Elemer of the Briar Trophy in Elden Ring

  • Elemer of the Briar


    Defeated Elemer of the Briar

    How to unlock Elemer of the Briar


    Location: Altus Plateau - The Shaded Castle
    Suggested Level Range: 65-75
    Damage Types: Standard, Strike, Pierce, Magic
    Weakest To: Pierce
    Drops: 24,000 Runes, Marais Executioner Greatsword, Briar Greatshield

    Elemer of the Briar is quite punishing, he wields a greatsword so you would think having some distance would be beneficial but that is not the case as his sword is a dancing blade and can swing out at long ranges before flying back to his hands. The safest place to be is actually right up next to him where he has fewer moves and combos available to him. His shield slam attack has the most recovery on it and will allow you to get the most hits in along with being able to heal, it is baitable by moving behind him.

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