Man On a Mission Trophy

  • Man On a Mission


    Meet all your Sparker love interests.

    This trophy requires you to complete the "The Matchmaker" side quest, that you can find East of the Metro: The Holy Trinity, (near the Bakery outpost). You will meet the creator of Sparker and will be tasked to collect 2 fake Sparker cards, then he will give you your real Sparker card and from then you will officially be a part of this dating program.

    All you have to do is wait for 3 potential dates to come around this area, you will know when there's someone new because there will be a Quest Giver (exclamation mark) marker available when you come close, you'll then have to talk to them so be sure to check out this place from time to time and keep playing/sleeping if there's nobody available, this can take quite some time.

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