Treasure Collector Trophy

  • Treasure Collector


    Collected all Treasures.

    • Art of War - Complete Wu Chapter 5
    • Awards of Valor - Collect lots of spoils in 1 battle
    • Banana Leaf Fan - Obtain an ultimate weapon (5 star)
    • Book of Illusions - Complete chapter 6 of any faction
    • Bronze Pheasant - Fully level up city
    • Dragon Ring - Complete many bonus objectives (Around 80 bonus objectives)
    • Grand Histories - Complete chapter 3 of any faction
    • He's Jade - Level a character to 50
    • Hex Mark - Win 10 online VS battles
    • Imperial Seal - Victory in many battles (Around 100 battles)
    • Meng De's Manual – Complete Wei Chapter 5 .
    • Mo Xie Sword - Learn all 5 star Chi Skills.
    • Red Hare - Defeat Lu Bu 10-15 times.
    • Shadow Runner - Win 10 legends quests
    • Shan Hai Jing - Collect all officer cards
    • War God Statue - Defeated all Musou officers
    • Way of Peace - Win a battle with every character once
    • 4 Gods Statue - Friend several people online
    • 5 Colored Stones - Collect all 5 star orbs
    • 24 War Manuals - Complete Shu Chapter 5

    For Hex Mark treasure, select the quest “Arena” from the noticeboard in Online City

    For 4 Gods Statue, follow these steps:

    • In Online City, press for City Menu then for second menu.
    • Select Profile – Member Profile. This lists down your party members in the current Online City.
    • Press to register them in your list, then complete a quest with them. The profile list will then update the friendship column from "0" to "1"
    • Do this for 5-10 people.

    You can track Treasure Collection % by accessing the "Vault" option from the second City Menu.

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  • If anyone is still playing this, I need help with these two treasures: 1. 4 Gods Statue - Friend 10 people online. 2. Hex Mark - Win 10 online VS battles. PSN: DJY8898 Time Zone GMT+ 11.
  • I think it somehow glitched on me. I didn't get banana fan with my first 5 star so I thought guide was wrong and collected made all 5 star weapons, then completed a mission and I still don't have it. I can't find someone else having this issue.
  • Turns out you have to use your character SPECIFIC 5 star weapon in battle for the treasure to unlock.

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