Agent Bombastic Trophy in Elevator Action Deluxe

  • Agent Bombastic


    You blew up 100 enemies.

    How to unlock Agent Bombastic

    There are some levels where you can get bombs behind a blue door with a bomb marked on it. Walk by agents and press , but make sure you do it near a door you can walk in or you will blow up too. If you still don't have this trophy by the end of the game try level 2-4. There is a floor with a bunch of agents where you can turn the lights off and they can't see you. This is also a good place to go for Combo Master.

    There is a counter for this trophy found in the main menu under Agent Dossier. The trophy will pop up after you finish the level.

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  • Managed to grind this out fairly quickly on stage 2-4 (a good place for Combo Master as well). If you get your technique down, you can get 18 blow up kills without problem (potentially 27 if you push the envelope a bit). Each time you allow yourself to be detected by one of the red agents on the floor with the 5 regular agents standing in front of doors, they will call out 2 or 3 more agents, resulting in 8-9 kills each time. There is enough time to allow for one or two respawns. If you stick with a 9-combo explosion kill twice per stage, you can get it in just a few minutes after playing stage 2-4 about 6 times. Couldn't have been over 20 minutes. There could be other places later in the game that may be better, but this is as far as I've gone so far. Seems like an easy and ear
  • (... continued from previous comment) ...easy and early place in the game to get this trophy out of the way. Like the other kill statistic trophies so far, this one only dinged *after* completing the stage.

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