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Elden Ring is From Software’s newest entry into their “Souls-like” genre, it is a shift in direction from their previous games. While their previous games were fairly linear with a couple sections where you could decide which way to go, Elden Ring is entirely open world. You can go almost anywhere in the game right from the start. This means you could unknowingly wander into an area that is not meant to be dealt with at your current level.

There are a total of 29 bosses you must kill for trophies, 9 Legendary Armaments, 8 Legendary Talismans, 7 Legendary Spells, and 6 Legendary Ashen Remains that you will need to pick up as well. The only missable one is the Bolt of Gransax located in Leyndell, make sure to grab it while you are there before progressing the story too far.
As for the character creation it highly depends on what you want to do, one of the easier ways to play the game is with a Sorcery build and starting as the Astrologer would be the best for that. Otherwise, a melee build using either Hero, Warrior, or Vagabond if you want a Strength, Dexterity, or Quality build. It is not advised to use a Holy build as almost all of the bosses resist Holy quite a bit and this will cause you to do less damage.

There are 4 missable trophies listed, two endings, legendary armaments, and an optional boss. Don’t worry too much about them other than the weapon listed above. The endings are only missable if you grab the blessing listed in Lord of Frenzied Flame trophy_gold.png and you do not have a cloud save as then it is the only ending you can get. While the one optional boss is missable if you kill the NPC Fia, the Deathbed Companion, just don’t kill her and you will be fine.

As the game is open world and you can go anywhere, the walkthrough below is more of a suggested route through the game to take on challenges in a slightly increasing difficulty, if you are having troubles explore around the world and look for other areas to take on to level up. There are only 29 bosses listed below but the game has over 100 in total. Enjoy the game and search around for hidden dungeons, bosses, and treasures.


Step 1: Limgrave and Stormveil Castle
Follow the line of Grace up to Stormveil Castle killing Margit and Godrick. After killing Godrick, head to the Divine Tower that is near Stormveil Castle to activate his Greatrune. Also head to the Waypoint Ruins and speak to Sorceress Selene, you will need to progress her quest for a Legendary Sorcery. Complete the Tombsward Catacombs for Lhutel the Headless Ashes (Legendary Ashen Remains 1/6)

Trophies Earned This Step:
Roundtable Hold trophy_bronze.png 
Margit, the Fell Omen trophy_bronze.png 
Shardbearer Godrick trophy_silver.png 
Great Rune trophy_bronze.png 

Step 2: Weeping Penninsula
On the Weeping Penninsula to the south of Limgrave, kill the Leonin Misbegotten at the end of Castle Morne and obtain the Grafted Blade Greatsword (Legendary Armament 1/9)

Trophies Earned This Step:
Leonine Misbegotten trophy_bronze.png 

Step 3: Liurna of the Lakes and Acadamy
In this area you will need to kill the boss of the Malefactor’s Evergaol for Flame of the Fell God (Legendary Sorceries and Incantations 1/7), pick up the Sword of Night and Flame in Carian Manor (Legendary Armament 2/9), and Radagon Icon in the Acadamy (Legendary Talisman 1/8). You will also want to start Ranni’s questline by speaking to her in her tower at Three Sister’s to start her quest for her ending. And you will want to find the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right) from Albus at the Village of the Albinaurics.

Trophies Earned This Step:
Red Wolf of Radagon trophy_bronze.png 
Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon trophy_bronze.png 
Royal Knight Loretta trophy_bronze.png 

Step 4: Siofra River
Follow Ranni’s quest to the Siofra River and speak to Blaidd, killing the two bosses here also.

Trophies Earned This Step:
Ancestor Spirit trophy_bronze.png 
Valiant Gargoyles trophy_bronze.png 

Step 5: Altus Plateau
Make your way to the Altus Plateau by going through the Ruin-Strewn Precipice for Magma Wyrm Makar, make your way to The Shaded Castle and defeat Elmer of the Briar for Maria's Executioners Sword (Legendary Armament 3/9). Defeat the boss at the Golden Lineage Evergoal for Godfrey Icon (Legendary Talisman 2/8). Complete the Sainted Hero's Grave for Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff Ashes (Legendary Ashen Remains 2/6)

Trophies Earned This Step:
Magma Wyrm Makar trophy_bronze.png 
Elemer of the Briar trophy_bronze.png 

Step 6: Caelid and Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow
Head to Caelid and defeat Shardbearer Redahn. You can also head to the north of Caelid to Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow and kill the massive dragon with either attacking the tail with a bleed weapon, attacking it for several minutes, or killing the dragons around its head to get a large amount of souls and 5 Dragon Hearts, after doing so you can take the hearts to a Cathedral of Dragon Commune and buy Greyoll’s Roar (Legendary Sorceries and Incantations 2/7). After defeating Redahn speak to Witch-hunter Jerren and exhaust his dialogue to fight two bosses in the Redmane Castle Plaza for the Ruins Greatsword (Legendary Armament 4/9). After defeating Redahn head to the far north side of his boss arena for a catacomb, complete the catacomb for Redmane Knight Ogra (Legendary Ashen Remains 3/6). At Fort Faroth you can find Radagon’s Soreseal (Legendary Talismans 3/8)

Trophies Earned This Step:
Shardbearer Radahn trophy_silver.png 

Step 7: Nokstella, Eternal City and Lake of Rot
After defeating Radahn there will be a meteor crash, head there and fall down the pathway to get to Nokron, Eternal City. Defeat the bosses here and grab the Mimic Tear Ashes (Legendary Ashen Remains 4/6), and the Moon of Nokstella (Legendary Talisman 4/8). You are able to finish the Ranni questline now, which will also net you the Darkmoon Greatsword (Legendary Armament 5/9), in Chelona’s Rise is Ranni’s Dark Moon (Legendary Sorceries and Incantations 3/7), and defeating the boss at the Ringleader’s Evergaol will get you Black Knife Tiche (Legendary Ashen Remains 5/6). After giving Ranni the Fingerslayer Blade she will give you the Carian Inverted Statue which is used at the Divine Tower of Liurnia to invert the tower, obtain the Cursemark of Death from the inverted tower.

Trophies Earned This Step:
Mimic Tear trophy_bronze.png 
Regal Ancestor Spirit trophy_bronze.png 
Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella trophy_bronze.png 
Astel, Naturalborn of the Void trophy_bronze.png 

Step 8: Deeproot
In Deeproot you can get the Elden Stars incantation (Legendary Sorceries and Incantations 4/7), you will also find Fia, Deathbed Companion next to a large dead being. DO NOT KILL HER, talking to her and giving her the Cursemark of Death you will be able to fight the optional boss.

Trophies Earned This Step:
Lichdragon Fortissax trophy_bronze.png 

Step 9: Leyndell, Royal Capital and Subterranean Shunning Grounds
Head to Leyndell. Now that you have killed 2 of the Shardbearers you can enter the city, continue through the city and get to the Erdtree. While in Leyndell, grab the Bolt of Gransax (Legendary Armament 6/9) off the massive spear in Leyndell, MISSABLE. If you progress too far in the story you will not be able to come back and obtain this weapon. You will also need to go into the sewers in the city and drop very deep down to unlock the secret area behind Mohg, the Omen to get the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending. DO NOT INTERACT WITH THE DOOR, if you get the blessing and do not have a cloud save from before hand you are locked into the ending.

Trophies Earned This Step:
Godfrey, First Elden Lord trophy_bronze.png 
Shardbearer Morgott trophy_silver.png 
Mohg, the Omen trophy_bronze.png 

Step 10: Mt. Gelmir and Volcano Manor
In this area you will be able to pick up Comet Azur (Legendary Sorceries and Incantations 5/7) off Azure, going back to the Waypoint ruins and speak to Selene who will give you a key. Go to the Sellia Hideaway and get Stars of Ruin (Legendary Sorceries and Incantations 6/7). 

Trophies Earned This Step:
Godskin Noble trophy_bronze.png 
Shardbearer Rykard trophy_silver.png 

Step 11: Mountaintops of the Giants
In the mountaintops you will need to go to Castle Sol to defeat Commander Niall, pick up Haligtree Secret medallion (Left), and Eclipse Shotel (Legendary Armaments 7/9). At the Heretical Rise cross the invisible bridge to get the final sorcery Founding Rain of Stars (Legendary Sorceries and Incantations 7/7).

Trophies Earned This Step:
Commander Niall trophy_bronze.png 
Fire Giant trophy_bronze.png 
Erdtree Aflame trophy_bronze.png 
Legendary Sorceries and Incantations trophy_silver.png 

Step 12: Crumbling Farum Azula
In the new area after you awaken you will be able to find the Old Lord’s Talisman (Legendary Talisman 5/8). Right after getting the Old Lord’s Talisman you should be invaded, kill the invader for the Devourer’s Sceptre (Legendary Armament 8/9). You should also be able to upgrade your weapon to max in this area if you have not done so already. Defeat the bosses in the area as well.

Trophies Earned This Step:
Godskin Duo trophy_bronze.png 
God-Slaying Armament trophy_silver.png 
Maliketh the Black Blade trophy_silver.png 
Dragonlord Placidusax trophy_silver.png 

Step 13: Consecrated Snowfield
Using both halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion at the Grand Lift of Rold will take you to this area, at the Cave of the Forlorn, finish the area to receive Golden Order Greatsword (Legendary Armament 9/9). Find the teleporter to Moghwyn Mausoleum on the South-West side of the map by the cliffs.

Trophies Earned This Step:
Legendary Armaments trophy_silver.png 

Step 14: Moghwyn Mausoleum
Get through the area to defeat Shardbearer Mohg.

Trophies Earned This Step:
Shardbearer Mohg trophy_silver.png 

Step 15: Haligtree
Back in the Consecrated Snowfield, complete the puzzle at Ordina Liturgical Town to get to the Haligtree. You will start at the top of the Haligtree, make your way down. Once past Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree, you are in the Brace of the Haligtree. This area has Cleanrot Knight Finlay (Legendary Ashen Remains 6/6), Marika’s Soreseal (Legendary Talismans 6/8), and Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman (Legendary Talismans 7/8). Defeat Shardbearer Malenia.

Trophies Earned This Step:
Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree trophy_bronze.png 
Legendary Ashen Remains trophy_silver.png 
Shardbearer Malenia trophy_silver.png 

Step 16: Leyndell, City of Ash + Ending Cloud Saves
Teleport to the Forbidden Lands Site of Grace and walk yourself back to Leyndell, City of Ash and behind several Tree Spirits is the Erdtree’s Favor +2 (Legendary Talismans 8/8). Make your way back up to the Erdtree and defeat all the bosses. After defeating the final boss make a Cloud Save and you can grab whichever ending you want, reload the save and get the others. Teleport back down to the bottom of Subterranean Shunning Grounds to get the blessing for the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending also, keep your cloud save from before this.

Trophies Earned This Step:
Hoarah Loux, Warrior trophy_silver.png 
Legendary Talismans trophy_silver.png 
Elden Lord trophy_gold.png 
Age of the Stars trophy_gold.png 
Lord of Frenzied Flame trophy_gold.png 
Elden Ring trophy_platinum.png 

Elden Ring Trophy Guide

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42 trophies ( 14  24  36  )

  • Obtained all trophies

    Congrats on obtaining all trophies, Tarnished!
  • Upgraded any armament to its highest stage

    There are two ways to get this, you will either need to upgrade a special armament to +10 using Somber Smithing Stones or upgrading a normal armament to +25 with Smithing Stones. Progressing through the story as intended you will obtain the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone or Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone in Crumbling Farum Azula. For the normal armaments you will need 12 of each numbered stone, while for special armaments you will need 1 of each numbered stone.
  • Acquired all legendary armaments


    There are a total of 9 Legendary Armaments spread through the land either as lootable items, or rewards for killing specific bosses or invading NPCs. The Bolt of Gransax is missable if you progress too far through the game and get Erdtree Aflame trophy_bronze.png. It is best to grab it as you move through Leyndell, Royal Capital the first time. If not found during the first run through, get it before you continue after defeating the Fire Giant trophy_bronze.png.

    Below is a list of all 9 Legendary Armaments and where they are located:
    1. Grafted Blade Greatsword - Reward for defeating Leonine Misbegotten in Castle Morne.
    2. Sword of Night and Flame - Located in Caria Manor, you will need to drop down to get into the building from the walkway above it.
    3. Marais Executioner Greatsword - Reward for defeating Elemer of the Briar at The Shaded Castle.
    4. Ruins Greatsword - Reward for defeating the duo boss of Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight at Redmane Castle before the Radahn Festival or after defeating Radahn and exhausting Witch-Hunter Jerren's dialogue.
    5. Darkmoon Greatsword - Located in Cathedral of Manus Celes after giving Ranni the Darkmoon Ring as part of her questline.
    6. Bolt of Gransax - Located in Leyndell, Royal Capital on the massive spear that is sticking in the wall. You need to get above it and drop down onto the massive bolt and walk up to the pickup. Missable after killing Maliketh the Black Blade.
    7. Eclipse Shotel - Located in Castle Sol in the church on the altar.
    8. Devourer's Sceptre - Reward for defeating Knight Bernahl at Warmaster's Shack or Volcano Manor, or he will invade you as Recusant Bernahl in Crumbling Farum Azula.
    9. Golden Order Greatsword - Reward for defeating Misbegotten Crusader at the end of the Cave of the Forlern dungeon.
  • Acquired all legendary ashen remains

    There are a total of 6 Legendary Ashen Remains. They are either found at the end of mini dungeons, defeating a boss, or picked up in the world. Below is a list of all 6 and their locations:
    1. Lhutel the Headless - Reward for defeating the Cemetery Shade in the Tombsward Catacomb dungeon.
    2. Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff - Reward for defeating the Ancient Hero of Zamor in the Sainted Hero's Grave dungeon.
    3. Redmane Knight Ogra - Reward for defeating the Putrid Tree Spirit in the War-Dead Catacombs dungeon.
    4. Mimic Tear - Located in a chest behind an Imp Statue Door in Night's Sacred Ground.
    5. Black Knife Tiche - Reward for defeating Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader at the Ringleader's Evergaol.
    6. Cleanrot Knight Finley - Located in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree, near a gazebo. A Cleanrot Knight has their back turned to you and the Ashen Remains are in the chest they are looking at.
  • Acquired all legendary sorceries and incantations

    There are a total of 7 Legendary Sorceries and Incantations, some are found fighting bosses, in the world on bodies, or rewarded as part of a quest line. Below is a list of all 7 and their locations:
    1. Flame of the Fell God - Reward for defeating Adan, Thief of Fire at the Malefactor's Evergaol.
    2. Greyoll's Roar - You must first defeat Elder Dragon Greyoll in Caelid, who can be killed with bleed safely or by killing the smaller dragons around it. Then, it can be purchased at Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Caelid for 3 Dragon Hearts.
    3. Ranni's Dark Moon - Found on Chelona's Rise after unlocking the seal. You must kill three turtles that are spread around the Moonlight Alter area. The first is direstly West of the tower hanging off the side of the cliff, the second is on the far East side of the area on a cliff, the third is Southeast of the Ringleader's Evergaol up in the air.
    4. Elden Stars - Located in Deeproot Depths, you must travel through the cave of Giant Ants and it is on a body sitting on a ledge.
    5. Comet Azur - Obtained from Primeval Sorcerer Azur who is sitting near the Hermit Village in Mt. Gelmir.
    6. Stars of Ruin - Obtained from Master Lusat in the Sellia Hideaway as part of the Sorceress Sellen Sidequest.
    7. Founding Rain of Stars - Located in the Heretical Rise in the Mountaintops of the Giants, you will need to cross an invisible bridge to get there.
  • Acquired all legendary talismans

    There are a total of 8 Legendary Talismans. Below is a list of all 8 and their locations:
    1. Radagon Icon - Located in Raya Lucaria Acadamy. From the Debator Parlor Site of Grace, head out to the courtyard and take a sharp right, jump over the railing onto a pathway and climb a ladder. You will eventually find a chest with the icon.
    2. Godfrey Icon - Reward for defeating Godfrey the Grafted at the Golden Lineage Evergaol.
    3. Radagon's Soreseal - Located in Fort Faroth, climb up the ladder in the fort and turn right. Drop down the second hole. Continue on and you will need to make a running jump to another platform where there is a ladder down leading to the talisman.
    4. Moon of Nokstella - Located in a chest under a giant statue, two Mimic Tear enemies and a Nox Warrior are standing guard in the room.
    5. Old Lord's Talisman - In Crumbling Farum Azula, head north on the Great Bridge into a building then exit right onto a balcony. Take the ladder down. Recusant Bernahl will block your path if you have killed Rykard, and a few Beastmen are in the area with the chest that contains the talisman.
    6. Marika's Soreseal - Located in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree on an alter in a sealed room on the lower levels. From the Prayer Room Site of Grace, move through the door to the north and cross onto the walkway with the Erdtree Avatar. Head to the southern end and jump down the west side, use a Stonesword Key to unlock the door.
    7. Dragoncrest Greatshield - Located in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree. You will need to use the branches and archways to get on top of the building then fall into it onto some beams. The talisman is located in a chest guarded by a few Pests.
    8. Erdtree's Favor +2 - After covering Leyndell in ash, head to the Forbidden Lands Site of Grace and make your way backwards towards Leyndell. Once you reach the part of Leyndell that had many Beastmen, the area is now covered in ash and now three Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirits are guarding the talisman. You can avoid them entirely by hugging the left wall.

Secret trophies

  • Achieved the "Elden Lord" ending


    The default ending for the game, after defeating the final boss, interact with the crumbling statue for this ending.
  • Achieved the "Age of the Stars" ending


    You will need to first complete the Ranni Questline, none of the steps themselves are missable.
    1. Speak to Ranni in Ranni'a Tower behind Caria Manor in Liurnia.
    2. Speak to Blaidd in Siofra River.
    3. Return to Three Sisters behind Caria Manor and speak with Seluvis.
    4. Head to the Waypoint Ruins and speak with Sellen about Radahn.
    5. Head to Redmane Castle in Caelid and take part in the Festival and defeat Radahn.
    6. In East Limgrave, where the meteor crashed, is a way down into Nokron.
    7. Find the Fingerslayer Blade in Nokron City.
    8. Return to Ranni's Rise behind Caria Manor and give the Fingerslayer Blade to Ranni.
    9. Head to Renna's Rise, which is no longer blocked off, and take the portal at the top of it to Ainsel River Main.
    10. In an open coffin basically straight ahead of you is an item, Miniature Ranni Doll, pick it up.
    11. While resting at a Site of Grace, select the option Talk to miniature Ranni until she speaks back.
    12. Head downward to the Lake of Rot and defeat the shade of Blaidd to obtain a key.
    13. Head to the Site of Grace where you defeated Rennala and use the key to open the chest that is locked to obtain the Dark Moon Ring.
    14. Head back to the Lake of Rot and cross it to the large Cathedral on the far right side. Will require lots of healing or Rot purification.
    15. At the Cathedral there is a single coffin that is sitting on the edge, get in the coffin and after a cutscene you will be at a fog door. Defeat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void.
    16. Head behind the boss arena where there is a lift that will take you up to Moonlight Alter.
    17. Head into the Cathedral of Manus Celes and go into the hole in the floor and give Ranni the ring.
    18. After defeating the final boss use Ranni's Blue Summon Sign to get this ending.
  • Achieved the "Lord of Frenzied Flame" ending

    This trophy is the reason why the other 2 ending trophies are missable, as once you get the blessing you are locked into this ending. There is a way to remove the Frenzied Flame blessing but it is very long and will prevent you from getting the blessing a second time.
    1. Head down the Subterrenean Shunning Ground and defeat Mohg, the Omen.
    2. Attack the wall behind the alter to make it move, revealing a new pathway.
    3. Carefully fall down the small platforms all the way to the bottom.
    4. Activate the Site of Grace, DO NOT INTERACT WITH THE DOOR YET.
    5. After defeating the final boss, head back to the Site of Grace above. (Have a cloud save from before this if you need the other endings)
    6. Take off all your armor and intereact with the door to receive the blessing.
    7. Touch the crumbling statue to obtain this ending in the Elden Throne.
  • Defeated Shardbearer Godrick

    Optional Boss, however you will need to kill 2 Shardbearer's to enter Leyndell, Royal Capital.

    Location: Limgrave: Stormveil Castle
    Suggested Level Range: 25-35
    Damage Types: Standard, Fire
    Weakest To: Standard, Slash, Strike, Pierce
    Drops: 20,000 Runes, Godrick's Great Rune, Remembrance of the Grafted.

    Godrick has two phases, he enters the second phase at 60% HP and gains the ability to attack with fire, he is still vulnerable while in the phase transition while he is cutting off his arm but will only take 50% of the damage delt. You want to be patient with Godrick as his moves combo into each other quite easily. His stance can be broken which will open him up for a critical hit, but none of his attacks can be parried.

    In both phases after he uses an axe lunge or jumping slam attack is when he is most vulnerable to being attacked. Another way is to bait his cyclone attack and run behind him, when he finishes he will be vulnerable to a few attacks. When he enters phase 2 all of the fire breathe attacks are vulnerable if you can get up beside him before getting roasted by the fire yourself.
  • Defeated Shardbearer Radahn

    Optional Boss, however needed to fullfill Ranni's questline and you will need to kill 2 Shardbearer's to enter Leyndell, Royal Capital.

    Location: Caelid: Wailing Dunes
    Suggested Level Range: 65-75
    Damage Types: Standard, Pierce
    Weakest To: Pierce, Standard, Slash, Strike, Scarlet Rot
    Drops: 70,000 Runes, Remembrance of the Starscourge, Radahn's Great Rune

    Radahn's fight is quite different from the rest of the boss fights as you can summon up to 6 NPC phantoms and you are able to ride Torrent in the boss arena. However do not think that these will make the fight a cakewalk as Radahn hits incredibly hard. He rides around on a tiny horse sweeping and arcing his attacks for the first phase. The second phase he augments his attacks with some Gravity powers which will easily OHKO you if you are caught in them. If the NPCs die, they can be resummoned around the arena. Don't bother summoning Patches as he will cower and leave shortly after being summoned.

    On approach to Radahn he will fire an arrow into the sky which will have a rain of arrows come down and track you. Run perpendicular to them on Torrent to dodge them. And he will also fire a single Gravity infused arrow at you which can be dodged or use the terrain to block it.

    Once you are up close, he will pull out two massive swords and start swinging them at you and the summons. Keep your distance and find areas in his attacks to strike. Once he hits 50% health, he will soar up into the sky. He will be gone for a good 10 seconds, so use this time to heal and resummon any NPCs, however, he will come crashing back down in a glorious fireball - when you hear roaring flames, look up into the sky and ride Torrent perpendicular to him to escape the crash. Now all of his attacks are infused with Gravity magic and he is more aggressive. The new attack is when he summons a bunch of Gravity Rocks and hurls them at you. They curve in an arc towards you and cannot be outrun, carefully time your dodges and he will eventually go down.
  • Defeated Shardbearer Morgott

    Story Related

    Location: Leyndell, Royal Capital
    Suggested Level Range: 75-85
    Damage Types: Slash, Pierce, Holy, Hemmorage, Fire (Phase 2)
    Weakest To: Slash, Lightning (Phase 2), Poison, Scarlet Rot, Hemmorage, Frostbite
    Drops: 120,000 Runes, Remembrance of the Omen King, Morgott's Great Rune, Talisman Pouch (Only if you did not defeat Margit, the Fell Omen)

    Morgott is exteremly mobile and will not stay in once spot for very long, he shares much of the same moveset as Margit, the Fell Omen. When Morgott does his jump attack, dodge under him and get a couple swings in, you can only string together 2-3 depending on your weapon speed so a heavy attack followed by a jump attack will get the most damage in for his recovery time. You can also use Margit's Shackle, purchased from Patches for 5,000 Runes, which will stun Morgott in Phase 1. He will enter Phase 2 at ~40% HP which will infuse his weapon with fire and he gains a few new moves. One of which is a large AoE where he summons Holy daggers that slam into the ground in a X pattern. Unlock and look up while moving away to make sure you are not caught underneath them. He is still most vulnerable after using the jump attack.
  • Defeated Shardbearer Rykard

    Optional Boss, however you will need to kill 2 of the Shardbearer's to enter Leyndell, Royal Capital.

    Location: Mt. Gelmir: Volcano Manor
    Suggested Level Range: 85-95
    Damage Types: Standard, Pierce, Fire
    Weakest To: Standard, Slash, Pierce, Frostbite
    Drops: 130,000 Runes, Rykard's Great Rune, Remembrance of the Blasphemous

    Rykard is a bit of a gimmick fight but he can still pack a punch. Inside the arena is the Serpent-Hunter, which will stagger Rykard occasionally. Because Rykard is so large and attacks are slow, you will want to dodge towards where the attack is coming from as to prevent you from becoming vulnerable again while still in the hitbox. As he is so large and slow, you can pretty much get an attack in after each of his attacks, don't be greedy and keep at it until you make it to the second phase.

    In the second phase he will raise his weapon into the air letting out a bunch of flaming skull, you will want to use the Serpent-Hunter's Weapon Art to disrupt this. It takes him a couple seconds to finish the cast, if you don't you will have to deal with skulls raining down from the sky along with Rykard's regular moveset.

    If you have the Mimic Tear Ash and equip the Serpent-Hunter it will make the fight much easier as you now basically have 2 players using the Serpent-Hunter on him.
  • Defeated Shardbearer Malenia

    Optional Boss, however you will need to kill 2 Shardbearer's to enter Leyndell, Royal Capital.

    Location: Miqeulla's Haligtree: Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree
    Suggested Level Range: 125-135
    Damage Types: Slash, Standard, Pierce, Scarlet Rot (Phase 2)
    Weakest To: Fire, Standard, Slash, Strike, Pierce, Hemmorage, Frostbite
    Drops: 480,000 Runes, Malenia's Greatrune, Remembrance of the Rot Goddess

    Malenia is considered to be the most difficult challenge in Elden Ring, she is fast, hits hard, and has a vampiric ability on her weapon. As her attacks deal physical damage only, it may be beneficial to equip the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman that is found a bit before her boss arena in the rafters of the church. The safest way to defeat her is to keep dodging her attacks until she finishes a combo before getting a few hits in. If you are using a INT build, Ranni's Dark Moon with an Ash summon can help immensly.

    Once her first health bar is depleted, she will enter Phase 2 and have a few abilities that cause Scarlet Rot. When the second phase starts she will always use the same move where she flies into the air and slams down into a flower which will then explode, leaving an area of Scarlet Rot on the ground for a bit. For the most part her moveset is the same with a few extra attacks that follow up her regular combos with a scarlet rot explosion.

    Black Knife Tiche or Mimic Tear are highly recommended Ash Summons for this fight. Black Knife Tiche is able to dodge her attacks much better than Mimic Tear can, preventing a lot of her Vampiric health regeneration from her attacks.
  • Defeated Shardbearer Mohg

    Optional Boss, however need to kill 2 Shardbearer's to enter Leyndell, Royal Capital.

    Location: Siofria River: Mohgwyn Castle
    Suggested Level Range: 120-130
    Damage Types: Standard, Pierce, Fire, Hemmorage
    Weakest To: Standard, Slash, Strike, Pierce, Hemmorage
    Drops: 420,000 Runes, Mohg's Great Rune, Remembrance of the Blood Lord

    Mohg is the second toughest Shardbearer after Malenia, mostly for the unavoidable Hemorrage attack once he reaches half health. For being the Blood Lord, Mohg is incredibly succeptible to Hemmorage. Using a DEX build with a weapon that can inflict Hemorrage will completely wreak havoc on Mohg. If you have Mohg's Shackle, you can use the item to stun him in his first phase. Once he starts chanting and you get surrounded by blood rings the Shackle will no longer be able to stun him.

    Having the Purifying Crystal Tear in your Physick will heavily reduce the unavoidable damage when Mohg hits 50% health and starts chanting "Tres" "Duo" "Unnus", you also won't be stunned from this so it leaves Mohg wide open to retaliation, just stick to his left side as when he is finished he will swing down his trident.

    Phase 2 is where he can be a bit more troubling for a melee based character as his trident is now infused with Bloodflame and will spew out the Bloodflame effect with every attack quickly reducing the safe spaces around the arena to be able to avoid damage. It will also quickly build up a Hemmorage effect which can suddenly cause you to lose a massive amount of health.
  • Defeated Maliketh the Black Blade

    Story Related

    Location: Crumbling Farum Azula
    Suggested Level Range: 90-100
    Damage Types: Standard, Magic (Phase 1), Holy (Phase 2)
    Weakest To: Standard, Slash, Strike, Pierce
    Drops: 220,000 Runes, Remembrance of the Black Blade

    This is a two stage fight. First, you will start off by fighting the Beast Clergyman. This part of the fight isn't too bad as his attacks aren't too hard to dodge, but once you reduce him to about 50% HP a cutscene will happen and you will face off against Maliketh the Black Blade, where the fight gets much tougher.

    First, Maliketh's sword is infused with a dark energy that when it hits you, it will reduce your max HP and cause a DoT effect. Getting hit a couple of times by this--even if you survive the blows--will kill you. You can use the pillars to block the projectiles he uses, but do not stand too close to the pillars as the sword animations can still hit you from the other side. He moves very quickly around the arena so it is hard to get in more than 1 hit at a time. The one move he has that you can punish the most is when he swipes out in front of him then slams the sword into the ground. If you roll through the swipe and get behind him you can get a few good hits in before he is able to move again. You can also use the Blasphemous Claw item to parry Maliketh, when his sword glows gold is the cue to use the item.
  • Defeated Hoarah Loux, Warrior

    Story Related

    Location: Leyndell, Ashen Capital
    Suggested Level Range: 100-110
    Damage Types: Standard, Strike (Phase 2)
    Weakest To: Standard, Slash (Phase 2), Strike, Pierce, Magic (Phase 2), Fire, Lightning,
    Drops: 300,000 Runes, Remembrance of Horah Loux

    This is a two phase boss fight, the first phase is similar to the Godfrey, First Elden Lord fight you had previously. The attacks get a bit more range and damage. When he stomps, you want to jump over the shockwave, and when he creates a fissure you want to get out of the fissure.

    At half health, he will change into Hoarah Loux, Warrior and he basically turns into a Street Fighter character. He will be able to juggle you in the air, power bomb, and choke slam you. The best way to dodge his attacks are dodging to the sides, then getting a couple of hits in.
  • Defeated Dragonlord Placidusax

    Optional Boss

    Location: Crumbling Farum Azula
    Suggested Level Range: 90-100
    Damage Types: Standard, Lightning, Fire
    Weakest To: Pierce
    Drops: 280,000 Runes, Remembrance of the Dragon Lord

    To get to Dragonlord Placidusax head to the Beside the Great Bridge site of grace, turn around and take the elevator back into the church. Run directly out past the beastman straight to the cliff side and you can see a spot to drop down, keep following the path downward and it will take you to a floating wall. Rest in the open bit and after the cutscene you will be in the boss arena.

    His attacks are quite quick and hit hard, however after each attack there is a decent amount of time for you to get swipes in. The safest space to stand is near his back feet as he does not have a stomp attack like most other dragons. Like other dragons, the weakspot is the head, but there will be very few times when you can actually attack the head.

    At 50% he will rise into the air and disappear, look for the storm clouds in the air and he will dive out of the clouds and slash at you. Dodge towards it to avoid the attack. After this he will gain an attack where he will disappear and reappear with a small slash attack. He also will get another breath attack where each head will fire off a beam that will do high damage if you are hit by the beam. The best option is: if you can run up beside him before the lasers go of; if you can't, dodge in the direction they are coming from to move through the hitbox faster.
  • Defeated Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon

    Location: Liurnia of the Lakes - Raya Lucaria Academy
    Suggested Level Range: 40-50
    Damage Types: Standard, Magic, Fire
    Weakest To: Standard, Slash, Pierce
    Drops: 40,000 Runes, Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen, Great Rune of the Unborn

    Rennala is a two phase boss, in her first phase she doesn't do too much as it is mostly her students that attack you. You will need to look for the student that is glowing and kill them to start breaking the barrier surrounding Rennala. Once you kill three of the students, her barrier will break and this is your time to damage her. After a bit she will do a large magical blast and regain her barrier. Also watch out for the environment as chandeliers will fall, books and other objects will be thrown at you.

    Once she is in Phase 2 she will deal entirely Magic damage, and her first opening attack is a large magical beam, roll to the side to avoid it. Once she is at about 50% health she will start summoning Ashes to assist her: wolves, troll knight, bloodhound knight, and a dragon. Depending on what she summons will change what you want to do, the wolves are fast so it is ideal if you take them out, while the other 3 are a bit slow so you can focus on dodging Rennala's attacks until they vanish.
  • Defeated Lichdragon Fortissax

    Missable + Optional
    This is only missable if you kill her when she asks you to as part of her quest line, do not kill her.

    Location: Deeproot Depths
    Suggested Level Range: 85-95
    Damage Types: Standard, Fire, Lighting
    Weakest To: Pierce
    Drops: 90,000 Runes, Remembrance of the Lichdragon

    At the Prince of Death's Throne, give Fia the Cursemark of Death that was obtained in the Divine Tower of Liurna after getting the Carian Inverted Statue as part of Ranni's Questline. Talk to Fia three times while resting at the grace between each of them until you get the option to Enter the Deathbed Dream to fight Fortissax.

    His weakspot is his head and one of the safer places to stand against him is actually in front of him as the attacks aren't too hard to dodge and you can punish him by striking him in the head afterwards. Watch out for the Death Lightning attack as they will leave lingering areas of Death Blight that will instantly kill you if it builds up. It isn't too difficult to fight, but at 50% HP or so, he will gain a few extra moves including his most dangerous. The aerial glaive attack is used more often if you are at midrange to far away so want to stay close to him.
  • Defeated Godskin Duo

    Story Related

    Location: Crumbling Farum Azula
    Suggested Level Range: 90-100
    Damage Types: Standard, Slash, Pierce, Fire
    Weakest To: Slash, Poison, Scarlet Rott, Hemorrage, Frostbite, Sleep
    Drops: 170,000 Runes, Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell-Bearing, Ash of War: Black Flame Tornado

    One of the more annoying bosses as you have to take on both a Godskin Noble and Godskin Appostle in a small arena. Their healthbar is shared but it is not equal to the health of both combined, as when you kill one the other will revive them shortly after. It is best to focus on one of the two to kill them so you can at least focus on the one that is still alive until the other spawns and keep trying to get one down.

    They are incredible weak to sleep so you can throw Sleep Pots at them to put them to sleep or coat your weapon with Soporific Grease. Other ways to apply sleep will work also, this will keep them out of the fight for awhile so you can chain them back and forth keeping them asleep.
  • Defeated Fire Giant

    Story Related

    Location: Mountaintops of the Giants
    Suggested Level Range: 85-95
    Damage Types: Strike, Fire
    Weakest To: Slash
    Drops: 180,000 Runes, Remembrance of the Fire Giant

    The Fire Giant has two phases within the same health bar, the first phase he tries to hit you with a large plate and his weakspot is the wounded left leg, hit the wrappings until it breaks revealing the wound. Once you break the wrapping he will pause for a bit which lets you get in free damage, however afterwards the Fire Giant will start to roll away more.

    Once the Fire Giant is at about 50% HP it will move into phase 2, the weakspots will turn to the wrists of his arms and the large eye in the middle of the chest. This is a good time to use Torrent to get behind the fire giant until it staggers so you can get a critical hit on the eye in the chest. You don't want to try to hit the wrists as it is quite dangerous to be near his hands.
  • Defeated Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella


    Location: Ainsel River
    Suggested Level Range: 25-35
    Damage Types: Standard, Lightning (Phase 2), Frostbite (Phase 2)
    Weakest To: Slash
    Drops: 12,000 Runes, Frozen Lightning Spear

    The boss isn't too difficult but at about 50-60% HP remanining it will charge its weapon with lightning, you will want to move away as to not get caught in the explosion. After this, the weapons will be charged with frozen lightning that will build up frostbite.
  • Defeated Regal Ancestor Spirit


    Location: Nokron, Eternal City
    Suggested Level Range: 55-65
    Damage Types: Standard, Magic
    Weakest To: Slash, Fire, Holy
    Drops: 24,000 Runes, Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor.

    The Regal variant has a mostly identical moveset to the Ancestor Spirit but it gains an ability to heal itself the first time it reaches 50% HP, 40% HP and it will try to use it each time it gets to 10% HP. They will heal 50%, 30%, and 15% respectively. It will also vanish and reappear with other spirit animals around the arena and it gets an ability based on the animal it came from. Boar will gain a charge attack, Goat will gain a rolling attack, and a hopping attack if it came out of a hare.
  • Defeated Valiant Gargoyles


    Location: Nokron, Eternal City - Siofria Aquaduct
    Suggested Level Range: 60-70
    Damage Types: Standard, Pierce, Poison
    Weakest To: Strike
    Drops: 32,000 Runes, Gargoyle's Greatsword, Gargoyle's Twinblade

    If you have played other Souls games this style of boss will be familiar to you, it will start out as a 1v1 vs a Gargoyle wielding a Twinblade, then once the health is at 50% a second Gargoyle will spawn wielding a Greatsword. You want to focus on the first Gargyole as it is easier to fight one at a time than it is to deal with two of them. Then when the first Gargoyle is down focus on the one that just spawned. If you have fought Gargoyles in other places (Altus Plateau, Leyndell) it shouldn't be too difficult for you.
  • Defeated Margit, the Fell Omen


    Location: Limgrave - Stormhill
    Suggested Level Range: 20-30
    Damage Types: Standard, Strike, Pierce, Holy
    Weakest To: Slash
    Drops: 12,000 Runes, Talisman Pouch

    This will probably be one of the first bosses you fight in the game as the whisps coming off the grace at the start of the game suggest you go in this direction. Margit is quite fast and has some decent attacks, most of the difficulty comes from the attack animations from the boss. Some of them come out pretty quick while he holds others for quite a long time before actually attacking.

    Once he gets around 50% HP he will enter a second phase where he will get a Holy Hammer that he will chain at the end of his other combos along with a large jumping slam attack.

    You can purchase Margit's Shackle from Patches to stun him twice during the first phase of the fight.
  • Defeated the Red Wolf of Radagon


    Location: Liurna - Raya Lucaria Acadamy
    Suggested Level Range: 30-40
    Damage Types: Standard, Magic
    Weakest To: Slash
    Drops: 14,000 Runes, Memory Stone

    The Red Wolf of Radagon moves quite quickly and is able to jump around the room to avoid projectiles. You want to play defensively with it and attack after it does one of the combos or attacks that leave it vulnerable. Since all of the standard attacks are physical if you have a 100% physical reduction shield and some stamina management you can block any of the non-magical attacks.
  • Defeated Godskin Noble


    Location: Mt. Gelmir - Volcano Manor
    Suggested Level Range: 85-95
    Damage Types: Standard, Pierce, Fire
    Weakest To: Slash, Hemmorage, Frostbite, Sleep
    Drops: 50,000 Runes, Serpent's Amnion, Godskin Stitcher, Nobles' Presence

    There are a couple of the Godskin Noble's around the world but the one for this trophy is located in Volcano Manor. He is able to inflate his body and then spin at you to roll you over. He is also able to break poise pretty quickly due to the Rapier he weilds. Another thing working against you is the arena you fight him in, which is fairly small also. When you see him inflate, run quickly to the side and try to hide behind something if possible until he is done rolling.

    You can also put him to sleep using Sleep Pots, or coating your weapon in Soporific Grease. He is quite succeptible to sleep so you can chain putting him to sleep quite easily.
  • Defeated Magma Wyrm Makar


    Location: Liurna - Ruin-Strewn Precipice
    Suggested Level Range: 40-50
    Damage Types: Slash, Strike, Fire
    Weakest To: Standard, Strike, Pierce
    Drops: 24,000 Runes, Magma Wyrm's Scalesword, Dragon Heart

    You may have already fought a similar boss in Gael Tunnel on the border of Limgrave and Caelid, but this specific Magma Wyrm is on the only path up to Altus Plateau if you don't have both the halves of the Medalian to use the Greatlift.

    The Magma Wyrm enemy's weakness is its head. You can get up close and strike it in the head whenever you have openings, dodging through the sword and moving out of the way when it goes to spew lava. Once it reaches about 60% HP it will stand up on its hind legs and imbue the sword with fire, making the head harder to hit.

    The Magma Wyrm does not have very many moves that can attack behind it, so if you can get behind it and strike at the tail you will be safer. When it turns around back up and try to get behind it again when it is in another one of its attack animations.
  • Defeated Godfrey, First Elden Lord

    Story Related

    Location: Leyndell, Royal Capital
    Suggested Level Range: 70-80
    Damage Types: Standard
    Weakest To: Pierce, Lightning
    Drops: 80,000 Runes, Talisman Pouch

    Godfrey is not too difficult as he doesn't have very many attacks you need to watch out for. His stomp attack shoots out a blast in a cone shape in front of him, it is best to block this if you have a shield as it lingers a bit and an early dodge will still have you in the effect if you didn't clear the entire cone. Otherwise he just has four different axe attacks that alternate between a slow swing and a fast swing. Get a hit or two in depending on your weapon when he uses a slow swing then dodge through the fast swings to wittle his health away.
  • Defeated Mohg, the Omen


    Location: Leyndell - Subterrenean Shunning Grounds
    Suggested Level Range: 70-80
    Damage Types: Standard, Pierce, Fire, Hemmorage
    Weakest To: Standard, Slash, Strike, Pierce
    Drops: 100,000 Runes, Bloodflame Talons

    If you have Mohg's Shackle, equip it as it will allow you to stun Mohg, the Omen. Wait for him to approach and use the shackle to stun him and wail into him with some heavy attacks. Depending on the weapon, you may want to trade a blow or two to break his poise so you can get in a critical hit. Afterwards back up and heal, plus rebuff if you need to. Now you are going to want to read and avoid the attacks. Mohg will leave trails of Bloodflame on the floor and splash out Bloodflame that will deal fire damage and build up toward hemmorage. Roll through his attacks, watch out for his Bloodflame Talon as it will not do a lot of damage but has an explosion that deals high damage.
  • Defeated Mimic Tear


    Location: Nokron, Eternal City
    Suggested Level Range: 70-80
    Damage Types: Whatever you use
    Weakest To: Lightning
    Drops: 10,000 Runes, Larval Tear x2, Silver Tear Mask

    Mimic Tear is not a hard boss but it is different than all the other bosses in the game, as it becomes a copy of you and what you are currently wielding. It is basically like fighting another player or NPC invader in terms of how it moves and attacks. Knowing that it copies your weapons, one way to deal with it easily is to unequip your weapons and spells. The Mimic Tear will now only have fists when it spawns. Then, re-equip your regular weapons and spells to fight it. Doing this will not allow the Mimic Tear to have any weapons as the loadout is based on your loadout when you enter the arena.
  • Defeated Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree


    Location: Miquella's Halligtree
    Suggested Level Range: 100-110
    Damage Types: Standard, Strike, Pierce, Magic
    Weakest To: Lightning
    Drops: 200,000 Runes, Loretta's Mastery, Lorreta's War Sickle

    Similar strategies apply here as they did to Royal Knight Loretta. This version of her does gain a few more attacks along with the ability to use her Greatbow sorcery for the entire fight. The biggest difference is she gets a large slash attack that will deal high damage, but if avoided leaves her wide open. She will enhance her War Sickle with magic and swing it twice before leaping into the air and slam it down into the ground. If you run backwards as she starts swinging the sickle around twice then roll back towards her when she is about to land, this will allow you to get a few hits in while she recovers.
  • Defeated Astel, Naturalborn of the Void


    Location: Lake of Rot - Grand Cloister
    Suggested Level Range: 75-85
    Damage Types: Standard, Magic
    Weakest To: Standard, Strike, Slash, Pierce
    Drops: 80,000 Runes, Remembrance of the Naturalborn

    Astel is a massive horror creature that looks nothing like anything else in Elden Ring. It is able to teleport about the place, and has control over gravity magic. Once you enter the arena, it will charge up an attack and fire a fast beam at you. Dodge to the side as the beam does high damage and high knockback. You might have to dodge a couple times before you get close enough. It also has a Reverse Gravity attack where it will lift its hands in the air then slam everything into the ground. When you see it start raising its hands, run backwards and wait for the slam. Also, as even if you aren't grabbed by it, you will get caught in the slam if in the area. The other deadly attack is the teleporting grab, the problem is when he disappears it is not immediately obvious if it is a grab or the teleport. Quickly look up to see if it is above you and if it is dodge as best you can. If you are grabbed by the attack, it is almost assuredly going to kill you as it deals massive damage. Learning to dodge the grab is the hardest part of the fight. When it hits around 50% HP it will summon a bunch of metoers to come crashing down into the arena in front of it, run to the sides or attempt to dodge the meteors. They are sporadic in where they land but they deal high damage if they do connect.
  • Defeated the Leonine Misbegotten


    Location: Weeping Peninsula - Castle Morne
    Suggested Level Range: 20-30
    Damage Types: Standard
    Weakest To: Slash, Fire
    Drops: 3,800 Runes, Grafted Blade Greatsword

    Leonine Misbegotten is a fast and aggressive boss, he does not leave you with a lot of recovery time. Even if you do try to block the attacks, they will deal massive stamina damage and most likely reak your guard. You can use the Ash of War: Barricade Shield to block almost all of the attacks, only the hopping slam attack will get through. If you do this, he will bounce off the Barricade Shield which will open him up to a Guard Counter. It will also eventually poise break him, opening him up to a critical hit. He has a low poise in general, so a heavy attack from most weapons will stagger him.
  • Defeated Royal Knight Loretta


    Location: Liurna - Caria Manor
    Suggested Level Range: 45-55
    Damage Types: Standard, Strike, Pierce, Magic
    Weakest To: Lightning
    Drops: 10,000 Runes, Loretta's Greatbow, Ash of War: Loretta's Slash

    Royal Knight Loretta fights you with a large magical bow and a War Sickle while on the back of a horse. When she is using her sorceries you will want to keep some distance to give yourself opportune time to dodge them or get out of the way. When in close you can punish her after almost any of her attacks, she has a low poise so jump attacks to stun her for a short time, she cannot be critical hit but will allow you to get in a few more hits in. Once she is at 50% HP she will gain the ability to fire a massive glintstone bow, which is easy to dodge if you are at medium to long range. This range is also good to bait out her leaping attack to either be parried or dodged before getting in more swings.
  • Defeated Elemer of the Briar


    Location: Altus Plateau - The Shaded Castle
    Suggested Level Range: 65-75
    Damage Types: Standard, Strike, Pierce, Magic
    Weakest To: Pierce
    Drops: 24,000 Runes, Marais Executioner Greatsword, Briar Greatshield

    Elemer of the Briar is quite punishing, he wields a greatsword so you would think having some distance would be beneficial but that is not the case as his sword is a dancing blade and can swing out at long ranges before flying back to his hands. The safest place to be is actually right up next to him where he has fewer moves and combos available to him. His shield slam attack has the most recovery on it and will allow you to get the most hits in along with being able to heal, it is baitable by moving behind him.
  • Defeated Ancestor Spirit

    Location: Siofra River
    Suggested Level Range: 25-35
    Damage Types: Standard, Magic
    Weakest To: Slash, Fire, Holy
    Drops: 13,000 Runes, Ancestral Follower Ashes

    First you need to light the eight braziers that are around the area of the Sofria River to activate the boss fight. Once you do interact with the remains of the Ancestor Spirit to be teleported to the boss arena. You will want to stay close to him to bait the Kick or Hoof Stomp attack and use that to punish and defeat the boss.
  • Defeated Commander Niall


    Location: Mountaintops of the Giants - Castle Sol
    Suggested Level Range: 80-90
    Damage Types: Standard, Pierce, Lightning, Frostbite
    Weakest To: Pierce
    Drops: 90,000 Runes, Veteren's Prosthesis

    When you enter the boss arena Commander Niall will summon two knights to aid him. One is dual wielding greatswords and the other is wielding a sword and a shield. The dual greatsword knight is much more dangerous and it is advised to take him out first, then the sword and shield knight. While the two knights are summoned Commander Niall won't do much and just moves about the arena. Once both knights are dead, he will become much more aggresive. It is also possible to damage Commander Niall to about 50% HP and then the knights will despawn.

    His most dangerous attacks are his whirlwind dash attacks. One comes out fairly quick but the dash itself doesn't do damage while the uppercut afterwards is the damaging attack. The other attack is charged and will have a larger area of frost around him, same rules apply for dodging this and afterwards he will tire out and that is your opportunity to get the most damage in. He can also use lightning stomps after charging his prosthetic leg, the one where he slams his prosthetic into the ground to produce a shockwave can be jumped over while the other where he jumps at you can be dodged by rolling to the side.
  • Arrived at Roundtable Hold

    Story Related

    After defeating a few of the minibosses, or Shardbearer Godrick, resting at a Site of Grace will cause Melina to spawn and tell you about the Roundtable Hold. She will ask if you want to travel with her to Roundtable Hold, select Yes. Another option is if you head to anywhere in Caelid, to the East of Limgrave, she will show up and take you to Roundtable Hold automatically.
  • Restored the power of a Great Rune

    There are a total of 7 Great Runes, 6 of them are dropped by the Shardbearer Bosses while the other is dropped by Rennala. After getting any of the Shardbearer's Great Runes you will need to go to a divine tower to activate it while the one you get for defeating Rennala is already activated and the trophy will pop along with the one for defeating her if you have not activated another Great Rune before then.
    1. Godrick's Great Rune - Activated at the top of the Divine Tower of Limgrave.
    2. Great Rune of the Unborn - Automatically activated when obtained.
    3. Radahn's Great Rune - Activated at the top of the Divine Tower of Caelid.
    4. Morgott's Great Rune - Activated at the top of the Divine Tower of East Altus.
    5. Rykard's Great Rune - Activated at the top of the Divine Tower of West Altus.
    6. Malenia's Great Rune - Activated at the top of the Isolated Divine Tower.
    7. Mohg's Great Rune - Activated at the top of the Divine Tower of East Altus.
  • Used kindling to set the Erdtree aflame

    Story Related

    After defeating the Fire Giant, move upwards to the large Kiln and head to the Site of Grace on the rim of it. At the Grace you will have an option to Speak with Melina, select it and a cutscene will play.

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