• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10
  • Offline trophies: 14 (11, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: N/A
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 4
  • Glitched trophies: No
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: There are no cheat codes
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Obviously based on the name, Emily Wants to Play Too is a sequel to the original game, Emily Wants to Play. The story is much like the original. You are stalked by a handful of dolls you want to play with you as you try to escape a building. Emily returns and wants to play too.

Thankfully she isn't as bad as in the original, and you only have to deal with her a couple times. The trophies are linear and there's only a few trophies you have to go out of your way for to earn, but they are easy.


Step 1: Beat the game

The game is very linear and you have to get from 7 PM to 6 AM by completing the tasks the game wants you to do. You can go after the 4 random trophies if you want to but it's not a big deal since there's a level select after beating all the levels.

After completing this step, you should unlock:

Ma-Ma Ma-Ma
He Likes the Dark
Pop Goes the Weasl
Midnight Hide And Seek
Faster than a Dummy
Musical Lights
Good Times with old friends
Freezie Tags
Patience is Key
That was Tough!

Step 2 - Missable trophies

Now that you have all the levels unlocked, if you didn't unlock the 4 missable trophies in Step 1, go and get them now. The 100% is now yours.

After this step, you will unlock:

Tragic Accident
I'm Out!
Let Her In!
Old Evidence

[PST would like to thank wrestlefanatic77 for this Roadmap]

Emily Wants to Play Too Trophy Guide

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14 trophies ( 11  3  )

  • She wants to play too, even in your nightmares.

    After getting through the intro scene, you pass out and then wake up in your bedroom. Make your way to the bathroom and take a shower to advance the game. First thing you have to do is find the key card. Make your way downstairs, past the kitchen and into the living room. Go down the hallway where you will see giant clocks on the wall.

    Notice what number they are stuck on. Head back upstairs and in the hallway, there are a group of squares in a 2 X 3 pattern above a dresser. Choose the picture that has the same number that those clocks were stuck on to grab the keycard. Go back downstairs and back to the stuck clocks. Head past them to find locked doors. Use the keycard on the doors and the trophy pops when you've let Emily in.

  • Silence is the key and so is that magnetic keycard.

    The 8 PM hour introduces you to 2 dolls, the burnt baby doll and Mr. Tatters. Burnt Baby doll just walks aimlessly around the area and you cannot run or bump into her. Mr. Tattlers is also roaming around. If/When you run into him, you have to touch him with your "hand" once he looks the other way. He'll run off and you can continue on your search.

    This is a pretty simple hour and all you have to do is find the green keycard. It can be found in Research Office 2 in this area, behind a cardboard box on your right side when you enter the room. Use the keycard to open up Area 2, located on the other side of the area where you started the game.

  • Unlock access to level 3 in the darkness.

    In the 9 PM hour, you get to meet 2 more dolls, Kiki and Maxwell. Kiki is the same doll from the first game. You have to essentially avoid letting her get behind your back just by looking at her and waiting for her to disappear. Maxwell is more complex. He runs amok around the area and disappears every time you look at him with your flashlight. Just don't let him run into you while your flashlight is off and take notice of his distinctive squeaky noise.

    First thing you need to do is to get the flashlight so head on and go into the door that leads to a big room that looks like a storage warehouse. There's a scene that happens before the room goes dark. Turn right where you should see a light. Pick up the flashlight and continue on. Keep going around the outer edges of the room to find the Black Keycard laying on one of the desks. Quickly get out of the room and find the door to the 3rd area.

    Trophy pops after you open the door.

  • Oh, I see, there's another yellow area on the map.

    The 10 PM hour introduces you to the Weasl doll. He's pretty tricky to deal with since he will chase you until you get out of his line of sight. He's like Chester but a bit slower. You also have to deal with Burnt Baby Doll, Chester, and Maxwell too so be careful. You will have to backtrack a bit to the beginning of the game, where you have to go through the 2nd area to access the other part of the 3rd area, which is where the Red Keycard is found. Go in the Conference and Training room. The keycard is laying on the desk to the left of the blackboard.

    Once you have it, backtrack all the way to where you exited the warehouse to get into area 3. Use the keycard on the area 4 door and walk into the power generator room ahead you. Go right up to the fuse box and pull the level to turn the lights back on. Get out of the room, turn left and walk slowly until Emily bursts in. Run past her and keep running. Run until the hour is up and the trophy pops.

  • You found all seven in the dark.

    In the 12 AM hour, you get to play Hide and Go Seek. This is pretty easy overall. None of the dolls can hurt you and they all will stand still but you are timed to find all the dolls before the hour is up. Spawns are randomized thoughout each of the 4 areas but you still should be able to find them all before the time limit expires.

  • You outran Chester for the entire hour.

    The 1 AM hour is all about Chester. You must run away from him for the entire hour. Sounds hard but it's not. You can make this easier by running in a circle. There's a warehouse room in the 2nd area with 4 rows of shelves. All you need to do is run either clockwise or counter-clockwise around the outer area of the room.

    Which ever direction Chester spawns, run in the opposite direction. Keep your flashlight on to make sure you don't run into the random debris. You might have to contend with Maxwell too in this area.

  • You found the light!

    The 2 AM hour is probably the least exciting to play. The objective is you have to wait for a certain (random) room to light up. When you reach it, wait until the music is nearly over then step into the room to reset the musical box. The process begins all over again and you have to find the next room.

    When you start the hour, I highly recommend you open up all doors in the 1st area to make it easier to see which room lights up. It'll be just one room within 1st, 2nd, and 3rd areas. You have to go through each area to find the lighted up room before the musical box stops playing. It's game over if you cannot find the room in time. This is totally random and there's nothing else to do but to try again and hope you get lucky with the rooms. Also, you have to deal with Maxwell the entire time but he's not a problem to deal with.

  • Survive the doll, clown and dummy all hour!

    The 3 AM hour is like the original game. You have to deal with Chester, Mr. Tatters, and Kiki and it gets annoying quick. Just hope that you get Kiki and Chester most of the time because you can just run without having to worry about stopping. When Mr. Tatters spawns, he forces you to stop and wait until his back is towards you and you have to touch him for him to run off, which wastes precious time. If Chester spawns during this, you are helpless. Kiki and Chester are pretty easy to deal with on their own. Trophy pops at the end of the 3 AM hour.

  • Finally! You froze every one of those little...

    The 4 AM Hour has you playing tag, literally. You have to tag all 7 dolls before the hour is up. Good news is that none of the dolls can hurt you. Bad news is that the dolls move fast (which can make it hard to tag them) AND Emily can unfreeze the dolls. The best thing I can say is try to freeze Emily first before going after the rest. A tip for tagging Maxwell, don't have your flashlight on or else he'll disappear when he approaches.

    The trophy pops when you freeze the last doll.

  • You sat in one spot and did absolutely nothing.

    The 5 AM hour has you hiding from all the dolls. You have to find a hiding spot so that the dolls can't find you. This hour is very easy. From the starting position in the 1st area, just enter the room in front of you with the big clock on the wall. Turn the light off and wait in the back of the room. You can just enjoy watching the dolls run aimlessly out in the hallway as you just stand there in the darkness.

  • You found Emily in the darkness, while avoiding everyone... NICE!

    The 6 AM Hour is one that you might have issues with. Here, you have to find Emily in random locations. At the same time, every doll is running around so you have to find Emily 3 to 4 times before you get caught. Remember, it's luck about where she spawns. There's no rhyme or reason to it. Trophy pops after you caught Emily for the last time.


Secret trophies

  • Some people are so unlucky.

    Load up the very first level in the game, the Apartment.

    Go into the kitchen and walk over to the power box near the washer, on your right. Turn the power off and wait for a minute. The trophy pops as the alternate ending is displayed.

  • Too scary for you, no sandwich for them.

    Load up the 7 PM Hour - Sandwich Delivery.

    When you enter the building, walk straight ahead to the room near you to see a scene with Chester. After the door shuts, immediately turn back and exit the building. The trophy pops as soon as you exit the building.

  • Vult Ludere? Puppet shows? Really old dolls? What!?

    Load up the 10:30 PM - She Enters level.

    Go ahead and turn on the fuse box in the power room, then head back out and turn left. Walk until Emily bursts into the hallway and run past her and into the opening she burst out from.

    Follow the video below to get to the spot where you fall through the floor. Once you fall through, go past the filling cabinets and turn left to a table with newspapers and regular papers on them. The trophy pops once you get near them.

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