Electronic Super Joy 2 Trophies

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12 trophies ( 11  )

  • ESJ


    Complete all trophies

  • Find the secret area in "Dark Bargain"

  • Win "Batter Up!" with Maximum Daddy Love

  • Beat "Very Pink" without using Stomping

  • Beat "Sticky Remains" without using the 3rd Jump

  • Beat "Minivania" in under 2 minutes

  • On "Sticky Endings", get the Air-Sword ability while already having the Double-Jump ability

  • On "Sticky Endings", get the Double-Jump ability while already having the Air-Sword ability

  • Win the game

  • Win "A Jumping Massacre" without using teleporters

  • Win "Alex's Love Letter"

  • Defeat the Shadow Monster

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