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    Collected all Officer Cards.

    This is the most stressful of all the collection trophies. Officers will randomly appear in your city (next to the old man) and you need to talk to them to obtain their Officer Card. The chances and order of Officers appearing in your city is totally random, and sometimes an Officer whom you’ve already met will re-appear in your city.

    I suggest leaving this trophy until you’re nearing the end of your 3rd faction. By then you should have about 60-75% of Officer Cards.

    Start a quest and immediately pause the game and select “Return to City” and check if a new officer has appeared. Rinse and repeat to collect ‘em all.

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  • This trophy took days just to get. Had to repeatedly start/quit missions just to finally get it
  • It took me four days just to find ONE card. At least when I found it, I simultaneously got the last four trophies I needed.
  • see this post if you're having trouble with this trophy:
  • [link][/link]
  • [url][/url] im noob ;) lol
  • I did the extra difficulty missions and in Chapter 3 city the last Shu sub officer appeared to give me his card, the very last card I needed for Platinum. Never again.

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