Safety Trophy in Eufloria HD

  • Safety


    Complete "200" without any of your own trees being destroyed.

    How to unlock Safety

    This has to be done in normal mode. Only advice: defend, defend, defend! Until you have a stable population of seeds: never let your seed count drop too low, equip every asteroid with one or two defense trees, get advanced seedlings as soon as you can. This may require several level restarts, a flower early on is very helpful. Don’t let your guard down, one time I lost a tree seconds before the game ended.

    The developers have confirmed that this trophy is glitched on the PS3: LINK

    "The bug causes the destroyed tree count not to be reset to zero unless you win a level." It is highly unlikely that this will ever be fixed. The Vita version should not be affected.

    Workaround: "Actually you just need to win another level immediately before playing l24" (Thanks to xelnia for pointing this out).

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