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    You found the light!

    The 2 AM hour is probably the least exciting to play. The objective is you have to wait for a certain (random) room to light up. When you reach it, wait until the music is nearly over then step into the room to reset the musical box. The process begins all over again and you have to find the next room.

    When you start the hour, I highly recommend you open up all doors in the 1st area to make it easier to see which room lights up. It'll be just one room within 1st, 2nd, and 3rd areas. You have to go through each area to find the lighted up room before the musical box stops playing. It's game over if you cannot find the room in time. This is totally random and there's nothing else to do but to try again and hope you get lucky with the rooms. Also, you have to deal with Maxwell the entire time but he's not a problem to deal with.

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