Age of the Stars Trophy in Elden Ring

  • Age of the Stars


    Achieved the "Age of the Stars" ending

    How to unlock Age of the Stars


    You will need to first complete the Ranni Questline, none of the steps themselves are missable.
    1. Speak to Ranni in Ranni'a Tower behind Caria Manor in Liurnia.
    2. Speak to Blaidd in Siofra River.
    3. Return to Three Sisters behind Caria Manor and speak with Seluvis.
    4. Head to the Waypoint Ruins and speak with Sellen about Radahn.
    5. Head to Redmane Castle in Caelid and take part in the Festival and defeat Radahn.
    6. In East Limgrave, where the meteor crashed, is a way down into Nokron.
    7. Find the Fingerslayer Blade in Nokron City.
    8. Return to Ranni's Rise behind Caria Manor and give the Fingerslayer Blade to Ranni.
    9. Head to Renna's Rise, which is no longer blocked off, and take the portal at the top of it to Ainsel River Main.
    10. In an open coffin basically straight ahead of you is an item, Miniature Ranni Doll, pick it up.
    11. While resting at a Site of Grace, select the option Talk to miniature Ranni until she speaks back.
    12. Head downward to the Lake of Rot and defeat the shade of Blaidd to obtain a key.
    13. Head to the Site of Grace where you defeated Rennala and use the key to open the chest that is locked to obtain the Dark Moon Ring.
    14. Head back to the Lake of Rot and cross it to the large Cathedral on the far right side. Will require lots of healing or Rot purification.
    15. At the Cathedral there is a single coffin that is sitting on the edge, get in the coffin and after a cutscene you will be at a fog door. Defeat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void.
    16. Head behind the boss arena where there is a lift that will take you up to Moonlight Alter.
    17. Head into the Cathedral of Manus Celes and go into the hole in the floor and give Ranni the ring.
    18. After defeating the final boss use Ranni's Blue Summon Sign to get this ending.

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