• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3.75/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 34 (22/ 5/ 6/ 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 35-50+ hours (Time to Platinum Thread)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 (Provided you save before the true ending split), 2 otherwise.
  • Number of missable trophies: 2: The World Unified, Money isn't Everything!
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Do trophies stack? NA/EU and JP versions have separate trophy lists
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies? No cheats


Eiyuu Senki is a tactical role-playing game and visual novel hybrid featuring several renowned historical figures portrayed as anime women. The game was originally an erotic game but the sex scenes have been removed for the PS3 release. The story sees a nameable male protagonist (defaulted to Chihaya) who must help the clumsy ruler of Yamatai take control of the entire world before her catastrophic prediction comes true.

None of the trophies are particularly challenging (bar conquering Shambhala), however both the game itself and the post-game dungeons are rather time-consuming. It should be noted that there are bonus items for conquering certain areas ahead of schedule. 3 of these items are really, really helpful for shaving time off at the end of the game and will be accounted for in the walkthrough. The trade-off for this is that enemy troops will gain 5% health which isn't much of an issue anyway.

As for viewing cutscenes, you should try to view them all as each one makes a character slightly better as they gain new equipment slots, find items, but most importantly they learn their ultimate technique - which helps immensely in the end game. The best thing to do is declare war on a region, conquer it and then view one scene a turn. You gain money each turn but going 3 turns without using an action point puts you into a fight against weakish but annoying bandits.

A feature that isn't explained very well in the game is the type match-ups. The following picture (from the Eiyuu Senki wiki) is the chart of which units are effective against which:

Using a type that's "super effective" deals more damage, but the opposite team gains "brave balls". Brave balls are important for using special techniques and sometimes it's a good move to take super effective attacks to farm them. You gain about 1/3 of a bar at the start of each turn (without item modifiers) and about 1 bar for a non-effective attack. You gain none for an effective attack while the opponents gain about 1 bar.


Step 1: Play through the game until conquering Russia

Note that you want to make sure you conquer Hawaii before Australia, Macedonia before the Indias and Vinland before the Incas for bonus items. The three items in question are Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge (Victory and Great Victory bonus +50%), Gullinbursti (Always act first in battle) and Tamatebako (Have 0 wait once). An example path one can take is:

Japan, Taika, Mongolia, India, EU (South Seas), Hawaii, Australia, Macedonia, Indias, USA, Egypt, Vinland, Incas, Aztec, EU (Europe), Dark Realm (Africa), Russia.

You will be given an option to purchase USA instead of fighting for it. Do not buy USA when offered to gain a trophy (if you want to, you can save/reload after gaining the trophy).

Around the mid-game, you should try to save money as much as possible, using it solely for replenishing troops as much as possible. There are characters that are unlocked by having a certain amount of money, up to 1,000,000 gold.

Russia itself is difficult to conquer as at the start of each battle, your troops can't handle the cold terrain and lose half of their health. It's a good idea to bring healers like Himiko into battle for these fights.

Upon completing Step 1, you will earn:

The First Victory
The Servant of Heaven
Taika Empire Conquered
Mongolia Conquered
India Conquered
South Seas Conquered
Southern Hawaii Conquered
Australia Conquered

Macedonia Conquered
Money isn't Everything!
Northern America Conquered

Egypt Conquered
Vinland Conquered
Southern America Conquered
EU Conquered
Dark Realm Conquered
Russia Conquered
Zipang Unified
East Asia Unified

Step 2: Make a back-up save, Normal Ending

Before conquering Britannia, make a save for use later (it will save you having to go through the entire game again for the true ending later). Do not conquer Babylonia and Uruk in this step. Defeat Britannia and the Illuminati to gain the normal ending.

Upon completing Step 2, you will earn:

Britannia Conquered
The World Unified

Step 3: Reload save, True Ending

This time, conquer Babylonia (you can't conquer it by fighting, you have to talk to Hammurabi to gain it) and Uruk before Britannia. Then, make sure you have 1,000,000 gold at some point during the war against the Illuminati and complete every side quest to gain the extra characters. When you complete the final area of the normal ending, end the turn to start the true end route. During the final campaign, you'll gain the final character you need for the trophy They Are All Friends of Mine.

Upon completing Step 3, you will earn:

Babylonia Conquered
Uruk Conquered
Sasaki Kojirou

Super Rich
Ultra Rich

They Are All Friends of Mine
Together Forever

Step 4: Post-game and clean-up

During the true ending route, you gain access to an optional final dungeon Shambhala. Upon completing the true ending, the game rewinds to the state right before the final fight. See I Am Invincible for a small guide of tricks, combos and advice for Shambhala. The other trophies will most likely unlock during the rest of the game but are still available to collect during this step.

Upon completing Step 4, you will earn:

Never Let Anyone Get Hurt
Can't Get My Beloved Ones Hurt
I Am Invincible

The Master of the World [PST would like to thank hyperdragon1600 for this roadmap]

Eiyuu Senki - The World Conquest Trophy Guide

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34 trophies ( 22  5  )

  • Obtained all trophies.

    Collect all the other trophies in the game to unlock.

  • Won the first battle.

    Story related and cannot be missed. The first fight will begin after the introductory cutscenes of the game and mostly serves as a tutorial of basic commands.

  • The Protagonist joined the Zipang army.

    Story related and cannot be missed. The protagonist will join the Zipang army after some cutscenes following the first battle.

  • Unified Zipang

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Take control of Edo to unlock.

  • Conquered Taika Empire

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Take control of Loulan to unlock

  • Conquered Mongolia

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Take control of Samarkand to unlock

  • Conquered India

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Take control of Gandhara to unlock

  • Unified East Asia

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Unlocked after conquering Taika, Mongolia and India

  • Conquered the South Sea Colonies

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Take control of Guam to unlock

  • Conquered Australia

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Take control of Sydney to unlock

  • Conquered Southern Hawaii

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Take control of Hawaii to unlock

  • Conquered Northern America in the New World

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Take control of New York to unlock

  • Conquered Southern America in the New World

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Take control of Tenochtitlan to unlock

  • Conquered the EU

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Take control of Paris to unlock

  • Conquered Vinland

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Take control of Port Royal to unlock

  • Conquered the Dark Realm

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Take control of Johannesburg to unlock

  • Conquered Britannia

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Take control of Camelot to unlock

  • Conquered Macedonia

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Take control of Alexandria to unlock

  • Conquered Egypt

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Take control of Abu Simbel to unlock

  • Conquered Russia

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Take control of Moscow to unlock

  • Conquered Babylonia

    Take control of Babylon to unlock. To do this, you must have conquered Europe and Russia to unlock a new mission in Babylonia (after declaring war) that does not involve combat. A cutscene will occur where the main character and Hammurabi discuss what makes a good leader and she will give Babylonia to you. Declaring war on them any earlier will only unlock the other mission (to invade Babylonia) until you conquer Europe and Russia. Even winning the fight will not allow you to take control.

  • Conquered Uruk

    Take control of Babel to unlock.

  • Defeated the Illuminati and brought peace to the world...?

    Missable (if on true end route)

    Defeat the Illuminati without conquering Babylon. Gained for seeing the normal ending.

  • Sasaki Kojirou sided with the Zipang Army

    Sasaki Kojirou will join the team during a side quest cutscene after conquering Europe, during the invasion of the Dark Realm.

  • Sided with all characters.

    Unlock all characters. You need to be on the true ending for most of the ancient heroes. By conquering every region in the world, you'll gain most of the characters automatically. Each of the other characters will be unlocked via a side quest that appears once certain conditions are met.

    Archimedes: Have Aristotle in the party and have over 1,000,000 gold available (spent money does not count towards this).

    Atlas: Clear all of Da Vinci's side quests.

    Cambyses: Defeat the EU.

    Charlemagne: Defeat the EU and declare war on Britannia.

    Copernicus: Complete all of Ivan and Rasputin's side quests to max out their affections.

    Diogenes: A mission about going fishing will unlock during the campaign against the Illuminati.

    Faust: Complete all of Da Vinci's side quests and have Chihaya's troops be greater than 4,000.

    Galileo: Conquer Austrailia, Europe and clear the mission to make preparations to invade Britannia.

    Magoroku Kanemoto: Complete all of the side quests involving Benkei searching for her 1,000th weapon and restoring the Silk Road routes.

    Sasaki Kojiro: Conquer Europe and invade the Dark Realm.

    Uesugi Kenshin: Complete all side quests involving Himiko, Yoshitsune, Oda Nobunaga, Yamato Takeru, Inou Tadataka, and Benkei to max out their affections.

  • Rich


    Obtained more than 100,000 gold

    See Ultra Rich for more details

  • Obtained more than 500,000 gold

    See Ultra Rich for more details

  • Obtained more than 1,000,000 gold

    When you start fighting the Illuminati (either route), you can gain about 50,000 gold at the end of every turn. Completing side quests marked with a gold treasure chest will help you accumulate gold rapidly. There is also a trick to gain millions of gold in Shambhala, which will be covered in its section. See I Am Invincible for more details.

  • Emerged victorious from Shambhala

    This is by far the most difficult and time-consuming trophy in the game. The dungeon is unlocked while on the true ending and consists of 9 layers. Each layer is a battle of five consecutive fights with the 9th layer having ten successive fights. The reason this is difficult is that you can only use a person once throughout all 5 (or 10) fights so you need about 60 characters to be strong enough to handle it. Thankfully, you can retry each fight and pick new characters and formations (except those who were already used) though you may find yourself in a nigh-unwinnable situation and need to reload.

    Each fight is harder than the last so it's a good idea to save your best troops until the last fight, though you could also split them up into each of the fights instead.

    I can't give you exact formations (though I have a pastebin of what I used for my floors 6-9 that I'll put at the end of this section to give an idea of how to split up your team) but I can go over some basic tricks:

    1) Making ancient heroes stronger: This applies mostly to Gilgamesh and Yamato Takeru since the others have enough troops to handle the dungeon. Equip them with items that have "Victory Bonuses +x%" (the effect stacks) and after ending every turn, you may be attacked by the Illuminati's last territory (assuming you carry on after getting the true end, otherwise this is a great grinding spot). They attack about every second turn and are easy enough to beat with a team of ancient heroes. Victory bonuses are the only ways to increase the max HP of ancient heroes (and heroes with 9999+ troops). Every third turn, you will be attacked by bandits so use any remaining ancient heroes and your strongest troops for that fight.

    2) Farming money part 1: Every end of turn, you should earn about 75,000 gold. You can combine this with step 1 to earn money rapidally.

    3) Allocating the funds: The best idea is to make about 25-30 characters have ~7,000 troops, about 8-10 of which should have 8,000-8,500 troops. If you can't defeat Angolmois, you earn 50% of this each turn, meaning it will take longer to earn. If you saved up the 1,000,000 gold for Archimedes, you should have enough to make the army. For every 1,000 max troops, the cost of increasing the max troops increases a considerable amount so

    4) Brave Balls are good, super effective is bad: Make sure all of your attacks aren't super effective any more (as much as possible). Gaining brave and using ultimate attacks (5 Brave Balls to use) will get you through most fights. I like to give Billy the Kid the item to gain large amounts of Brave every turn so she can use Bandits which has great range and AoE. You can deny the enemy team Brave by using moves that steal/destroy it (Huanya Capac and Palamedes have such moves), or by putting a bad type match-up into the front line as bait. The best tanks are Rasputin and Palamedes as they have large defense stats and have a bad type match-up against everything. Rasputin can even heal herself fully (or an ally for 50% of their HP) for 3 Brave.

    5) Ishikawa Goemon, the one-hit kill machine: Her ultimate attack does insane damage to a single target and has 100% crit chance, so give her the items Laevateinn (Crit chance +50%) and Vajra (Critical Damage +30%). The extra crit chance is just to make her stronger before she can use her ultimate attack, though that can be given to someone else if you feel it would be used better.

    6) Hammurabi, the table turner: Her ultimate attack deals more damage the less percentage health she has. Therefore, give her Doujigiri (Attack +5 when troops below 20%) and Cauldron of Rebirth (Survive a fatal attack once per battle). If she gets hit, she can survive on 1HP, have an ultimate attack that deals a lot of damage and gets an attack +5 boost for it to boot.

    7) Tai Gong Wang supercharge tactic: If you got Gullinbursti and Tamatebako as outlined in the road map, you can put both of them on someone with Supercharge (like Tai Gong Wang) to start the fight with 5 brave for free. This is especially great for the final fight of Shambala.

    8) Montezuma's scarifice: Her sacrifice ability kills herself in order to gain 5 Brave for the rest of the team but if she equips Book of the Dead and Ariadne's Thread (+3 and +2 Brave when defeated in battle respectively), you'll gain 10 Brave instead.

    9) AoE attacks can regain a large amount of brave depending on how many enemies got hit and the type match-ups involved. If you get a chance to use a large AoE attack before another ultimate attack, there's a chance you can get back enough Brave for that move too (ideally if they hit 4+ people).

    10) Farming money, pt 2: By far the best way to earn money in this game is to get down to layer 6 of Shambhala, which should be doable with the tricks listed above and about 7,000-8,000 troops for ~20 characters. Give Palamedes or Huanya Capac the item Uchide no Kozuchi (Earn money at the end of battle) and save them both for the last fight of layer 6. The fight is against 6 Montezumas with more health than you can hope to defeat. However, when their Brave is low one of them will sacrifice themselves to regain some. Use Palamedes's and Huanya Capac's moves that reduce/steal Brave to make them kill themselves more. They also like to use buffs (and try to reapply them if debuffed) and you can prevent them from gaining brave by putting a bad type match-up in the front row as a tank. For winning the fight with that item equipped, you'll gain a whopping 10,000,000 gold. You can use this money on the troops you used throughout that layer of Shambhala to make the fights faster/safter and do it a few times.

    Here's a pastebin file of the formations and characters I used for Layers 6-9 of Shambhala, in case that's of any help. I didn't have the bonus items mentioned in my road map, so it's still doable without those items in the event that you missed them.


Secret trophies

  • Didn't use money to buy USA


    After defeating the Indias, Colombus will offer you a chance to buy USA from her to avoid conflict. You earn this trophy by refusing her offer. You can save before answering and choose to decline the offer, unlock the trophy and reload if you want to purchase USA instead.

  • Watched the True Ending

    To get the true ending, you must conquer everywhere in the world before defeating the Illuminati, most notably Babylon, Uruk and Babel. See I Am Invincible for advice on making your team stronger if you're having difficulties with the final boss.

  • Won a battle without anyone getting any damage

    The easiest way to earn this is to be at war with somewhere and reserve your strongest troops until they attempt to invade. Win the fight and pass a couple of turns and if they attack again, their troops will not have full health, on top of being weaker than the troops you'd fight for attacking a region.

  • Won a battle that the protagonist joined, without him attacking even once.

    See Never Let Anyone Get Hurt for advice. Add the protagonist to the battle but use "wait" every turn he gets while you win the fight with the remaining forces.

  • Won a battle with only the protagonist fighting.

    See Never Let Anyone Get Hurt for advice, though if you ever see a fight that looks easy, give it a shot. After clearing the true end, if you defend, the Illuminati try to attack you with a force of 2 enemies. If you defeat them and wait for them to attack again, you can easily win the fight with just the main character.

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