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When a mama fox's home is destroyed by a forest fire, she is left with no choice but to find new shelter before her litter of cubs is born. When she finally finds a cozy cave to sleep in, her little ones arrive wild and hungry. For the first few nights, she'll need to venture off alone to search for food to bring back to their lair. On the 3rd night, however, one of her babies is swiftly taken from her by the awful humans that burned down her old home. Not wanting to take the chance to lose more, she'll take her cubs out with her to hunt so she can keep a keen eye on them and teach them how to survive. From an angry owl to a ravenous badger, she'll need to teach her cubs how to work with the other animals and what humans can and can't be trusted. Avoid traps, climb trees, dig under fences, and do everything you can to not only survive but get her cub back. 


Step 1: Play through the game while getting all of the Traces

While this game can all be done in one playthrough, it's highly recommended you use two. The first playthrough will simply be to learn how to play the game and learn the layout of each area. Food can be scarce in this world and if you get too ahead of yourself, you can find yourself in an unfixable bind. The game autosaves at the start of each night and there is no chapter selection or free roam once you complete the game, so anything you might miss will need to be done on a new playthrough. For that reason, don't worry too much about the miscellaneous trophies (outside of the Traces), and just get a feel for what it takes to keep your cubs alive. It's ok if one or two don't make it to the end here. You'll be needing all of them for other trophies so just consider this your practice run. 

After this step, you will earn:

Home Sweet Home trophy_bronze.png 
Never Give Up trophy_bronze.png 
Surviving trophy_silver.png 
Never Let Down trophy_silver.png 
Hard Fox Life trophy_silver.png 
Never Run Around trophy_gold.png 
Family Reunion trophy_gold.png 
Extinction is Forever trophy_gold.png 
All For One trophy_bronze.png (at the very least)

Step 2: Do it All

Now that you're familiar with the game, you should have a better understanding of food rationing and keeping your cubs safe from wildlife and humans. Now you can tackle anything and everything. There is a task list provided under We Are a Family trophy_gold.png that shows what you should be aiming to do each day regarding the miscellaneous trophies, skills, traces, and highly missable foods. Be sure to check the maps provided under Omnivore trophy_gold.png for the "not found everywhere" foods so you make sure to eat them prior to Night 30. If you find yourself in a bind or running low on your food bar (or if you lost a cub), you can exit the game and start it back up. Hitting "continue" from the main menu will start the game from the beginning of the current night, giving you a chance to fix any mistakes you may have made. The skills (For a Better Tomorrow trophy_gold.png) is a very important trophy as not only do some of the skills need to be learned on certain days, but the "Climbing" skill can glitch out depending on how you went about following the Traces for Night 15. No trophy progress carries over across new saves so even if you learned some of the skills or ate certain foods on your first run, you'll be starting over fresh here so be sure to do everything. This will be a very in-depth playthrough, so do your best to keep track of your nights and what you have/have not completed. 

After this step, you will earn:

A Friend in Need trophy_bronze.png 
Maternity trophy_silver.png 
For a Better Tomorrow trophy_gold.png 
Beyond Words trophy_bronze.png 
Omnivore trophy_gold.png 
Mother Love trophy_bronze.png 
Barking in the Rain trophy_bronze.png 
Peaceful Instinct trophy_silver.png 
Tasty trophy_bronze.png 
A Barking Fox Doesn't Bite trophy_bronze.png 
Detox diet trophy_silver.png 
You Can Pet The Fox trophy_bronze.png 
Chicken Dinner trophy_bronze.png 
Lullaby trophy_bronze.png 
Easter Egg trophy_gold.png 
Two Peas in a Pod trophy_silver.png 
Three Little Foxes trophy_silver.png 
We Are a Family trophy_gold.png 
Endling trophy_platinum.png 

Endling - Extinction is Forever Trophy Guide

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28 trophies ( 12  9  )

  • Unlock every other trophy in the game.

    Unlock all of the other trophies to earn this Platinum. 
  • Finish the game with all cubs alive.


    There are 4 cubs total, 3 that you'll play with and need to take care of throughout the game, then the 4th one that you need to rescue. They also need to survive the ending desert sequence for the trophy. That part isn't too terribly difficult, just make sure that if the cubs slow down, you show them some love and cuddle with them using dpad_up.png so they walk/run at normal speed. Your first go at the game might end up in less than stellar circumstances, but once you get the hang of the game, your cub's chances of survival will greatly increase. You want to make sure to keep all the cubs alive at least through Night 25/26 so you can make sure you learn all of the skills required for For a Better Tomorrow trophy_gold.png since you'll need them all for that trophy. The biggest obstacle you'll run into will of course be food. You don't want to eat too many resources too quickly, otherwise, you'll be running around like a wild animal (no pun intended) trying to find anything to eat. The berry bushes are the only items that really regenerate, so if you can remember where to find them, you can save them for a rainy day. The game itself lasts 30 Nights, after which the game will go into the final desert sequence and end. There is no chapter select and save files don't carry over into new games, so if you miss anything along your way, you'll need to start a new game to get it. To make it easier for you, below is a list of each Night and the task you'll be aiming to do on it. The highly missable tasks will be marked in red. If you can follow this map, you should be able to get through all 30 days without losing any of your cubs. If you feel like one is about to starve or if you lose one to an owl, exit out of the game and reload it. You'll start at the beginning of the current night, giving yourself another chance without any harsh consequences. 

    Lair 1 / River Area:

    Lair 2 / Forest Area (Trace count resets for tracking purposes):

    Lair 3 / Dumping Area (Trace count resets for tracking purposes):
    If you got through all 30 days without losing a cub, finish up the last section and when the credits start to roll, your trophy will unlock. Depending on what version you're on, there might be a small delay with it. 
  • Finish the game with at least three cubs alive.


    See ​​​​We Are a Family trophy_gold.png.
  • Finish the game with at least two cubs alive.


    ​​​​See We Are a Family trophy_gold.png.
  • Finish the game with at least one cub alive.


    See We Are a Family trophy_gold.png.

    Note that the only reason this trophy is marked as missable is because you can get yourself into quite a bind if you're not feeding your cubs nearly as much as you should. You can run the risk of having them too low and not being able to find food anywhere close by. If all of your cubs die, you'll get the game over notice and will need to continue from the start of the current night. If you're unable to find food before the last one dies, you can potentially prevent yourself from being able to progress forward with the story and will need to start over from Night 1. 
  • Find all traces of the missing cub in the river area.


    On Night 3, one of your cubs will be lured out of the first lair by the Scavenger who will take the cub away. Starting on this Night, when you leave the lair, there will be a purple-ish scent trail that you can follow when you hit l1.png. These scent trails will lead to a short storyline clue about what happened to the cub and where they've been taken. There are 3 per Night that you need to collect on Nights 3, 6, 9, and 12, for a total of 12 for the River area. Find all 12 traces and you'll progress to Lair 2 as well as get this trophy. 
  • Find all traces of the missing cub in the forest.


    The Forest area is the second area you'll come to where you'll also find Lair 2. Just as with the River area for Never Give Up trophy_bronze.png, there will be periodic nights when you leave the lair and will have a purple-ish scent trail that you can follow. This trail will lead to 3 traces of the missing cub each night it appears, which will be Nights 15, 18, and 21, for a total of 9 traces for the Forest area. Find all 9 and you'll move on to Lair 3 as well as get this trophy. 
  • Find all traces of the missing cub near the dumping ground.


    The Dumping Ground is the 3rd and final area you'll reach and it's also where you'll find Lair 3. Just as with the other two areas, you wake up on certain days to find the purple-ish scent trail that leads to the clues to where your missing cub is located. These will be Nights 23, 25, 27, and 29, each with 3 traces to find, so a total of 12 for this area. Find all 12 to unlock the trophy. 
  • Learn all cub skills.


    There are 8 skills total that your cubs can learn, but each cub can only learn 4, so you'll need to keep all 3 non-captured cubs alive for this trophy. All of the cubs will learn the "Jump" and "High Jump" skills automatically, taking up 2 of their skill slots, but the others will all need to be learned by visiting certain areas on the map, some even on certain days. The list of the skills and where to learn them are as follows:

    Jump: Automatically learned by all living cubs on Night 4.

    High Jump: Automatically learned by all living cubs on Night 22.

    Squeeze Through: Learned by one cub starting on Night 9. You must learn this skill prior to Night 30. North of the Forest area is a warehouse that opens up gradually as you progress through the game. When you enter from the West side of the warehouse, you and your cubs will need to jump over a gap on a scaffolding, but one won't make it. When you climb down to them (call them by barking with circle.png), you teach them how to "squeeze through" an opening in some wooden planks so they can be reunited with the other cubs. This skill is required to reach the Candy Bar for Omnivore trophy_gold.png. The location of where to get this is marked in the image below with the cub with the red "?". 

    Dig: Learned by one cub starting on Night 9. You must learn this skill prior to Night 30. You'll need to make your way through the sewers at the warehouse in the forest area until you reach a mud pit that one of your cubs will stop at. Press triangle.png when given the cue to do so to teach them how to Dig. This skill is required for them to be able to eat the Worm for Omnivore trophy_gold.png. The image below shows the location of where to learn this skill. 

    Climb: Missable, possibly just glitched. Learned by one cub on Night 15 only. As you're discovering the 3 traces associated with this Night, the 3rd one will lead you to a treehouse with a tire swing hanging down from it. This is Molly's treehouse. In order to learn how to climb, you need the Scavenger, who can be seen just past the treehouse, to not only see you but fire his weapon at you. If you collect the trace before he does this, you will be blocked out of learning this skill. To help avoid missing this, be sure to approach the tire swing from the right side. When he fires his weapon, you'll instruct one of the cubs to climb up the tree with the tire swing on it where Molly will be waiting for you outside her window (she'll feed you). This skill is required to learn the Dangle skill. 

    Dangle: Missable. One of your living cubs must have the Climb skill which can only be learned on Night 15. On Night 22, the remaining locked pathways to the Warehouse on the Northern part of the map will open up. You need to get this skill prior to Night 30. Approach the warehouse from the East, more specifically here:

    And make your way to the second trash bin and climb up it. All your cubs will follow you into the warehouse until you reach a climbable pipe. From here, only you and the cub who learned how to climb will be able to continue. Climb up the pipe and under the window is a box you can climb to get to the roofing section of the warehouse. Follow the roof to the end and there will be an egg in a nest that your cub will jump down to. You'll need to pick them up, or "dangle" them to get them back up, at which time they'll learn the Dangle skill. This skill is required to reach the Easter Egg for Easter Egg trophy_gold.png. The circled part on the map above is where the skill will actually be learned. 

    Hunt: Missable. Learned by one cub starting on Night 22. This must be learned prior to Night 30. On Night 22, the remainder of the Northern section of the map will open up, including the Furrier's house, which is located here:

    When you first enter the area, go right, and just before the dogs in the cages will be a single rat inside a cage. Climb up on top of the cage and one of your cubs will fall in. Press triangle.png when prompted and you'll teach them how to "hunt" the rat. 

    Disable Traps: Missable. This can only be earned by one cub and can also only be earned on either Night 25 or 26 (26 being the recommended Night to do this on since you have no other obligations to get through outside of feeding your cubs). The Scavenger should be active near your lair these two days and you want to make your way just East of your lair. The path you need to be on will be locked from the North side, so you'll need to approach it from the South. This is the location you're going for:

    When you get to the opening where the Scavenger can see you, carefully make your way into a triangular trap sitting on the ground (sneak into it when his back is facing you). When you get trapped, the Scavenger will turn around and face you, but a civilian will also appear and distract the Scavenger so he doesn't shoot you. When he does, press triangle.png to teach one of your cubs how to disable the trap. This skill only works on the triangular traps, not the bear traps that actually injure you. 
  • Let your cubs eat every kind of food in the game.


    This trophy is mostly missable because a few of the food items only appear for a limited time and others only appear once or twice. You'll get the majority by simply playing through the game since you need to feed your cubs every day. There are 18 food types in total, but only 17 are required for the trophy (the Easter Egg for Easter Egg trophy_gold.png is not required). The list of the required foods is as follows:
    • Apple
    • Berries
    • Boxed Food
    • Candy Bar
    • Canned Food
    • Chicken 
    • Deer
    • Egg
    • Fish
    • Garbage
    • Mouse
    • Mushroom
    • Pigeon
    • Potato Chips
    • Rabbit
    • Rat
    • Worm
    The Apples, Berries (bushes), Eggs, Garbage, and Mice are found in every area and will be very hard to miss. Just remember to check the trees for Apples (in all areas) and Eggs (in the Forest Area). 

    The remaining can be found in the following areas (make a note of the Deer and Fish since those are time-limited):
    • Boxed Food: In the Southeastern area of the map will be a chicken slaughter factory. On the outside of the factory will be some containers and platforms you and your cubs can climb on. The blue box of food is found on these platforms.
    • Candy Bar: These require one of your Cubs to have the "Squeeze Through" skill (see For a Better Tomorrow trophy_gold.png). In the Northern section of the map will be a factory that gradually opens up as you progress through the game. The Candy Bars are found within small holes in the wall that your Cub can crawl through to retrieve the Candy.
    • Canned Food: These can sometimes be picked up out of Garbage Bags, but for the most part, you'll be needing a cub with the "Squeeze Through" skill to get them (see For a Better Tomorrow trophy_gold.png). The easiest one to get will be at the vending machine in the factory in the North (the top leftmost icon on the map below). There will be one in the vending machine before it breaks and two on the ground after it does.
    • Chicken: There are two main locations to get Chicken, the first one being the easiest since the Chicken is quite literally dropped on you and your cubs. In the Southeastern area of the map is a Chicken Slaughter Factory (marked by the chicken icon below). When you enter the main slaughter room, a chicken will drop from the conveyor belt above you, allowing you to simply pick it up with cross.png. The other location is a caged chicken and is provided under Chicken Dinner trophy_bronze.png.
    • Deer: This is the most time-limited food you'll need to get. During the introduction of the game, you and an unfortunate deer took a small tumble off a cliff. While you lived, your deer friend did not. Its corpse will only remain for a maximum of 3 Nights and will only net 1 piece of meat. At any point during the first 3 Nights, return to the Deer to grab some dinner off of it. If you're going for Peaceful Instinct trophy_silver.png at the beginning of the game, collecting the meat off the Deer will not count as a "kill" and you'll be good to still get the Deer and that trophy.
    • Fish: There are a few fishing locations found in the River Area, but the max they'll last will only be 8 Nights. The Southern spots will disappear first, at around roughly 5 Nights, but the Northern-most spot will disappear last, at about 8 Nights. Make sure you fish in any of them before they disappear to get your dinner. If you're going for Peaceful Instinct trophy_silver.png at the start of the game, don't fish in any of them until that trophy unlocks. If you don't have enough Nights left to get that trophy before Night 8, then you'll need to get the trophy later in the game.
    • Mushroom: This food only has one location and requires one of your cubs to have the "Squeeze Through" skill (see For a Better Tomorrow trophy_gold.png). It's located in the sewage area of the Western entrance of the Northern factory. Your cub will need to squeeze through a hole in the wall to retrieve it.
    • Pigeon: You'll find quite a handful of Pigeons as you make your way through the Dumping Area. There are actually two Pigeons located on the roofing area where you need to learn the Dangle skill (see For a Better Tomorrow trophy_gold.png), but even if you miss those, there are plenty to be found around the slum section of the Dumping Area. They sometimes appear randomly so do note that not all the locations are shown on the map below, only the firm ones. The leftmost Pigeon icon is the two near the skill location.
    • Potato Chips: This is another food that is pretty scarce. Its main location is in the Dumping Area, within the slum housing (marked in the image below). Outside of that, it does appear randomly in the Northern factory after you rescue your cub (Nights 29 and 30), but the locations are not firm. There would just be random bags lying around that didn't appear across playthroughs. 
    • Rabbits: Rabbits will appear running around in the River Area, then will randomly be killed by the Furrier in the Forest and Dumping Areas. The locations of where the Furrier vary so again, only the firm locations are shown in the image below. If you're having trouble actually catching a rabbit, try hiding in a bush and then quickly pressing cross.png when it runs by you to catch it. This is seemingly the only animal that runs away no matter how quiet you are when sneaking up to it, so hiding is your best bet. 
    • Rat: The Rats will be easy to confuse with the Mice, but just keep in mind that the Mice are brown and the Rats are more of a dark gray color. They're mostly found in the factories (both the North and Southeast). If you're having trouble finding one above ground, look no further than the sewers to find plenty running about.
    • Worm: The Worm will require one of your cubs to have the Dig skill (see For a Better Tomorrow trophy_gold.png). Throughout each area will be small patches of white dirt that, when the cub has the skill, they stop at and stick their head in. Press triangle.png when they do and they'll dig into the hole and pull out a worm to eat. 
  • Pet your cubs at least once for five days straight.


    You can start petting your Cubs on Day 4 when they leave the lair for the first time. To pet them, press dpad_up.png when you're standing next to them. Just remember to do this five days straight at any point between day four and day 23 to unlock the trophy. To make it easier on yourself, give them a snuggle first thing when you wake up so you don't forget. Also be sure to let the animation fully play out. If you touch any buttons or move the analog sticks, it'll cancel the snuggle and won't count for the trophy. 
  • Bark three times in a row when it's raining.


    This can be done as early as the introduction as it'll be raining after you get through the forest on fire. More specifically, it'll start when you and the deer tumble off the cliff. To bark, press circle.png and just to make sure to do it three separate times to unlock the trophy.

    It will also be raining on Nights 19-21, then again on Nights 27-30. Night 30 will be the last chance you have to get this trophy without needing to start a new game. 
  • Do not kill any animal (fish, mouse, rabbit, pigeon, chicken) for five days.


    You can get this as you play through the first week. The Fish and Deer are the only truly missable animals in the game (see Omnivore trophy_gold.png), but the Fish will remain around until at least Day 8 (depending on what water source you visit). You won't actually be killing the Deer since it dies during the introduction when you and it fall off the cliff, so you can still feed your cubs at least that animal without any consequence to this trophy. The berry bushes in the River area also respawn almost daily at the beginning of the game, so you can easily use those each day to feed your cubs. 

    If you want to get this later on in the game, the Dumping Area is another good place. Not only is there just a lot of trash in this area, you can also use one of your cubs to sort of cheese through it. Only you are not allowed to kill anything for your cubs, but if one of them has the Hunt skill (see For a Better Tomorrow trophy_gold.png), they can kill the animals without blocking you out of this trophy. Additionally, the dig skill is also helpful as the Worms don't count towards this trophy. Just make sure you start working on the trophy no later than Night 25 so you have enough time to get it done. 
  • Enter your lair with a full stomach.


    While this is missable, it's likely it'll unlock naturally as you progress through the game. Your main goal each Night is to simply feed your cubs (outside of the days required for the missing cub traces, of course). You don't have to fill up their food bar every day before you go to sleep, but for this trophy, you'll need to do just that at least once. Foods like Candy Bars, Canned Foods, Rabbits, and even Apples give your cubs a lot of substance, so try and use those for this if you can. You can even carry food back to your Lair/s to make sure the bar is completely full before you actually go to sleep (just make sure to feed it to the cubs before entering the Lair). When the bar is full, it'll have a green glow to it. When it does, go to sleep to unlock the trophy. 
  • Bark at the Roamer.


    The Roamer is the musician that you'll come across a few times as you progress through the game. While you'll see him a total of about 4 times, you'll only have 2 chances to actually get this trophy. 

    This first chance will be on Night 7 before the path to the Forest Area opens up. Head to the broken pipe bridge between the River and Forest areas:


    While it looks like you're kind of far away across the water, you'll be close enough to trigger the trophy. Bark at him with circle.png

    The second chance will be on Night 19 while you're progressing through the Forest Area. On this Night, he'll actually show up as a "?" on your map until you actually walk up to him (he'll be located just East of your Lair):

    When you walk up to him this Night, he'll feed you some berries. Press circle.png to bark at him after he does. 
  • Don't feed your cubs trash for six days in a row.


    This will actually be a lot easier than it might initially appear, especially at the start of the game. The River Area doesn't have a whole lot of trash bags to pilfer through but instead has a pretty decent amount of berry bushes and apple trees that you can harvest from. You can dig through the trash, you just can't feed anything you find to your cubs. Make it 6 Nights feeding them only animals, fruit, worms, and random snacks at any point prior to Night 30 and the trophy will unlock when you go to sleep on the 6th Night. 
  • Hunt a chicken for the first time.


    While this is technically missable, it's unlikely you'll actually miss it since the chicken processing plant offers up a free chicken as soon as you enter the slaughter room. On Night 18, the processing plant in the Southeast area of the map will open up enough for you to be able to enter the slaughter room which is basically the main warehouse room of the plant. There will be chickens on conveyor belts above you and your chicks and when you walk under them, one will graciously fall to the ground next to you. Attack it with cross.png then feed it to your cubs to unlock the trophy.

    Additionally, there is one location of a chicken in a cage that you can get this from in the Dumping Area. 

    When you're next to the cage, bark with circle.png and the chicken will fly out. Attack it with cross.png and feed it to your cubs. 
  • Pet a scared cub.


    There are two main ways to scare your cubs: have one die, or have one get attacked by an owl. 

    If a cub dies, all the currently living cubs will be super sad and heartbroken, which technically counts as scared for this trophy. If a cub gets attacked by an owl (and if you're able to fend it off) they will also become scared. This is indicated by a heart icon above their cub icon on the lower left. When this happens, simply pet/snuggle with them using dpad_up.png. Wait for the animation to fully play out and when it's done, they'll be back to their chipper selves and you'll get this trophy. 
  • Have your cubs eat the Easter Egg.


    This trophy requires one of your cubs to have the Dangle skill (see For a Better Tomorrow trophy_gold.png). When your cub has it, you'll need to make your way to the Southwestern part of the River Area:

    At the very end of this path will be the Easter Egg that can only be reached by dangling. Have your cub retrieve it, then feed it to them (if they don't eat it right away it's because they're too full and you need to let their food bar deplete a bit). When they do eat the egg, this trophy will unlock.

Secret trophies

  • Release the Badger from the trap.

    From Night 1-7, the Badger will, for the most part, be in the same location and won't let you pass without snapping at you. On Night 8, her location will move to here:

    On this Night, go to her and you'll find her stuck in a trap. Release her from the trap to unlock the trophy. 
  • Reunite the Badger's cub with their mother.


    On Night 17, while you're in the Forest area around Lair 2, make your way towards the Scavenger and you'll pass a large high jump cliff with a baby badger sitting on top of it and the mama badger sitting on the ground just below. 

    To get to the baby badger, you can either go the long way around your lair (to the left) or sneak past the Scavenger (to the right). When you're on the other side, pick up the baby badger and bring it back to its mama. Drop the baby on the ground just next to her and this trophy will unlock. 
  • Rescue the missing cub.

    Story Related

    This will unlock naturally on Night 28 when you find the last traces of the missing cub and rescue it from its captors. 

  • Reach the first lair.

    Story Related

    This will unlock automatically once you reach your lair during the initial introduction sequence. 
  • Reach the second lair.

    Story Related

    This will unlock automatically when you reach the 2nd lair in the forest. This will be around Night 12.
  • Reach the third lair.

    Story Related

    This will unlock automatically when you reach the 3rd lair in the dumping ground. This will be around Night 21.
  • Finish the game.

    Story Related

    This trophy will unlock after you sleep on Night 30 and finish the ending sequence of the game. 
  • Let the Scavenger pet you.


    When you are reunited with your missing cub, the Scavenger will be with Molly in a not so happy moment. When you have your cub back, get close to the Scavenger and press dpad_up.png to let him pet you. This must be done on Night 28. 
  • Let Molly pet you.


    You will have two opportunities to get this trophy. The first one will be more of an optional interaction with Molly and the second one will open up a new pathway in the Dumping Area, making it really hard to miss. 

    The first interaction will happen on Night 16. On Night 15, you'll need to find 3 traces of your lost cub, the last of which will lead you to the treehouse Molly is staying in. This skill and learning it is a little funky, so be sure to check out For a Better Tomorrow trophy_gold.png to make sure you don't miss the skill or Molly. If all goes well and you get your skill, an icon for Molly will appear on the map for the Forest area. Visit her again on Night 16 and you'll be able to interact with her again. She'll feed you, after which you can press dpad_up.png to allow her to pet you. 

    The second interaction will happen on Night 22. In the middle of the Dumping Area, Molly will be sitting on the ground, blocking the pathway forward:

    Interact with her and she'll feed you. When she does, press dpad_up.png to allow her to pet you. 

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