Ironheart Trophy in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

  • Ironheart


    Max out your Stamina.

    How to unlock Ironheart


    This trophy and Fit as a Fiddle trophy_silver.png are missable, because it is impossible to max out both your Health and your Stamina in the same playthrough, because there aren't enough inhibitors in the game. However, you can back up your save and get both trophies in one playthrough.

    First you can max out your Stamina and Health up to Level 12, then you need to save any remaining inhibitors. When you are at Level 12 for both, collect all the remaining inhibitors and make a backup save. Now max out either your Health or Stamina, then reload your backup save and max out the other one. This is the only way to get both trophies in the same playthrough.

    As for inhibitors, you will obtain a GRE detector during the story, that will show them on the map, after restoring the antennas. See Pilgrim's Path trophy_platinum.png for some maps with their locations, represented by this icon:

    There is one inhibitor that is missable (at the top of North Loop Radio Tower) so make sure to get it before meeting with Veronika Ryan. There is also one inhibitor that will not show up on the map even with the detector, it is located at the Dark Hollow, South of Saint Paul island. The safe code is inside too.
    There are 7 missable inhibitors in total:
    • 3 are missable if you don't assign the first Water Tower to the Survivors (they won't appear if you assign if to Peacekeepers).
    • 3 are missable if you don't side with Juan in Main Quest 14: Welcome On Board (they won't appear if you side with Jack Matt).
    • 1 is missable after the Epilogue, because it's in the North Loop Radio Tower and will be destroyed.

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