• Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (Trophy Difficulty Rating), personal estimate: 3/10
  • Offline trophies: 20 (19, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 20hrs+
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2 (Normal and Dark Matter mode)
  • Number of missable trophies: 0, Level select is available.
  • Glitched trophies: 1, Safety (PS3 only)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No, each game has its own trophy list
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No, none available.


Eufloria (HD) is a real-time-strategy game in a spacy, ambient surrounding where you grow so called "seedlings" which grow on "Dyson trees" to colonize and conquer neighbouring asteroids. As the story progresses, you get access to a few more types of units, but your foes get them as well...

The PS3 game is based on the first version of the game retroactively dubbed Eufloria Classic, also available on different platforms like PC, iOS and Android devices. The game has been revamped as a "HD" version for most of the devices mentioned above, including the PS Vita but unfortunately excluding the PS3. As the support for all Eufloria Classic versions has ceased, the Safety trophy will most likely remain glitched while the HD versions should have this bug fixed.

Apart from this, both versions have nearly identical game play with only minor differences. On the HD version for the Vita:

  • Touch screen controls are the prime input method
  • The level 11 (The vicious ones) has been made easier
  • There are more "lost seeds" to find, the Hero trophy reflects that accordingly (PS3: 600 needed, Vita: 700 needed)

There is no cross-progress or cross-trophy feature implemented, each game has its own trophy list and has to be completed separately to get both 100%.

An important hint:
Asteroid statistics, distances and enemy distribution are somewhat randomized in most levels. If initial conditions are unfortunate (e.g. you start amidst enemies with no asteroid to expand to without major seed loss) don't hesitate to restart, next time you might have better statistics, less enemies around you, free asteroids in reach or even a flower from the very beginning.


For detailed info about any level, consult the strategy guide.

Step 1: Complete normal mode

Play level 1-25 in normal mode. If given, fulfill the objective to finish a level early. At the end of this step you should have the following trophies: Starboretum

Step 2: Complete Dark Matter mode

Play level 3-25 in Dark Matter mode. Because you have to conquer every asteroid in every level and you are not hindered by any objectives, this is perfect for collecting all artifacts (see Historian). At the end of this step you should have the following trophies: Illuminator

Step 3: Normal mode speed run

Replay normal mode levels until the accumulated play time is below 10 hours. This should give you the following trophies: Lightsecond and Lightyear most likely as well

Step 4: Clean up

You will have unlocked most of trophies by now (e.g. Martyrdom, Hero, Aggressor, Banzai, Intruder or Historian) so collect the rest.

[PST Would Like to Thank dcdfan for this Road Map]

Eufloria HD Trophy Guide

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20 trophies ( 19  )

  • Complete the main game.

    This trophy will unlock when you finish level 25 'The centre cannot hold' on normal mode. Dark Matter Mode will be available after that.

  • Complete Dark Matter Mode.

    This trophy will unlock when you finish level 25 'The centre cannot hold' on Dark Matter mode.

  • Complete "200" without any of your own trees being destroyed.

    This has to be done in normal mode. Only advice: defend, defend, defend! Until you have a stable population of seeds: never let your seed count drop too low, equip every asteroid with one or two defense trees, get advanced seedlings as soon as you can. This may require several level restarts, a flower early on is very helpful. Don’t let your guard down, one time I lost a tree seconds before the game ended.

    The developers have confirmed that this trophy is glitched on the PS3: LINK

    "The bug causes the destroyed tree count not to be reset to zero unless you win a level." It is highly unlikely that this will ever be fixed. The Vita version should not be affected.

    Workaround: "Actually you just need to win another level immediately before playing l24" (Thanks to xelnia for pointing this out).

  • Complete "The Centre Cannot Hold" within 60 minutes.

    You only have to defeat all grey enemies. They're on the two large asteroids and on two tiny ones which you can only reach via the large ones. After about 30-40 minutes you should have conquered enough asteroids around the one of the large ones and have got enough seeds, depending on level settings and your recklessness. The final attack takes only a few minutes. Build up an army, swarm the first large asteroid, take the adjacent small one, stock up your army again on your first large asteroid, you should reach the second from there. Don't forget the second small planet and ignore the rest.

  • Complete Story Mode in under ten hours.

    Tally your times in normal mode manually and replay levels where you took too long to get under 10 hours. Most levels can be finished in around 30min or less, only a few may need more. For a rough estimate take a look at the Eufloria 'Times' thread, There's an enormous margin here. if you add up only the quickest level completion times (at the time of writing), this game is beatable in 9 hours 10 minutes! Therefore concentrate on those levels where your play time differs most.

  • Complete "Protection" without destroying anyone else's trees.

    Obviously, this has to be done in normal mode. You have two objectives: Defend Greys for ten minutes and don’t destroy any trees. Easiest method: Don't do anything, just sit and wait. If this doesn't work at first, just restart again and again until it does. Sooner or later you will get a setting where the Grey survive by themselves (thanks to archchimaira for this).

    I got it the hard way, which doesn't work every time, where I used a combination of two strategies: Flee: Don't build any defence trees near greys, settle on every possible empty asteroid. Flee if attacked by Greys (to keep their number up), either flee or defend if attacked by any other tribe. Hope for the best. Support: Settle on every possible empty asteroid. There are Greys directly to the right. At one time they will move out completely and leave their asteroid unattended. Send in a few of your seeds, build a Dyson tree and retreat. The Grey will return and take it back but now they have a Dyson tree that they wouldn't have built themselves. Defend your position, their Dyson tree should compensate any losses of their attack.

  • Attack an enemy asteroid and lose 300 seedlings in the process.

    This should come naturally while playing. If it doesn't, then send smaller chunks of weak seeds to a well defended enemy asteroid so you don't risk to wipe them out accidentally. One good place is level 19 'Looking Glass' after conquering the large asteroid to the left or use the strategy described for Stalemate.

  • Hero


    Find over 700 of the lost seedlings in the game.


    Self explanatory. Just send scouts to all unknown asteroids around. They may find a swarm of your seeds buzzing around an asteroid with or without a tree (e.g. in level 18 'Hide and Seek'). On the PS3 it has been confirmed that there are a total of 630 seeds hidden in different levels, yet I have no precise numbers for the Vita game. The numbers for the levels are (Vita estimates in brackets):

    lvl 01: 9
    lvl 06: 57
    lvl 09: 160 (200?)
    lvl 12: 60
    lvl 14: 100 (150?)
    lvl 17: 49
    lvl 18: 72
    lvl 20: 123 (140?)

    Although the number at the beginning of a level is always the same, there is some variation e.g. An asteroid may get attacked before you can discover it or a Dyson tree adds more seeds. See the strategy guide where to find them in each level.

  • Attack an enemy asteroid and destroy 200 seedlings in the process.

    This should come naturally while playing. Similar to Martyrdom, only this time the number of killed enemy seeds counts.

  • Discover an asteroid using a flower or a mine.

    Self explanatory. Instead of a single scout seed, send a flower or a mine to an unknown asteroid.

  • Send a flower or a mine over 50000 arbitrary distance units.

    There's no indication how far "50000 arbitrary distance units" are but sending a flower or a mine form one end to the other in a large level does the trick. If this doesn't seem to work, try again in a different level. On the Vita, I couldn't get it in level 19 'Looking Glass' even though this would be an obvious choice for this trophy but it did work out later on in level 25 'The Centre Cannot Hold'.

  • Gather ten flowers on an asteroid.

    This trophy unlocks as soon as 10 flowers orbit around one asteroid. After that you can send them somewhere else and use them regularly. The difficult part is to find a level where you can afford having 10 flowers and not needing them immediately. Any large level like 14 'Liberation' should work as soon as you outnumber your enemy and can still continue building Dyson trees.

  • Gather five mines on an asteroid.

    This is similar to Gardener, only with 5 mines.

  • Battle for an enemy asteroid for ten minutes.

    See Stalemate

  • Defend one of your own asteroids continuously for five minutes.

    This the opposite of Attrition. I don't know where to get it, it unlocked for me naturally while playing normal mode. If it won't unlock for you wait for being attacked and try prolonging the fight with small reinforcements.

  • A pitched battle that lasts over 15 minutes and incurs 500 losses between all sides.

    To unlock this trophy you have to create a ongoing stream of seedlings, direct it to a well populated enemy asteroid where it continuously diminishes enemies, without killing too many of them. Good place for this is the last level 25 'The centre cannot hold': Once you control the central part, build up a large army and send it around one of the large asteroids, conquering every small surrounding asteroid, then direct their new seeds to the big one next to them. Continue until you did a full circle. Now wait. Stalemate will unlock sooner or later, as well as Martyrdom, Aggressor and Attrition.

  • Destroy ten enemy seedlings using a mine explosion.

    If you use mines a lot, this should come naturally while playing. If a mine is destroyed it goes down with an explosion and the larger the yellow energy bar, the bigger the explosion. Just send an average mine (or better) to a densely populated enemy asteroid.

  • Land a beacon seed on an enemy asteroid.

    Self explanatory. Direct fresh seeds to an enemy asteroid and once the beacon arrives, the trophy will pop.

  • Record all of the Ancient Artifacts.


    In regards to artifacts, there is no difference between normal and dark matter mode so if you missed an artifact on the first playthrough due to mission requirements, then you can get it later in dark matter mode. There are 30 artifacts in all. To find an artifact, slightly zoom in on a scouted asteroid, if there's a odd coloured dot orbiting around it, you have found one. After you planted any tree, fully zoom in on it (PS3) / touch it (Vita) to unlock it. Having lots of seeds on that asteroid makes it difficult to discover an artifact (especially on the Vita) so check whenever you sent a scout or planted a tree.

    If for some reason you forgot to collect an artifact and now it is on the only asteroid which you haven't colonized, there is still a way to get it. Send in your seeds as usual. While they are destroying a tree and breaking into the core, fully zoom in onto the artifact and keep it on the screen. As soon as the seeds take over the asteroid, the artifact will unlock (PS3) / you can touch it (Vita), you see the description, you can acknowledge it and the level ends right after that.

    Levels can contain up to two artifacts, here's a list of all 30 artifacts and in which level they appear:

    • Level 04: Ovoid 7
    • Level 05: Cubos, Q-Plane
    • Level 06: Bolian Radio
    • Level 07: Celestia Nest
    • Level 08: Amberous, Gersical Void
    • Level 09: Antropian Trap
    • Level 10: Micro Nautilus, Gliesian Mirror
    • Level 11: Geres Cloud Horn, Grower Husk
    • Level 12: Cache 13
    • Level 13: Cache 14
    • Level 14: Auto Vac, Iron Baloon
    • Level 15: Flux Calendar
    • Level 16: Fear Flower
    • Level 17: The Twins
    • Level 18: Guardian
    • Level 19: The Versuvia Tablet, False Witness
    • Level 20: Companions
    • Level 21: The individual
    • Level 22: Zotropic Enhancer, Gravitonastus
    • Level 23: Sensoric Antenna, Protoflora
    • Level 24: Mimic
    • Level 25: ?
  • Terraform an asteroid to maximum resources.

    There are several places to achieve this trophy, either you can unlock it on one large asteroid in level 11 'The Vicious Ones' (PS3 only) or two in Dark Matter level 7 'Containment' where 2 of 3 attributes are already at maximum. Enter the terraforming menu, select the attribute which you want increase and press/drag right until maxed out. Press / select OK and seedlings start to get absorbed. As soon as the attribute bar is full, the trophy will pop.

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