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    How to unlock Shardbearer Rykard

    Optional Boss, however you will need to kill 2 of the Shardbearer's to enter Leyndell, Royal Capital.

    Location: Mt. Gelmir: Volcano Manor
    Suggested Level Range: 85-95
    Damage Types: Standard, Pierce, Fire
    Weakest To: Standard, Slash, Pierce, Frostbite
    Drops: 130,000 Runes, Rykard's Great Rune, Remembrance of the Blasphemous

    Rykard is a bit of a gimmick fight but he can still pack a punch. Inside the arena is the Serpent-Hunter, which will stagger Rykard occasionally. Because Rykard is so large and attacks are slow, you will want to dodge towards where the attack is coming from as to prevent you from becoming vulnerable again while still in the hitbox. As he is so large and slow, you can pretty much get an attack in after each of his attacks, don't be greedy and keep at it until you make it to the second phase.

    In the second phase he will raise his weapon into the air letting out a bunch of flaming skull, you will want to use the Serpent-Hunter's Weapon Art to disrupt this. It takes him a couple seconds to finish the cast, if you don't you will have to deal with skulls raining down from the sky along with Rykard's regular moveset.

    If you have the Mimic Tear Ash and equip the Serpent-Hunter it will make the fight much easier as you now basically have 2 players using the Serpent-Hunter on him.

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