars in front of you. Put the difficulty down if you are struggling.

    Another option to earn this is if you select Grand Prix from the main menu. Now take a fast car like Red Bull. Doesn't matter if you are Vettel or Webber for this. Now in the settings, make sure you do race only, set the distance to 1 lap, weather to clear (for ease) and choose the easy difficulty. On the next screen choose Monza. You'll start around 5th or 6th so just go at it. You should easily get through the cars in front under braking (let the brake assist help you.) Now just finish the one lap to win the race and remember not to press Triangle18x18.png or L_1.png (Triangle18x18.png or circle18x18.png if using a wheel).
  • You won a Race in any mode using manual gears

    If you play with manual gears normally then this trophy should be a breeze and you'll get it the first race you win. If you are one of the many who play using automatic it will be a little bit more complicated. To make this trophy easy, from the main menu select Grand Prix. Now take a fast car like Red Bull. Doesn't matter if you are Vettel or Webber for this. Now, in the settings make sure you do race only, set the distance to 1 lap, weather to clear (for ease) and go into the difficulty level. Change the gearbox to manual sequential and keep all the other settings on the default easy stuff. Now for the track select Monza which has very few corners making it easier.

    You will start the race in 5th or 6th. To get up to 1st just keep accelerating as you get to the first chicane. The brake assist will slow you down, just push your way past everyone (penalties are reduced and damage off so you should get a warning at worst). Once you get to 1st place just keep going, you need not worry about braking, so just concentrate on getting into lower gears in the corners so you can accelerate properly after it. Don't forget to use your KERS in the straight.

    You will also automatically earn this trophy when going for Car Control.
  • You have beaten Alberto Ascari's record of 9 successive Career victories

    I did this on my first season with the difficulty put down a bit, but you can wait until you are in one of the big teams if you want. Basically you need to win 10 races in a row, you should be trying to win every race anyway, I'd recommend doing this in your first season while trying to get a drive for one of the big teams if you can, then you don't have to worry about it when playing on hard if there is a track you really don't like. If it comes to it, you have a total of 5 seasons in your career to get this and when hard is out of the way, you can do it on any difficulty.
  • You have won the Drivers' World Championship in Career

    Easy enough, just finish the season with more points than any other driver. You can get this in your first season easily enough on low difficulty, or even on hard when you are going for the "Drivers' World Champion (Hard)" trophy when you should be on one of the big teams, it's up to you. The trophy pops once you are a mathematical certainty for the title.
  • You have won the Constructors' World Championship in Career

    This one is a little harder to get in your first season since you will have a pretty poor team mate but it's not impossible. You will need to pretty much win every race. If you don't get it in your first season, don't worry about it. It will be a lot easier once you get into one of the top teams with another competitive driver, most people will be doing at least 2 seasons anyway so you have more than one chance at this. The trophy pops once you are a mathematical certainty for the title.
  • You completed a Race without colliding with another car or object

    Easier when doing a shorter race distance and when starting from pole since you don't have to worry about how crowded it can get at the start, as long as you get away cleanly and run off into the distance this shouldn't be a problem.

    If you are having problems earning this legitimately; when you get around to the online part of the game you'll have the perfect opportunity to earn this. When it's your partners turn to win just cruise around the circuit taking it easy and sticking to the racing line.
  • You have won the Drivers' World Championship in Career on Hard or Expert Difficulty

    This will be easier if you wait until at least your second season. If you beat a rival from one of the top teams in season 1, you should get to drive in his team and put yourself in a good position to get this trophy. At the first session of the season, make sure the difficulty is set to Hard and don't change it throughout the season. The other settings are up to you, but putting the race distance at 3 laps certainly makes things a lot easier, but again, it's up to you.
    • You can restart sessions at any time and also back up your save whenever you want so you will never have to move on from a session unless you are happy with the result. So just keep practicing at each race until you manage to win before moving on.
    • You don't have to win every race so if there are tracks you hate, just move on when you get a decent result, or even take out your main championship rival so you don't lose any points in the title fight.
    • When it comes to qualifying, you don't really need to be grabbing pole every race, the AI have bad starts in general and you have all of your KERS that you can use to your advantage at the start. If you can get in the top 6-8 or so, you should still be able to get into 1st at turn one by out breaking everyone else. You can afford to be reckless as you can restart and try as many times as you want.
    • You will have to get used to manual gears, which can be a pain if you aren't, but overall, hard is very doable, especially in one of the top teams and it is certainly a lot more forgiving than expert. Just get used to listening to the engine noise which will tell you when to change gear. There is also a series of flashing lights on the screen that flash when it's time to change, the location depends on the camera you are using.
    • Another trophy that you can work towards that will give your practice session more of a purpose is "Test Driver", see that trophy for more info.

    Exploits: For and easier time on hard you should see the start of the road map for details on a small exploit that makes a big difference to performance. There is also a way to use assists on hard, much like last year. It requires you to turn off auto-save from the MyF1 menu. When starting a session, always make sure the difficulty says hard. During the session when out on track, pause and switch on the assists you need before switching them back so it says hard before returning to the garage or ending a race/session. Doing it every time you return to the garage may not be necessary but it doesn't hurt to play it safe. The game should not auto save when you switch your assists since you turned it off, just remember to actually make manual saves so that you don't lose your progress.
  • You lapped at least 6 other cars during a Race in any game mode

    You need to gain a lap on the back 6 cars in the race to get this trophy. This just means you need to get around the track and catch up to the back of the pack during the race, once you get past the person in 19th you will get the trophy during the race. This is easiest in one of the top cars on easy in a race of at least 10% but you can combine it with some other trophies like Slap on the Wrist and Down to the Wire in a slightly longer race to save yourself some time overall, it also gives you more time to lap the 6 cars should you need it.
  • You performed a drift of 10 metres or more

    You are likely to get this without trying through the course of the game. If you are struggling, then set up a race on any track using the Grand Prix option from the main menu. Make sure to set the weather to heavy rain and start weaving until you lose the back end. Put your foot down rather than brake and you'll drift the 10 metres needed.
  • You have won a Race at each of the 19 circuits in any game mode

    Below is a checklist that you can keep track of which circuits you've had a victory on.

    Track List:
    • [ ] Melbourne, Australian GP
    • [ ] Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian GP
    • [ ] Shanghai, Chinese GP
    • [ ] Istanbul, Turkish GP
    • [ ] Catalunya, Spanish GP
    • [ ] Monte Carlo, Monaco GP
    • [ ] Montreal, Canadian GP
    • [ ] Valencia, European GP
    • [ ] Silverstone, British GP
    • [ ] Nurburgring, German GP
    • [ ] Budapest, Hungarian GP
    • [ ] Spa, Belgian GP
    • [ ] Monza, Italian GP
    • [ ] Singapore, Singapore GP
    • [ ] Suzuka, Japanese GP
    • [ ] Yeongam, Korean GP
    • [ ] New Delhi, Indian GP
    • [ ] Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi GP
    • [ ] Sao Paulo, Brazilian GP

    There is no way to know which tracks you have won on through the statistics menu so you're best off keeping track of where you have won across the different game modes or you might find yourself replaying a lot of different tracks to find the one you were missing. I'd recommend following the road map for your first career season and trying to win every race as it takes you through all the tracks throughout the season, then you can do any you missed in the next season or even clean up in GP mode if you have to. You can also cater your track selection when boosting online wins to this trophy if you have to.
  • You won a Race without any Driver Assists enabled in any game mode

    This is quite a tough trophy. When they say no driver assists, they really mean it, and if you aren't used to playing without assists then you are probably in for a bit of a shock. Not only do you lose ABS, traction control, and brake assist, but you'll have to turn off the racing line and use manual gears. What I found that worked well was setting up a 1 lap Grand Prix at Monaco using Red Bull. Now, you'll need to get away well and take 1st at the first corner or as you climb. Once you managed this you can take things slowly and back the pack up without letting anyone pass. As soon as you come out of the tunnel and start braking, drop down gears and slightly cut the corner. Now as you get to the next left hander, get into 4th gear. From here, you can just stick in this gear and finish the lap off keeping first. Don't forget that if you spin or get overtaken you can use the replay feature to reset yourself to a couple of seconds earlier. Just hit StartButton.png, go to instant replay, find the part you want to start from and hit square18x18.png. Although Monaco might seem like a strange choice, the compact nature with no run off means that with damage off you can take glancing blows from the walls to keep you going without ruining your chances.
  • You won a Race after Qualifying in Pole Position in any game mode

    You will likely get this in career if you are following the road map. This is basically a combination of the Pole Position and Just the beginning trophies, although this one can be done in any mode. You need to qualify in 1st and go on to win the race. If you end up finishing off the career portion without getting this or just want it quicker you can head to GP mode and do a quick race weekend with Qualifying and a 1 lap race on easy to get this.
  • You have completed a full Co-op season

    For this, you'll need to team up with someone and play through a co-op season. You may end up doing 2 so that you and your partner can get the "Co-op Drivers' World Champion" trophy but this one will pop after your first co-op season no matter how well you do. Doing offline co-op championships will not get you the co-op trophies. Co-op is a minimum of 3 lap races and short race weekends. You can skip qualifying and practice if both players pause and vote to skip. You will both start last but 3 laps against the AI on easy, especially with their bad starts, should be enough to get to the front. It also doesn't need to be done in one go, it will save and you can return to it with your same partner at another time.

    See this thread to find co-op partners.
  • You have set a time in all of the Time Attack scenarios

    From the main menu, go to proving grounds and then Time Attack. Here you will find 6 preset scenarios with a specific track, car, and weather condition. There are Gold, Silver, and Bronze times but they are irrelevant as far as the trophy is concerned, you just need to set any sort of time on all 6 and you will get your trophy.
  • You have performed a Pit-stop during a Safety Car period

    Start a race in Grand Prix mode. Put the laps up to at least 20%. Make sure to select Monaco as the track. You'll also have to make sure you put damage on and have the safety car enabled. Now you have two choices. You either wait for someone to have an accident and cause the safety car to come out so you can pit (Having heavy rain on makes this a lot more likely), or you can take matters into your own hands. At turn 5 (the one before the tracks tight hairpin) is an ideal opportunity to cause a pile up. From the start of the race, grab first if you can, then at that corner, hug the right wall going down the hill and park your car sideways across the track so nobody can get past you. Just sit here as the rest of the field gets blocked and as soon as you see "SC" pop on the screen, either drive away, or pause>reset to track. Do a lap and pit at the end of it. As soon as you come in you'll get the trophy.

    An alternative method I found which works just as well (but there is a greater risk of getting yourself disqualified or have the race red flagged) is a very wet 20% race at Monza. Have a long race weekend so you can go through qualifying. Now skip it so you start 24th. When the race starts accelerate and don't let go of the throttle. Line yourself up behind a car and ram into the pack as they slow down for the chicane. You'll create absolute carnage and bring the safety car out in no time. If you don't you can just rewind using StartButton.png, replay then square18x18.png and hitting at a different angle. If neither works you can just restart the race.
  • You have completed 5 successive laps within a quarter of a second of each other

    This one is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Go to time trial mode and pick a track you like, ideally one you are pretty comfortable driving around and not making errors. If it's your first time on this track in time trial mode, then that makes things a little easier. For your first lap just drive round at a pace you find easy enough and don't push too hard, don't use DRS or KERS either and even take it easy at the last few corners to give yourself more room for error. This will be your new personal best ghost. What you want to do now is follow it around the track for the next 4 laps keeping close to it and stick just behind it through the last few corners and over the line. Doing this I managed to get laps 2-5 within 0.1s of the first lap. If you make a mistake then feel free to use DRS and KERS on the subsequent laps in order to catch up to your ghost.

    If you have already set fast lap times on all the track that you would struggle to consistently keep up with, then I'd recommend downloading a ghost from the global or friend leaderboard that is maybe a few seconds slower than your best, one that you could easily keep up with around the track. Then just apply what I said above to all 5 laps and this downloaded ghost.

    If you would rather not try to follow your ghosts and match your time you can follow the method outlined by Tactical Tom in his thread. It explains what to do but the video below shows it all just as well. One thing to remember is to turn off tire wear and damage just in case.
  • You completed an Online Race without making contact with an opponent's car

    You will earn this while going for 10 Online and 35 Online. Just make sure that in the settings you have selected damage on and collisions on. As you don't need to win, when it's your partners turn to win, simply cruise behind him and have a clean race to earn this.
  • You took the lead on the final lap of a 20%+ distance Race and won

    This is one that can be combined with at least a couple other trophies, such as "Blue Flag" & "Slap on the Wrist" to save yourself some time. For this specific trophy you just need set the distance of any race to 20% and take 1st place on the last lap of the race before going on to win. I'd set the AI difficulty to the easiest so as long as you are close behind the car in first for the last lap, you should have plenty of chance to overtake.
  • You have finished a Career Race in the top three

    Just finish in the top 3 in a career race. This should come fairly quickly and you'll get it while going for wins and the championships so you really don't need to think about it. If your first podium is 1st place you'll earn this trophy at the same time as Just the Beginning.
  • You have spent a total of 10 minutes slipstreaming your opponents in any game mode

    Slipstreaming refers to when you place your car directly behind a car in front; this allows you to go through the air faster to gain an advantage and overtake the car in font. Every time you do this, you will add to the overall total for this trophy. This is another one where, unfortunately, there isn't anywhere to track this so it's just a matter of keeping at it every time you get an opportunity. Having said that, in the course of the other trophies, in particular the career related ones, it's pretty much impossible to miss this unless you are constantly starting from pole and going on to win. If you don't earn it then set up a 20% GP on a track like Monza and take a Red Bull and stick behind one of the slower teams cars until the trophy pops.
  • You won the Turkish Grand Prix driving as Lewis Hamilton

    To earn this, select Grand Prix from the main menu. Now take Lewis Hamilton's Mclaren. Now in the settings, make sure you do race only, set the distance to 1 lap, weather to clear (for ease), and choose the easy difficulty. On the next screen, choose the Turkish GP in Istanbul. You'll start around 5th or 6th so just go at it. If you go left on the first corner you can take first there. Now hold off the cars till the end of the lap and you'll earn this.
  • With Damage on Full you made contact with the wall at Monaco and won the Race

    Another straightforward trophy. Select Grand Prix from the main menu. Choose a fast car like Red Bull. Make sure that in the difficulty settings you turn on full mechanical damage (not just cosmetic). Now select Monaco and do a 1 lap race. You should be able to push your way to first on the first corner. Be sure to hit the wall at some point during the lap. I personally took off my front wing and unlocked the trophy, but I would imagine that hitting the wall with enough force will be enough. It doesn't matter what part of the track you do this. Alternatively if you have two controllers (or a friend online) you can set up a 1 lap race on Monaco and do it without any AI hassle. - Thanks funkyweed for the tip -
  • You took the lead on lap 1, in heavy rain, after starting in 5th or lower

    Start up a race through the Grand Prix option on the main menu. Choose a fast car such as Red Bull. In the options, change the weather to heavy rain. Choose to race on Monza. Now start the race (you might start 4th, 5th or 6th) so if you start 4th back out to the main menu and try again. Otherwise, get to the first chicane and you'll easily get pass everyone in front of you. Provided you don't then lose the position as you exit, you'll earn the trophy before the race even finishes.
  • You have won the Drivers' World Championship with two different teams in Career or Co-op

    If you are following the road map then you will be winning the Drivers' World Championship in your first season before moving to one of the big teams to win it again in season 2 on hard which will get you this trophy. If you don't want to do it that way, you have another chance in co-op as long as you pick a different team to the one you won it with in career. Failing that, you will have to do another career or co-op season so it's best to plan ahead with this one. You won't have to worry about it if you're following the road map.

    You should also note that this will not pop when the championship trophy pops. For example, if you win your first season in career and then your second on hard as the road map suggests, then it will pop at the end of season 2, even if you win the championship a lot earlier than that.
  • You won the Constructors' World Championship in a Co-op Championship

    For this, you'll need to team up with someone and play through a co-op season. You and your partner will be on the same team and as a result you will both want to consistently do well so that you take the Constructors' title. If you miss out in your first season then you will probably get another chance if you are doing a 2nd so that both you and your partner can get the "Co-op Drivers' World Champion" trophy. Doing offline co-op championships will not get you the co-op trophies.

    Co-op is a minimum of 3 lap races and short race weekends, you can skip qualifying and practice if both players pause and vote to skip, you will both start last, but 3 laps against the AI on easy, especially with their bad starts, should be enough to get to the front. It also doesn't need to be done in one go. It will save and you can return to it with your same partner at another time.

    See this thread to find co-op partners.
  • You scored points at every round of a Career or Co-op season

    The point scoring positions in a race are 1st to 10th. So for this trophy you need to finish every race of a career season in the top 10. You may as well get this out of the way in your first season so you don't have to think about it again. If you are following the road map, you'll want to be winning everything in your first season anyway. If you don't get it, you will have plenty of opportunities to do so since you can get this in career mode or co-op mode. Don't forget that if you seriously mess up a race, get disqualified, or the like you can restart the race without any penalties to ensure you don't have to move past a race until you get some points.
  • You have won 10 Online Races

    Earned while going for "35 Online".
  • You have won 35 Online Races

    This can easily be done with a boosting partner. Set up a Grand Prix and choose, Canada, Italy, or whichever track you both prefer. Pick it 20 times. Make sure to change the laps to 1 and if you don't want rain, disable that as well. Now ensure you set up a private game. Invite your partner and start the race with just the two of you. You won't have any AI to hassle you either. It is possible to earn a large number of trophies while boosting together such as Precision Driving, Car Control, etc. After 10 races you'll earn 10 Online. During your first race, provided you don't hit anyone you will also earn Keeping it Clean. Note that if you want, your friend can join the race then just go idle. They will get disqualified so you don't have to wait out the timer and it still counts towards the race. You will have to wait for the timer countdowns during the loading sequences.

    You can find a boosting partner in This thread.

    Note that wins that you achieve during the co-op championship do not count towards the 35 wins. They have to be done in a proper online race. - thanks valenort46 for confirming this -
  • You were awarded a Drive-through Penalty and still went on to win the Race

    To get a drive-through penalty, you will want to start cutting corners. This will result in several warnings before you are given an actual penalty. For this trophy, you need to get one, serve it, and go on to win the race. It's shouldn't cause you much trouble on the lower difficulties. You can probably do it in a 3 lap race, but 10% gives you more room for error, more time to get and serve the penalty while making sure you are still in first. You can also combine this with some other trophies in a longer race like "Blue Flag" and "Down to the Wire" to save yourself some time and make the trophy a bit easier.

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