• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Trophy Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 12 (7, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5 hours (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 Situation Mode, 1 Mission Mode, 2 quick challenges
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies:
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty setting
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Cheats: None

Eureka Seven: AO Attack Legend is a 3D shooting action game, featuring several characters from the Eureka Seven Series riding their mechs. This game has probably one of the strangest releases I have found. The game was release on September 20, 2012 by Bandai Namco Games, however, it is only available as part of the Japanese only Blu-ray package release Eureka Seven AO: The Flower Fields of Jungfrau - Game & OVA Hybrid. They are on the same disk, just go to the PS3's HUD's Game section to play the game. The game doesn't have a story, but rather just recreates situations from AO and the original series.

Step 1: Situation Mode

Clear Ao's Situation which will unlock more stages. Next clear Fleur's Stage and then Elena' situation. Afterwards, press right at the situation menu, select and clear Eureka and Renton's Situation. After, the game will take you back to the first situation page, press right and select the Holland's stage. After clearing Holland's, go to the third page and play the final situation, labeled Renton. Each situation has three stages that need to be cleared. If you fail one stage you do not have to restart the whole situation, just the stage.

In order to 100 percent this game you will need to get an S Rank on each Situation, which means getting at least 2 S Ranks and 1 A Rank or higher to get S for the total Situation. In the trophy section of this guide I give more in depth strategy for each Stage, to make things a little easier. Make sure to S Rank everything before you move on, many stages from this mode will appear again.

You will earn the following trophies during Situation Mode:

???????? [Clear Ao]
????????? [Clear Fleur]
????????? [Clear Elena]
??????????????? [Clear Eureka and Renton]
?????????? [Clear Holland]
?????????? [Clear Renton]
?????????????? [Clear all Situations]

Step 2: Mission Mode

Clear Single Mission first, which consists of 8 stages, you can play as any character you like. I have included strategies and recommended characters in the trophy guide. I used Holland for the entire single mission playthrough. After. clear the Tag Mission Mode, consisting of 16 stages. I used Anemone or Holland for most missions, but note that putting Fleur or Anemone on support if you are not using either of them as the main is a great idea since they both have really good set of range attacks.

In general, as long as you have above 75% health and are under 3 minutes you should get S Rank. Make sure to use your dodge with + + / . When your character does enough damage or takes damage it will increase your trans gauge, make sure to press when it's full, and when you are close to a character press again to unleash your trans burst move. These generally take about 1/3 of a character life, so keep that in mind when trying to finish off a stronger mech.

Make sure to get all S Ranks before moving on to the next mode. Also play and clear one mission as Anemone after unlocking her.

You will earn the following trophies during Mission Mode:

??????????????? [Clear all Single Missions]
?????????????? [Clear all Tag Missions]
??????? typetheEND???? [Clear with Nirvash typeTheEND]

Step 3: Challenge Mode

This mode only contains two challenges. Both require you to defeat as many enemies as you can in two minutes. Your goal to achieve S Rank should be to get at least 20 combo and 20 kills while maintaining your health above 70%. I used Anemone for this mode, because she has a very quick chain attack skill.

You will earn the following trophies upon clearing Challenge Mode and getting S Rank in them (and from the modes from previous steps):

??????????? [Clear Challenges]
???????S??????? [Clear all Modes with S Rank]

[PST Would Like to Thank Miyagishin for this Roadmap]

Eureka Seven AO Attack the Legend Trophy Guide

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12 trophies ( 1  )

  • シチュエーションで「アオ」をクリア。

    [Clear Ao]
    [Clear Situation with "Ao."]

    Stage 1: You want to boost with all the way till you reach the enemy within a 1000, then press button 3 times in a row for consecutive attacks. When he wakes up prepare to dodge to the left or right by pressing + + a direction input on either the dpad or analog stick. Destroy this one tough enemy and the stage will be over.

    Stage 2: Destroy 1 wave of weak enemies and the a second wave of normal enemies. The second wave should need you to do attack chains to destroy the enemies. Be sure to dodge when you see a red arrow at the top, bottom, or sides of your screen. This arrow means a bullet or attack is coming from that direction.

    Stage 3: Destroy the 2 side enemies as quickly as possible. Before they can re-spawn, target and deal as much damage to the enemy ship using your gunner button. Make sure you are within 3000m to hit the enemy ship. I recommend firing 5 - 10 bullets and dodging once the ship gets to 1/2 health because it can fire REALLY fast, and there is a delay between when you can stop firing and doing the action for dodge. Once your gauge hits max, use your trance to deal even more damage. Also, a special note on cutting time on this mission, when you use your trance, your boost and ammo will refill to max, so you can use this method to cut off the refill time. This tactic works for the next two situations as well. Upon blowing up the ship the mission ends.

  • シチュエーションで「フレア」をクリア。

    [Clear Fleur]
    [Clear Situation with "Fleur."]

    Stage 1: Try and stay above 400 for A Rank and just under 1:30 seconds. Just hold the button, while the gauge reloads, dodge or fire your weapon if it's available. There is only 1 enemy here.

    Stage 2: Press to switch enemies the moment you kill them. Try to take only 1 or two hits and clear the stage under 2 minutes for an easy S rank.

    Stage 3: Knock out the normal enemies first, you can get a little closer to the ship in this mission.

  • シチュエーションで「エレナ」をクリア。

    [Clear Elena]
    [Clear Situation with "Elena."]

    Stage 1: Press and hold until the target becomes red and then release right away for the homing shots as you approach the enemy. When you are within 1500m, stop homing and start demolishing the enemy with your twin gun. Dodge when needed and refill your ammo.

    Stage 2: Elena is very strong, I didn't even need to dodge. Just charge the missile twice in the beginning. For the second wave, focus on using your twin gun.

    Stage 3: Focus the two enemies, wave back and forth dodging the ship shooting. The moment you have trance, use it and have focus on the ship. Shoot and dodge and you will have a very quick victory.

  • シチュエーションで「エウレカ&レントン」をクリア。

    [Clear Eureka and Renton]
    [Clear Situation with "Eureka and Renton."]

    Stage 1: This one involves destroying 3 medium sized pilots. They take about 4 attacks (chaining 3 times) to destroy.

    Stage 2: Involves first destroying a weak wave of 4 aliens who only require one attack chain to destroy, then a second slightly stronger wave of 4. You cannot kill them in one chain, so after the attack, dodge and repeat.

    Stage 3: Recommend re-targeting to the enemies on the side, they are weaker and can be eliminated rather fast. Then focus on the tougher threat, just focus on landing attack chains and dodging. Once you blow him up the mission is cleared.

  • シチュエーションで「ホランド」をクリア。

    [Clear Holland]
    [Clear Situation with "Holland."]

    Stage 1: Quick stage, just focus down on the 3 baddies one by one. Holand is actually really powerful, so you can get within 1000 distance, land your full chain, and while the enemy is recovering, hold down to get the full beam charge, letting go right before they wake up, and press again. If any shots missed it doesn't matter the enemy is still dodging or getting hits by your bullets, and with this last chain they will be destroyed.

    Stage 2: 4 weak aliens enemies, followed by second wake of slightly less weak aliens. The First wave can be eliminated completely by charged shots. Second wave just dodge and chain.

    Stage 3: The enemy with the words - Anemone is your main target, however quickly attack chain the other two enemies to not have to worry about dodging as much. Abuse the strategy mentioned in Stage 1 against the main enemy and this stage will be over in no time. The side enemies re-spawn, but I just used my special and ignored them while focusing on the main target.

  • シチュエーションで「レントン」をクリア。

    [Clear Renton]
    [Clear Situation with "Renton."]

    Stage 1: Clear a weak wave of 4 aliens, and a second slightly less pathetic wave of 4 aliens. Just use attack chains with Renton once you get withing 1000 distance, he's pretty strong so just be patient. Renton also seems to build trance gauge really quickly, so just take note that most likely you will have your trance move to speed things along.

    Stage 2: Boss enemy with 2 helpers who re-spawn. Just focus down on the helpers and then go destroy the Boss enemy. Because this is stage 2, take your time and take the helpers if they re-spawn. Watch your boost gauge, because you will need dodges to get close.

    Stage 3: This is one of the easiest stages, because there is only one enemy. Use your attack chain and boost around him at a safe distance. If he shoots missiles just use your attack chain, if he use purple laser or anything else just do a quick dodge or two in a row to the left or right. Rinse and repeat and the this guy is finished.

  • シチュエーションを全てのキャラクターでクリア。

    [Clear all Situations]
    [Clear Situations with all characters.]

    This trophy will unlock as soon as you cleared the final Renton mission. There are 6 total situation stages. Press left or right in the situation select menu to change the page.

  • シングルミッションを全てクリア。

    [Clear all Single Missions]
    [Clear all Single Missions.]

    This is the second option on the Main Menu. I recommend using Holland (high damage and broken wake up tactic), Renton (damage and builds gauge fast) or Elena (if you like long range and high damage). There are 8 stages in total.

    Mission 1: Destroy the one enemy, which is slightly tough. This enemy will only shoot lasers or dive at you.

    Mission 2: Destroy the one enemy. This enemy will try and shoot you from distance, so be sure to dodge to get in close.

    Mission 3: Destroy AO. This enemy will use its trance and actually use the special on you once if you take too long, make sure you are being careful not to get hit before this too much because this move will do huge damage and drop you to an A rank. Best tactic is to get your trance out first, or just make sure you are staying close to this enemy.

    Mission 4: Destroy Eureka and Renton. Same strategy as AO above, don't be afraid of the boomerang as it does very little damage.

    Mission 5: Destroy Holland. Same strategy as AO. For me this was a mirror match. The computer AI does not abuse the charging lasers upon knockdown.

    Mission 6: Destroy Anemone. This is like the previous situations but even easier because there are no extra enemies helping the boss. Just don't sit still against this boss.

    Mission 7: Destroy Renton. Same strategy as AO.

    Mission 8: Destroy Boss version of Holland. Actually this one took me several tries to S Rank. The best strategy here is to dodge everything. His Purple Beam does 100 damage, so it's best to approach carefully and use your + and pressing or with careful timing. Do not focus on having a bullet war with this enemy. Lastly, when this boss activate trance, it will almost always try and slam you for its trance special. The best tactic is to just run away until the gauge has almost worn off.

    Upon clearing 8 you will unlock Anemone as well as this trophy.

  • タッグミッションを全てクリア。

    [Clear all Tag Missions]
    [Clear all Tag Missions.]

    Second option on the Main Menu. I recommend using Holland (high damage and broken wake up tactic) , Renton (damage and builds gauge fast), Elena (if you like long range and high damage) or the now unlocked Anemone (really quick homing missile and decent damage). There are 16 stages in total. You pick two characters in this mode, but the tactics for all the missions are the same.

    Mission 1: An exact replica of the very first stage in Situation mode. Just destroy the enemy.

    Mission 2: Destroy 1 wave of 3 weak baddies and a second wave of 3 less weak baddies.

    Mission 3: Destroy 2 re-spawning enemies, blow up the ship to clear the mission.

    Mission 4: Destroy AO and Flare. I suggest focusing on AO first, Flare is weaker and gives less trouble.

    Mission 5: Destroy AO and Elena. Focus down on AO first.

    Mission 6: Destroy Flare and Elena. They will try and hammer you from long range.

    Mission 7: Destroy 3 hard enemies. Once you get one out of the way, just attack chain one, re-target, attack chain the other, re-target, and attack chain again. Repeat until they are defeated.

    Mission 8: Defeat 2 waves of 4 alien ships.

    Mission 9: Boss and 2 re-spawning ships.

    Mission 10: Destroy Eureka and Renton, and Anemone. For some reason your partner goes after the first person that you target, just make sure you always defeat the mech your partner isn't attacking first.

    Mission 11: Destroy Eureka and Renton, and Holland.

    Mission 12: Destroy Holland and Anemone.

    Mission 13: Eliminate 2 waves of alien vessels.

    Mission 14: Destroy 3 tough enemies.

    Mission 15: Defeat Holland and Renton.

    Mission 16: Defeat Renton and Anemone.

    Upon clearing mission 16 you will unlock the trophy and an alternate for AO.

  • チャレンジを全てクリア。

    [Clear all Challenge Missions]
    [Clear all Challenge Missions.]

    Defeat the 2 challenges to get the trophy.

    Challenge 1: Destroy as many enemy ships within 2 minutes while taking little damage.

    Challenge 2: Eliminate as many alien vessels within 2 minutes while taking little damage.

    I recommend using Anemone during this section as she has the fastest homing attack in the game, as well as quick consecutive attacks. The ideal score you want to get is at least 20 kills and a 20 combo, as well as keeping you health above 75%. The best way to keep a combo going is right away when an enemy is destroyed, re-target by pressing . If they are in 1000m you will slide over to the next enemy. Don't worry if you take a few hits, just try to go fast. If the combo breaks before 20, restart the mission.

  • シチュエーション、ミッション、チャレンジの全てでSランクを取得。

    [Clear all Modes with S Rank]
    [Achieve S Rank in every Situation, Mission, Challenge.]

    You need to clear every Situation, Mission, and Challenge in the game with Rank S. This should be the last trophy you get in the game.


Secret trophies

  • 任意のモードでニルヴァーシュ typetheENDを使用してクリア。

    [Clear with Nirvash typeTheEND]
    [Clear random mode with Nirvash typetheEND.]

    Once you unlock Anemone from clearing all stages from Single Mission mode, go to any Single or Tag Mission and use her. The Nirvash typetheEND is her default mech.

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