Archivist Trophy in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

  • Archivist


    Find all Collectible Notes.

    How to unlock Archivist


    There are a total of 117 Mementos to find in the game. Most of them will be in mission areas and you'll see them when holding r3.png - they will appear with a yellow marker, however, they won't appear on the map, plus some of them are also missable. There are 3 collectibles to find in the prologue and you need to make sure to collect them before moving on, because there is no way to replay the prologue later on in the game, not even in co-op. The other missable areas will be accessible through Side Quests but if you miss them you can replay those through co-op. There are also missables in the Epilogue but you can replay it through co-op.

    Below is a video showing all Mementos, the missable ones will be at the start of the video:

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