The Pankcake Maker Trophy in Elevator Action Deluxe

  • The Pankcake Maker


    You crushed 10 enemies with elevators.

    How to unlock The Pankcake Maker

    You will get this most likely through the course of playing each level. If not, I found level 1-1 to be a good place to get it. You will see on the 1st elevator that an agent will almost always go under the elevator.

    There is a counter for this trophy found in the main menu under Agent Dossier. The trophy will pop up after you finish the level.

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  • Stage 1-1 seemed like a reasonable place to churn this out early on. You need an elevator shaft that is between doors, rather than at the edge or near walls, so the enemy agents have a reason to walk underneath. This stage presents a couple places where you can crush enemy agents: at the bottom of the very first elevator shaft on the floor with the first red door; and the floor with the second red door, directly above the stage's exit. This last floor will spawn more agents, which makes that spot a bit easier. It can be tricky luring enemy agents under an elevator. They seem to not cross underneath if they see it coming down. Like other kill statistic trophies in Elevator Action, this trophy seems to only pop *after* completing the stage.
  • Another (easier) way to get this, with two controllers, is competitive multiplayer on the Deathmatch-1 stage. Move player 1 from the left starting point into the elevator near player 2's starting point. Move player 2 onto the top of player 1's elevator, and allow player 2 to be crushed between the elevator and the ceiling. You can get at least 20 kills done in the 3 minute time limit. Player 1 must be inside the elevator doing the crushing for it to count. I didn't have any luck doing this with only 1 controller and re-assigning at the xmb due to the switch to xmb pausing the Deathmatch game and player 1 being the only controller able to unpause. Maybe there's a controller trick I don't know. Doing this will unlock the trophy *after* the Deathmatch round finishes.

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