+ Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 8/10 + Trophy Breakdown: 1-3-5-41 + Offline: 38 - 4 - 2 + Online: 3 - 1 - 1 + Approximate Time To Platinum: 100+ hours + Playthroughs Needed: 7 seasons in career + Clean up & Online. + Missable Trophies: A lot of the career trophies could be missable but are pretty hard to miss. Hot property on the other hand is quite easy to miss. + Glitched Trophies: There are several trophies people have reported as glitched (See Below).  

Step 1 - Career Mode:

Glitched Trophies: There are quite a few trophies reported to be glitchy. "Practice makes perfect", "Made Perfect", "Impress the boss" & "Magic Number" are some of them. The good news about these is that they aren't permanently glitched. The bad news is there is no known way to guarantee getting them. So you will just have to keep trying. I will say that I didn't have any problems with any trophy unlocking and most people I think are the same.

Note: When you start up the game make sure you select a 7 season career, if you didn't then go to My F1 in the menu and start a new career for 7 seasons. Put the difficulty (or at least the ai speed to lowest) and start your career. You'll want to be going for Schuperb from the start to save time at the end of your career. So go for a lot of pole positions and convert them to race wins.

Season 1: In Season 1, you'll be at a small team but you can still win everything on the lower difficulties. In this season you should be trying to get pole and win pretty much every race. But if not, then at least scoring points and finishing ahead of your team mate should be your aim. After your first race you will get "Rookie Driver", you should also get "Face the press" in your first race weekend. You should get "Seeking performance" in a practice session in one of the first few races. If you are winning all the races then "The magic number" will pop after your third race.

Later in the season contract offers will start to come in. Once you receive an offer, before accepting it win the next race for "Attracting attention". If you have been winning all the races or nearly all then you should be leading both championships and get "The big one". "Hot property" probably won't pop because you should be leading the championships. Check the guide to see if you could get it this season if not it will have to wait until at least next season.

When you get the interview about your championship rival and choose the highest placed one you will get "Strength of character". Once you beat him in the championship you should get an offer to drive for his team. If you accept it you won't get "Team leader" until later but it doesn't really matter.

At the end of the season a large number of trophies should pop. "Seasoned", "Impress the boss", "Limelight", "Built to succeed", "Crushing Victory", "Consistency is the key" & "Team Leader" (If you accepted a contract to be number 1 driver").

Season 2: Season 2 should really just be more Pole positions converted to wins, A 2nd world championship for "Double World Champion" and "Hot property" if you missed it season 1 and can get it this time round. If you got to a top team you could also get "One-Two".

Season 3: Providing you are a top team, which you probably will be, you could make this your expert season to get "World Champion - Expert". Alternatively this season you could finish off "Schuperb" (Though you may get this anyway doing expert) and win a 3rd Drivers Championship for "Triple World Champion". This would pop when if you went for Expert anyway. You could also go for "Hot property" and "One-Two" if you don't have them at this point.

Season 4: If you did expert last season this should just be finishing off anything career specific you have left and then getting to the end as quickly as possible (See description for "Commitment is the key"). If you didn't do expert last season then you should go for it this season, the only real requirement is that you are in a top team.

Season 5-7: You should have everything finished off by this point but if not do it now apart from "Commitment is the key". Check the description for that trophy then finish off your final seasons to get it to pop.


Step 2 - Grand Prix/Time Trial Mode:

Obviously this step isn't done. At the moment I just listed all the trophies involved so I know and I'll write them up properly soon.

This step is to clear up the rest of the offline trophies. A lot of these trophies can be achieved in Career mode and you will probably get a lot of them naturally while playing through your 7 seasons. All of these however can be achieved in Grand Prix mode or Time Trial mode so you don't have to worry about missing them.

There is only one trophy specific to Time Trial mode. "I ain't afraid of no ghost", all you have to do to get it is set a lap time on a track. "Speed Demon" is also easy to get In Time Trial mode though If you don't have it by this point.

A couple of the trophies are for winning In a particular car at a particular track. Mercedes In Germany and Ferrari at Monza. That will get you "Silver Arrow" & "Tifosi" Also you'll have to get a pole and victory at Monaco for "Unforgettable".

You'll also have to win a 20% distance race in Heavy Rain for "Rain meister" and win from last place on the grid for "Against all odds".

There are a few trophies to do with racing or winning races using certain settings. Completing a race using cockpit cam for "Well protected", "It's a set-up" for winning a race with a custom set-up, "Semi-auto" for completing a race using manual gears and "True racer" for winning a race with no driver aids.

Obviously you can combine a lot of these trophies to minimize amount of races required. For example winning in Monza in a Ferrari, with a custom set-up and driver aids off would get you 4 trophies. So try to group multiple trophies to each race.

You will also have to do a long race weekend set a time in each of the three practice sessions for "Practice makes perfect" and if those times are the fastest of each session you will get "Made perfect". Setting the best time in practice, getting the pole and then going onto win will get you "Full house".

The others are a lot simpler and should have come just playing. If they haven't though check the guide and get them. The rest of the offline trophies that should be wrapped up by the end of this step are. "Clean license", "2nd Chance", "Pole Position", "Podium Finish" & "Top Step".


Step 3 - Online Mode:

For this step you are going to have to rank up all the way to level 50 online to get "Perfect 10", "2 and 5" and "Nifty 50". There are also a couple other online trophies to get. Winning a Grand Prix event will get you "Taking it online" and finishing a race without crashing will get you "A true gent".

[PST Would Like To Thank Jonnie for this Road Map]

F1 2010 Trophy Guide

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50 trophies ( 41  )

  • Congratulations. You've completed F1 2010

    Get all other trophies in the game to get the plat for F1 2010.

  • You have finished ahead of your senior team-mate in your first season with a team

    You need to finish the season as a number 2 driver ahead of the number 1 driver in the championship standings. Do in your first season of career with a team like Lotus. Trulli usually finishes close to last every race so it shouldn't be difficult to beat him. It's impossible for your team mate to finish the season with more points than you.

  • You have taken part in all 3 Practice sessions of a race weekend

    Pretty simple, you have to select long weekend and set a time in each of the three practice sessions to get this trophy. This one may be glitched as several people have reported that it hasn't unlocked 1st time round for them.

  • You have completed your first career race

    This is an easy one. It will pop after you finish the first race in career mode in Bahrain.

  • You have completed your first interview with the media

    Easy trophy. If you return to the paddock after a session there will be a reporter asking for an interview. Select him and answer the questions and the trophy will pop.

  • You have successfully completed an R&D test

    During practice sessions you may be given the option to complete research and development tests (R&D). Go to your engineer, select an R&D objective and complete the task for this trophy. It's usually something like beating the target lap time within 7 laps and they are usually fairly easy.

  • Congratulations! You have won a lucrative contract with a higher placed team

    If you do well enough and your reputation is high enough you will be offered a place at a higher team. When you accept a contract at a bigger team you will get this trophy.

    A higher placed team is defined by them being higher in the constructors championship than your current team. This is missable as it won't pop if you are always leading the constructors championship from season 1. I missed this in season 1 and was leading the constructors again in season 2 so how I got this was I turned off auto-save once I had my offer from McLaren (The team in 2nd place at the time) and crash out of the following races until they were ahead in the constructors and then I accepted the offer. After that I just quit the game without saving.

  • Excellent! You have achieved a one-two finish with your team-mate in a career race

    You'll have to wait until you are at one of the big teams for this (McLaren, Red Bull or Ferrari). You and your team mate have to finish 1st and 2nd in a race for the trophy to pop. If your team mate is fast at a particular track and gets pole, or you get pole and he is 2nd, you could sit behind your team mate for a couple laps holding up the others. Then you are free to race and he should have a gap to help him to hold onto 2nd at least.

  • Nicely driven. You have completed a race without incident

    This is easiest when you start from pole since you shouldn't have to overtake anyone. You can put it on easy to make getting the pole easier and then just don't crash. The trophy will pop at the end of the race.

  • You have driven your Formula 1 car above 220 mph / 353 kph

    You will get this eventually. But to get it quickly: go to time trial, pick one of the best cars (Red Bull, McLaren or Ferrari) and go to Monza. The last corner of the lap and first straight are pretty ideal for this. Any track that has a long enough straight will do though. You might have to adjust the set up a little to give more top speed.

  • You completed a single player race using only the cockpit view

    When on the grid, if you haven't already, switch the camera to cockpit view (The one from the drivers perspective with the steering wheel in front of you). You then just have to finish the race without changing the camera and the trophy will pop.

  • You have won the German Grand Prix in single player driving for Mercedes

    Go to Grand Prix. Select one of the Mercedes drivers: Michael Schumacher or Niko Rosberg. Set the difficulty to easy and length to 1 lap. Pick Hockenheim as the track and go on to win.

  • You have won a single player Grand Prix of 20% distance or higher in heavy rain

    Go to Grand Prix. Pick one of the top teams: McLaren, Red Bull or Ferrari. Change the difficulty to easy and the weather to heavy rain. Make sure the length of the race is at 20% and pick a track you are good at. Go on to win the race and the trophy will pop. I think this is nearly impossible in career, since I have yet to be in a race where it has stayed at Heavy Rain from start to finish.

  • You won a single player race after starting in last place

    Go to Grand Prix and select one of the best cars: McLaren, Red Bull & Ferrari. Pick short race weekend, put it on easy and pick a track you like. On easy it shouldn't be too difficult to get to the front in one lap but you can make the race longer if you want to give yourself more time. Then just skip qualifying so you start in last and go on to win the race.

  • You successfully won a race using a car set-up which you've created

    You have to create a custom set-up on the screen in the pit garage. So you could either fiddle with a few settings or you could look up some good set-ups online. Pick a good car:McLaren, Red Bull or Ferrari. Put it on easy and win the race.

  • You've posted a time in Time Trial mode

    Easy trophy. Pick time trial from the menu, pick any car, pick any track and just set a time for the trophy to pop.

  • You have used the Flashback feature and gone on to win the race

    This one is easy. Flashbacks let you rewind the race a little so you can undo mistakes you might make. To use one press select (or start > Instant replay) and either fast forward or rewind to where you want to go back to and press .

    For this trophy though you have to win a race that you use one in. So just before you win a race if you haven't used one. Do so just before the end and you'll get the trophy.

  • You have completed your first season in Formula 1

    Simply complete your first full season in formula 1. After the 19th race at Yas Maria this trophy will pop.

  • Slick!! You performed a perfectly timed pit stop

    When selecting the race details make sure that you turn pit box control to manual. Then during the race when you pit you will have to brake for the pit box manually. You'll want to start braking a little before you turn into the box so that you stop at the right time. If done right the trophy will pop as you leave the pit lane. You can turn on the racing line for some help with braking if you are having trouble.

  • You completed a race using manual gears

    When starting a race and selecting length and difficulty, make sure you change the gears to manual. The difficulty or track doesn't really matter since you just need to complete the race.

  • You've won 3 career races

    You just need to win 3 races in your career. This should definitely come over time, and the trophy will pop after you clinch your third victory.

  • You've exceeded a career objective

    An example of a career objective would be finish 20th in the drivers' championship. (This is the Season 1 objective if you start at lotus). So finish the season higher up than that and the trophy will pop. You should get this in the first season as it isn't too difficult.

  • You've won a race while under offer of a new contract

    At a certain point in the season you will be offered new contracts. From your own team and maybe others depending on how well you have done. You have to win a race before accepting a new contract.

  • You've met the requirements of a Championship leading team

    The championship leading team can be your own team. I got this in the first season leading with Lotus when they offered me a new contract.

  • You've taken the number 1 driver position within a team

    You need to achieve number 1 driver status within a team. This can either be a new contract with a promotion for your current team or a contract for a new team. If you accept a contract to be number 1 driver in a team the trophy won't pop until the end of the season when the contract takes effect.

  • Your team has won the World Constructors' Title

    The Constructor's Championship is for the teams and combines you and your team mates points. So it's easier when in a bigger team and your team mate will actually contribute points. But it's not impossible in a small team like Lotus. You just have to win pretty much every race. The trophy will pop at the end of the season even if you win the championship before that point.

  • You showed your team mate how it's done

    You have to finish ahead of your team mate in every race of a single season. You can view your head to head record with your team mate in the garage by looking across the garage at him. Do it in your first season with a team like Lotus. More often than not Trulli finishes last or close to last so he shouldn't be hard to beat.

  • In single player you've beaten Michael Schumacher's record of 40 wins from Pole Position

    You have to better Michael Schumacher's record for this one. You'll want to get as many pole positions as possible, and when you do convert them into race wins. Obviously you can lower the difficulty to make it easier and it will also be easier when you move to a better team. You have 7 seasons (133 Races) to do this which should be plenty of time. This can't be done in Grand Prix mode.

  • You placed first at the end of all 3 Practice Sessions of a race weekend

    Select long weekend and take part in all 3 practice sessions. You have to be the fastest in each. So if you are struggling: pick a better car, a track you are good at and put it on easy.

  • You qualified in the number one spot in a single player race

    Get pole position. Put the difficulty down to easy if you are having any trouble. Set the fastest time in qualifying to start in 1st place for the race.

  • You finished on the podium in a Career or Grand Prix race

    You just have to finish a race in at least 3rd position. Shouldn't cause you much trouble. It will come when you win your first race if you haven't got it already.

  • Congratulations! You took your first Career or Grand Prix victory

    Just win your first race. Shouldn't be too difficult. You can lower the difficulty to make it easier for yourself.

  • You have taken pole and won the Monaco Grand Prix in a single player race

    You need to race at Monaco and take pole position and the race victory over the course of the weekend. The settings of the race don't matter. You can put it on easy and 1 lap if you are having any trouble.

  • You have won the Formula 1 Drivers' Championship

    This will pop once you are a mathematical certainty to become the next world champion in career mode. You can do it in your first season with a small team if on one of the lower difficulties. Otherwise, you'll probably have to wait until you are at one of the bigger teams from season.

  • You have won the Formula 1 Drivers' Championship on Expert difficulty

    This will be difficult. You will have to wait until later in your career when you are at a top team before attempting this. You can't get this in Grand Prix mode. Also, unlike the other WDC trophies, this one pops at the end of the season even if you win it earlier than that.

    Tips for playing on Expert:


    • Remember you can restart any session to get more practice or take another attempt at qualifying or the race. You can also turn off auto save in the My F1 menu and only save after a race weekend you are satisfied with. Just make sure you remember to save when you have a good race.
    • Practice, a lot. Nothing beats practice. Use the practice sessions and Time Trial mode to gain a good knowledge of the tracks. Though don't expect time trial times to be converted into career times. Your car in career is upgraded as the season progresses so won't be as good initially as the time trial car. Also time trial cars are always low fuel and unaffected by tyre ware
    • Custom set-ups can help a lot. Shaving seconds off your lap times.
    • Sometimes there are races that you just can't do well at. For me I suck at Catalunya, so if you're on a race like this and every time you try you are losing points you can opt to just take out your main rival Schumacher style. You won't score any points but at least your main rival wont either. If you can you could even take out to 2 closest drivers.

    Alternate Method:

    There is a way to make expert a lot easier on yourself. Basically when out on track you are able to pause, switch on assists and continue racing. Then before ending, switch the assists back off and it still counts for expert. The step by step guide is what I did and got the trophy with. I can't be sure if all the steps are necessary but I wanted to be safe and make sure it worked. So some of these may not be needed but if you do follow this exactly you will get the trophy. If you do deviate slightly It may still work but I can't guarantee it.

    Step to follow:


    • When you start a new season that you want to make your expert season, select expert difficulty in the pop-up menu when you are about to start a session. Make sure you do this for the first session of the season (Practice In Bahrain). You shouldn't change this throughout the season and it should always say expert when starting a session.
    • For Practice and Qualifying turn the assists on once you are out on track. I also switched them off before returning to the garage and restarting. If you are out on track right at the end of the session make sure you pause and turn them off before you cross the line and the session ends.
    • For Racing I turned the assists on when I was sitting on the grid waiting for the lights, I turned them back off if I was restarting the race and I paused before crossing the finish line and turned them off at the end of the race.
    • This isn't necessary but I would recommend it. Back up your save game regularly. You can back up to USB at any time and reload to your console if things go badly wrong. If you get a string of bad results of forget to turn off the assists before it auto-saves. I'd say do it after every race result you are happy with. Alternatively you could turn auto save off in the MyF1 menu and save manually. I'd be in favour of creating backups though since It's very easy to forget to save before quitting.

    This exploit still works on version 1.01 of the game.

  • You have won the Formula 1 Drivers' World Championship for the second time

    Pretty self explanatory. This will come when you win your 2nd WDC in career mode. These can be won on any difficulty and doesn't have to be done consecutively.

  • You have won your third Formula 1 Drivers' World Championship

    Pretty self explanatory. This will come when you win your 3rd WDC in career mode. These can be won on any difficulty and don't have to be done consecutively.

  • You've selected the most challenging Championship Rival

    During one of the press interviews you will get asked who you think your biggest championship rival is. If you are leading the championship pick the driver that is in 2nd place behind you. If you aren't in 1st then select the highest placed driver from the options given. I usually got asked this around Hungary or Spa.

  • You have won at Monza driving for Ferrari in a single player race

    Go to Grand Prix. Select one of the Ferrari drivers: Fernando Alonso or Felipe Massa. Set the difficulty to easy and length to 1 lap. Pick Monza as the track and go on to win.

  • You have beaten the rest to win your first online ranked Grand Prix

    You have to win a Grand Prix race event online. Grand Prix event is the 7 lap race with pit stops that also has a 15 minute qualifying session.

  • You've achieved online ranking level 10

    See "Nifty 50".

  • You've achieved online ranking level 25

    See "Nifty 50".

  • You've achieved online ranking level 50

    For this you need to reach level 50 online. You'll need 1,000,000xp for this and it will take a while. Here is a description of how XP is earned:

    "Whenever you race online you will gain Online Experience which contributes towards your Online Rank. Online Rank showcases your skills and sets you apart from other online players, it also allows you to custom filter rooms by driving ability showing who’s got the most experience and expertise behind the wheel.

    You can earn Online Experience in Qualifying sessions by completing flying laps or finishing within the top 3. In the Race your XP can be earned by finishing within the top 10, completing a lap without incident and per lap if you finish the race. Be aware, if you do not finish the race, or are disqualified, all of the XP earned will be declared void."

    General Online Tips:

    • Having a good knowledge of the tracks helps a lot. Playing through a full season in career mode at least once would be beneficial.
    • Having a good custom set-up for most tracks also helps.
    • Try not to give up when near the back. You can always make up places as a lot of people make mistakes or get penalties etc.
    • Beware of the first corner. If you are on pole on most tracks you will get rammed. So try and get round the first corner as quickly as possible. If you are near the back be careful and navigate through the almost inevitable crash.
    • You can earn xp in private races with friends.

    You can also boost using the dedicated booting thread located Here.

  • You completed a multiplayer race without making contact with an opponent

    I'm not sure if the first corner doesn't count or that you have to go head first into someone but I got rammed from behind at corner one on the race that I got this. That said It's easiest if you start at the back so that you can just stay out of trouble. Try and stay clear of other racers as they seem to enjoy ramming. Another way would be to race with friends instead of random people online.

  • You were fastest in practice, qualified on pole and finished first in a single player event

    Select short race weekend in one of the best cars: McLaren, Red Bull or Ferrari. Race on easy for 1 lap. Then set the fastest time in the practice session, grab pole position and go on to win the race. This can be done in career as well.

  • You finished the season ahead of your Championship Rival

    For this you have to finish the season ahead of the driver that you selected in the interview as your championship rival. So if you win the championship you are guaranteed this trophy. If not just make sure you finish ahead of the driver you selected.

  • You have completed 7 full seasons

    At the very start of the game you are being asked questions about yourself for your profile. When asked how many seasons you will be in F1 select 7. Then complete all 7 for this trophy. Once you have completed everything that you have to complete during your career you can use this method from Darth_Krid to finish the remaining seasons quickly.

    A tip for the seven seasons; if you can get "Schuperb" and win the WDC on Expert pretty early (say within 4 or 5 seasons), then to quickly finish your career you can skip to the race every weekend and set the penalties to realistic and just smash into some cars on the first corner, get DQ'd and go on to the next race. Obviously you'll finish bottom of the championship, but if you've got all the other trophies then it doesn't matter.

    For this method though you may have to win a race near the end of the season to beat a championship rival and ensure you get a offer to drive next season.

  • You qualified in pole position with the fastest time in each sector in a single player game

    Pick one of the top cars on a track you like. Make sure it's a short race weekend not race only so it includes qualifying. You have to get pole position and you pole lap has to have the fastest time in all 3 sectors. Annoyingly the 3rd sector doesn't show up on the screen while sitting in the garage but you can work it out by taking the 1st and 2nd sectors of the lap time to see if you are fastest in all 3. This can also be done during your career.

  • You scored a point in each race of a season

    The top 10 in each race score points. So in a season of your career you have to finish every race in the top 10. After the final race the trophy will pop.

  • You won a single player race without using driver aids

    Pick one of the best cars: McLaren, Red Bull or Ferrari. Select a 1 lap race on easy and in the difficulty menu turn off everything under the driver assists heading. Go on to win the race.

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