• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Personal Opinion) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 37 (32 , 3 , 2 )
  • Online trophies: 13 (9 , 2 , 1 , 1 )
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 25-30hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Minimum of 100 wins.
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you need to play on Superstar Difficulty for Legendary Victor .
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the EU, NA, Asia and JP versions of the game have separate lists.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: Yes, a second controller is recommended for the majority of the match trophies.


The list this year is identical to last years. The platinum is still very simple and will only take time due to needing 100 victories. The simplest way to play is vs com on Beginner 5 min matches and you'll breeze through the victories required for Victory Haul .


Step 1: Versus Mode (2 controllers)

In this step you will gather a huge percentage of the match trophies in this year's game as I personally did. None should be bothersome only requiring a little bit of knowledge which I will cover later in the guide.

At the end of this step, you will have earned the following:

Comeback King
Possessive Streak
World Class
The Sniper
Phantom Striker
Final Twist
Chip Shot Creator
Set Piece Strategist
Derby Dominator
Goalmouth Guardian
Clean Sheet King
Played Local Match
VERSUS (2 Players)

Step 2: Versus (COM)

There are some trophies which cannot be unlocked versus a second controller but if you're playing on Beginner like I suggested earlier in the Guide, you will have no problem unlocking the next few trophies.

At the end of this step, you will have earned the following:

Goal Hunter
Assist Machine
Legendary Victor
Victory Haul
Random Selection Match Kickoff!

Step 3: Be A Legend

The same as last years World Best Player Award can be earned in your first season if you edit a player to 109 rated and simulate until January when the award is given out. You will easily win the league a few months later to unlock all the Be A Legend trophies.

At the end of this step, you will have earned the following:

The Debutant
Championship Winner
League Best Eleven
World Best Player Award

Step 4: Master League

Like Be A Legend, if you edit either a team or league you won't be spending much time in this mode for trophies, unless you want to play this addictive mode.

At the end of this step, you will have earned the following:

Won in Master League
Message Received
League Champions

Step 5: Performance Training

In performance training you will need to complete certain tasks in each four criteria to unlock pretty simple trophies, since you will only need to complete each to a silver rank rather than gold this step shouldn't take very long and will require only a little bit of skill.

At the end of this step, you will have earned the following:

Silver Collector: Basic
Silver Collector: Intermediate
Silver Collector: Advanced
Silver Collector: Expert

Step 6: Online and Co-op

As with the rest of the trophies in the other modes the amount needed from previous years has decreased, because you will only need one victory for three different modes and one promotion which you will achieve if you win.

At the end of this step, you will have earned the following:

First Online Divisions Win
Promoted in Online Divisions
Team Play
Win a Casual Match
Win a Clan Match
Co-op Contributor

Step 7: myClub

Like every single year, most of your time will be spent actually playing in myClub rather than simulating in other modes. One victory is needed to unlock myClub: 1st RANKED MATCH win . The hardest trophies again this year will definitely be Eye for Talent and Global Giants , because you will need to sign a player of certain level (Gold or Black) through a Scout which is very luck based unless you have multiple agents you can stack and getting your team to 3,000 team strength which has continued from last year.

At the end of this step, you will have earned the following:

myClub: 1st RANKED MATCH win
Ranking Recognition
Ace Signing
One of Our Own
Eye for Talent
Global Giants

...and finally, the Platinum: Ultimate Player

[PST Would Like To Thank AdamWolf86 for this Roadmap]

eFootball: PES 2021 - Season Update Trophy Guide

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50 trophies ( 41  )

  • Perfect Collection

    Unlock the other 49 trophies, to get this one.

  • Won after coming back from 2 goals down

    This trophy is made easy if you play with two controllers. You can obtain this and a few other trophies in one game by first scoring two own-goals. Now make a defender substitution and have them score a goal, then score again with anyone to make it 2-2. Stay in your second controller's box and wait for the clock to hit 90+ (injury time), then commit a foul with your second controller to get a penalty.

    Score the penalty and you will have unlocked this, plus Possessive Streak, Super-Sub, Phantom Striker and Final Twist.

  • Had the ball 65% or more of the time and won the match

    See Comeback King

  • A substitute scored

    See Comeback King

  • Scored in open play from 30 m or more (excluding Set Pieces)

    This trophy is made easy if you play with two controllers. Have the second controller's goalkeeper dribble with the ball to around the half-way line then tackle them with your primary controller, simply score into the open net for a goal. If you're lucky like I was, then the game will also consider it to be a counter-attack and unlock this and Counter-Attacker.

  • Netted a free kick from 25 m or more

    This trophy is made easy if you play with two controllers. Have one of your players dribble the ball to around 25m away from goal but if you're not sure, be fouled once by the second controller and if you're too close then try again. On the second controller press and to select the GK and use the analogue stick to move them away from the goal. When they're out of the way from the goal, simply shoot to unlock a very simple trophy.

  • A defender scored a goal

    See Comeback King

  • Pulled off a win by scoring in stoppage time

    See Comeback King

  • Scored 3 goals with the same player in a match

    Pick a player you like, then score three goals. If you're on Beginner, then you will probably be able to walk the ball in.

  • Performed a trick to get past a player and score

    If you're like me, then you will struggle with skills on the game. Yet I was able to unlock this trophy with the only skill I use in the game, which is the fake shot. All you need to do is dribble into your opponents box, hit , then immediately hit , which will dummy, then quickly hit again to score and unlock the trophy.

  • Scored 5 goals from chip shots

    This trophy is made easy if you play with two controllers. Have the second controller's goalkeeper dribble with the ball, tackle him with your primary controller. Now run towards the goal and press and to score a chip shot, do this five times for the trophy.

  • Scored 3 goals using a Set Piece Strategy

    I suggest trying this on corners rather than free-kicks unless you're particularly good at free-kicks (which I'm not). When taking a corner vs a second controller as I will continue to suggest, press and select one of the four options then score from the corner. I personally unlocked the trophy by scoring three headers from three different corner options but it may suffice with the same three.

  • Won a derby match

    A derby match is a match between two clubs in the same area such as Arsenal and Tottenham, Manchester City and Manchester United, Everton and Liverpool. Simply play against each other and win, then the trophy will unlock. Having two controllers is recommended to get this trophy more easily.

    You may need to manually add derby opponents in your game, as I had zero rivals when I started the game.

    EDIT => Teams => A team of your choice (Arsenal) => Rival Clubs

  • Scored a goal on a counterattack

    See World Class

  • Saved a penalty kick (not in penalty shootouts)

    This trophy is made easy if you play with two controllers. Foul your second controller in your box to give them a penalty. Shoot a weak penalty with your second controller and you should easily save it.

  • Win with a clean sheet

    If you're playing with two controllers and not trying to come back from 2 goals down, this should be relatively easy as I very much doubt you will be using the second controller in an attacking sense.

  • Defeated an opponent that is at least ★2 stronger in Team Strength

    This will, unfortunately, need to be played versus the computer but is still super easy because you can play on Beginner. Scroll through the leagues and try to find a team of 2* rating and an opponent of 5* preferred and win the match but because you'll be playing on Beginner, you can walk the ball in.

  • Played a total of 50 matches

    The game has sort of a tracking system of games played but only VS COM, though this trophy should cover all games played. I can only suggest keeping a tally yourself of the games you play online versus people.

  • Scored a total of 100 goals

    This is like Workhorse, only goals versus the computer are displayed but doesn't mean that what you score online or in myClub aren't counted. I can't really suggest more than score as much as possible in the computer games to unlock this trophy early and not have to worry about it.

  • Performed a total of 100 assists

    This is like Goal Hunter, only you need to assist but if you're playing the smart way, you can unlock both these trophies together. Simply have one of your players run into the box from either wing and cut back to a teammate for the assist. You will know the assist has counted when going to the game finish screen and checking goalscorers and if there is or isn't an assist name. Sometimes if the game progresses too long from the pass it won't count and will most likely be counted as an individual goal.

  • Win 5 matches on Super Star Match Level difficulty

    You will need to select Superstar difficulty (which to PES veterans is 6 stars) but it won't be hard, because you will be selecting a 5 star team (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Paris St Germain) versus a 1 star team (I chose Kuwait). You should score first then merely pass the ball between your team, even though you're facing a pretty poor team they will still attack you and force you into a mistake.

  • Won a total of 100 matches

    This is the longest trophy in the entire game, because it requires you to win 100 matches in all modes and like I've mentioned earlier in the guide only matches against the computer are displayed in the statistics: Settings => Options => VS COM Record. I suggest playing in either Exhibition or Master League to get most of your wins. I personally unlocked the trophy by playing in Exhibition and using the rematch option after each game, saving effort each time by going 1-0 up then holding the ball until the clock runs out.
  • Played full Local Match

    Go to "Kickoff" and choose "Local Match", then play it to completion but it doesn't matter if you win or lose.

  • Got match data against COM in Versus Mode

    Go to Kickoff => Versus, then play a match against the computer to pop this.

  • Got match data in Versus Mode

    See VERSUS (COM) except this time play with two controllers to unlock this one.

  • Played a Random Selection Match to the final whistle

    For this, go to Kickoff => Random Selection Match then finish the match you are given.

  • Awarded for making an appearance in Become a Legend

    A couple of things are needed before you start this and Master League and it will require you to edit some information:

    - Competition Structure => Draw Size => 14
    - Spanish Liga => Barcelona to PEU League

    Doing these two simple steps will make sure you only play 26 games in the season rather than the 38 most top leagues play.

    Don't be fooled by the Swiss and Scottish leagues, as they play a lot more games than you think, playing each opponent four times rather than the normal two.

    Pick L. Messi or a player your prefer, you will need to play one game for the first trophy to unlock. You can simulate through the rest of the season and you will easily win the league with your superior team. The World Best Player award can be earned in the first season rather than having to simulate to the second January.

  • Awarded for winning the league title in Become a Legend

    See Pro Debut

  • Awarded for being picked for the Best Eleven in Become a Legend

    See Pro Debut

  • Awarded for being receiving the World Best Player Award in Become a Legend

    See Pro Debut

  • Awarded for earning a win in Master League

    If you have edited a team of your choosing in the PEU League, then the Master League will be incredibly easy: Like Be A Legend, you need to actually play one match and win for the trophy, because simulating won't unlock the trophy. Simply read a message and gain some followers. If you're in the PEU League then you will win the league very easily, I won the league and unlocked the trophy even before the season had finished.

  • Read a message in Master League

    Messages are effectively your emails from your sporting director about contracts, transfers and injuries etc. They can be found in Manager's Office => Messages

  • Increased your Followers in Master League

    A continuation from last year's game is followers and if you perform well in the league or cup, your followers will increase and this trophy will unlock.

  • Awarded for winning the league title in any of the top leagues featured in Master League

    See Won in Master League

  • Awarded for obtaining silver in all basic level Skills Training

    See Silver Collector: Expert

  • Awarded for obtaining silver in all intermediate level Skills Training

    See Silver Collector: Expert

  • Awarded for obtaining silver in all advanced level Skills Training

    See Silver Collector: Expert

  • Awarded for obtaining silver in all expert level Skills Training

    Each level of skills training, consists of set tasks you need to complete at silver level to unlock the trophy. The training will get harder from basic to expert but nothing taxing, some took me a few goes but overall fairly simple trophies.

  • Awarded for winning your first Online Divisions match

    This is an Online trophy and a pretty simple one to get. You need to win one game, this year I unlocked the trophy on my first try with Arsenal but you can decide who to pick, it's whatever team you feel comfortable with and will only unlock in the finished game menu and not when an opponent quits.

    When you successfully win you will be awarded a set amount of points, the lower rated the team the higher potential points you can earn. You will need to get a certain amount of points to get promoted to earn Promoted in Online Divisions

    The amount of games required for you to get a win can vary, all I can say is persevere until you face someone you can beat.

  • Awarded for being promoted to a higher division in Online Divisions

    See First Online Division Win

  • Kicked off while taking part in a Team Play Lobby

    Go: Kick Off => Team Play and all you need to do is kick-off, because you don't even need to play the entire match. You can search for open matches or start one yourself and hopefully people join or you can play with friends.

  • Won a Casual Match in Online Co-op

    You can play this and clan match with a friend if you search at the same time but more often than not you will be paired with someone random, which can be a positive and a negative depending on how well you play together and how your opponents do. I unlocked both trophies this year on the first try, even though you can be paired with another teammate. My wins happened in a 1 on 1 match with the COM controlling three other players.

  • Won a Clan Match in Online Co-op

    See Won a Casual Match in Online CO-OP

  • Awarded a special Co-op playing style in Online Co-op

    I continued my method from last year vs COM in a private room with a friend and my team won 15 – 0 with my player scoring 95% of the goals and I unlocked Eagle Eye with my statistics reading 3 star Finisher and Tackler.

    Last year the trophy unlocked after four matches but this year I was only required to play three co-op matches and my partner unlocked a style too with their assists on their first game. I cannot say you will unlock the trophy after three games but keep playing on Beginner and you'll progress towards a skill.

  • Awarded for winning your first Ranked Match game in myClub

    This is like an Online Division match but you need to win with your myClub and depending on if you got pre-order bonuses or not, your team should be very good and make this trophy a little easier with an opponent in your way.

    This year I unlocked the trophy after my third match. The first my opponent quit but the win wasn't recorded as you need to reach the finished match screen. My second match, my opponent was just too good for me and the third I was lucky on a counter-attack and squeezed out a 2-0 win, thus unlocking the trophy. Lag can play a factor in games but this is mostly a rare occasion. There is no guarantee you'll win but keep trying.

  • Awarded acclaim for playing 10 ranked matches in myClub

    You unlock this trophy after playing 10 games in myClub ranked. I actually tried in these 10 matches this year but I had a mixed set of results, gaining 4 wins 5 losses and 1 draw. To save myself the worry of contract renewals, I didn't use my main team instead using the pre-order bonus of the full Arsenal team (I ordered the Arsenal Club Edition).

  • Obtained a Black rarity player with a myClub agent

    If you pre-ordered the game then you will unlock this trophy easily, because one of the many players you get is a Black Ball.

    - Legend
    - If you had a certain amount of Legends or Iconic Players from last year
    - Partner Agent

    If you didn't then I can only say trying to save GP or coins to play the agents that will be released throughout the game. A new feature to PES has continued is Featured Players which is higher rated versions of players in the game. I suggest waiting for the 100% Black Ball Featured Players.

  • Trained a player to Lv.10 in myClub

    This year though each player from both scout and agent begin at Level 1 so levelling all the way to 10 does seem daunting but really isn't.

    The simplest way of training up a player will be to play matches with them, after each match depending on their performance you can rack up a lot of experience but there is an easier way to earn experience and that is training with other players. In previous games the position, nationality and club would add a multiplier to the training but it seems to be random.

    I was able to train up one player to level 20 through multiple players, if you delve into the agents you can get a minimum silver which can increase the level of the player you're trying to hit Level 10 with. The level needed isn't particularly difficult as you can reach level 50+ with some players.

  • Obtained a Gold or Black rarity player with a myClub scout

    This trophy can be both well thought out or pure luck. I mean pure luck as you can have a 4* agent with a 2% chance of a gold ball and get the trophy but more often than not you'll unlock a white or bronze ball. This is why you need to plan ahead and see which scouts you can buy to increase your chances of getting either a gold or black ball. I would recommend trying for a gold ball as the 5* agents will be incredibly expensive. You want a minimum 4* for gold and 5* for black with the latter being very rare over the last few years and even with one, you're not guaranteed to get the player value you want.

    The reason I mentioned well thought out, there is a chance of getting two more agents through games or the auction house which can narrow down the search for a desired player. The odds you're looking for are 100% of a player who are gold or black. The easiest way from last year is no longer possible as the Tanzania player is no longer a gold ball, but he has been replaced by another. The Central African Republic 4* will gain you one player - G. Kondogbia. This scout's cost has varied from 78,000 to 171,000 and the price is rising since most are realising this agent will get you the trophy, whereas others may just like the player.

    I personally unlocked the trophy using two agents:

    Iran (25,000) and Zenit (85,00) which got me S. Azmoun. I did overpay on the second but I wanted the trophy and I found in later auctions that the price even reached 131,000.

  • Created a squad with a Team Strength of 3000 or more in myClub.

    Pre-order bonuses can greatly increase the strength of your squad and definitely having a black ball featured players and as I mentioned earlier, unlike last year I signed three Black Ball featured players which greatly increased my Team Strength.

    If you want the quickest way to unlock the trophy then myClub coins can greatly help but some don't like micro-transactions and it is their choice. It is truly your choice how you increase your team. I have purchased myClub coins in the past but haven't this year. At the time of writing my Team Strength is 3118 and that is with featured players and levelling up, as the game is having a log-in event of 10,000 GP each day.

    84 – Alex Remiro

    92 – R. Carlos l 93 – Puyol l 88 – Gabriel l 82 – J. Denayer

    85 – M. Pasalic l 85 – Renato Augsuto l 92 – H. Nakata

    90 – R. Sterling l 92. R. Lewandowski (Loan) l 97 – D. Bergkamp (LOYALTY BONUS)


    89 – F. Inzaghi
    82 – J. Bernat
    82 – Zambo Anguissa
    82 – Deulofeu
    81 – E. Belozoglu
    81 – S. Azmoun
    77 – Matheus Pereira

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